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Rainbow offers a wide selection of clothes and accessories at affordable prices. The company offers a great selection for all ages and sizes. Plus-sized, petite and every size in between all have great selections to choose from.

The company started with the vision of a neighborhood boutique in Brooklyn, New York. It was put up by Arthur Swarzman in 1935. The shop is now owned and run by the Egyptian Jewish Chehabar family.

It has now grown to over a thousand stores all over the country. It also has 10 stores located in the US Virgin Islands and 125 in Puerto Rico. It has more than 300 employees and continues to grow.

Management is helpful to all the employees. They offer health and wellness benefits, but unfortunately insurance options are often limited and expensive. Nonetheless, the company gives employee discounts.

It is a fast-growing retail company, set at opening at least 60 stores each year. Employees love the active work environment. The company has many opportunities for career advancement, as they promote from within.

How old do you have to be to work at Rainbow Shops?

This company welcomes anyone interested to work, learn and succeed in the retail business. The minimum age requirement is 18 years old. The applicant should also be a US citizen or has legal entitlement to work within the US.

Rainbow Careers

Working for Rainbow is filled with many career advancement opportunities. An entry-level sales associate has a chance to get into upper management with hard work and dedication. The company puts employees first for higher positions instead of hiring from outside.

Sales associate: This is an entry-level position that helps provide experience in retailing. Hours can be flexible, depending on the season. As a sales associate, shipment, inventory and merchandising can be learned by working on the floor. This position is an opportunity to work closely with clients and be of greater assistance.

Sales representative: This position allows for flexible work schedule. It is mostly a commission-based type of job. Salary is based on the amount of appointments coming in. This is one way to work in the company without having to commit full-time to the job. Still, this position allows for greater learning and experience in the retail business.

Shoe coordinator: This is one of Rainbow’s entry-level positions for those interested in becoming part of the management. The shoe coordinator gets to learn important aspects of the business. This position also provides certain skill sets that can be used to operate one of the company’s stores.  

Merchandiser: The main responsibility of a merchandiser is product display. This includes brining out products, based on the store’s sale point for the day. The products are put on display in a manner that attracts positive customer attention and maximizes sales.

Junior assistant manager: This is another entry-level position that allows for learning more about the business. It provides avenues to learn and hone skills necessary for successful, effective store operation. Skills for training and motivating staff is necessary to succeed in this position.

Assistant manager: An assistant manager’s job responsibilities actually include all aspects of store operations. This includes asset protection, expense control, and even visual merchandising. One important requirement is having at least two years of experience in managing a specialty women’s apparel store.

Store manager: This position entails many responsibilities. One of the most important is creating and promoting a friendly and professional environment for co-workers, supervisors, and the customers. Recruitment, interview, selection and hiring sales associates is also under the store manager’s many responsibilities.

Area manager: Strong interpersonal skills are needed in this position. The area manager has to have a good set of skills for training and motivating staff. The area manager has to be a team player with multi-tasking abilities. This position also requires greater attention to details to oversee the many aspects of store operation, client satisfaction and employee relations.

Travel administrator:  Anyone given this position will be responsible for specific business travel needs of the company executives. Flight research and booking, hotel accommodations and ground travel are all coordinated by the travel administrator. This position also requires knowledge about frequent flyer programs and travel document needs, among many other travel needs and requirements.

Security: This position requires a year or more of experience in the field of security. The security guard will be responsible for store activities monitoring. Job responsibilities also include screening all store traffic, loss prevention measures and conducting clearances. This is a full-time position and requires a Security Guard license.

Rainbow Application

Application is accepted by the store indicated in the job posting. To apply, click the job position of interest. Read the job description and requirements. At the end of the list is a blue button “Apply Online”.

Applications are available online. Clicking this “Apply Online” button opens a page with several fields. These fields ask for personal, employment history, educational background information.

Fill up all appropriate fields with accurate information in the online application form. Just follow the prompt. A cover letter is also required so be creative and confident in this section. Type resume information in the field provided for.

For the resume, highlight information that can be directly related to the position applied for. Put any skills that can be used in the retail business, especially for the applied position.

During the interview, be confident. The management is friendly and professional. They are also helpful so be at ease. Be confident in the skills and experiences, as well as the attitude you have for the position you are applying for.

Things to Know About Rainbow

This company has been around in the retail fashion industry for a long time. The working environment is best described as professional, friendly, and helpful.

It has become one of the well-known stores in the country. Its selections has been featured many times in various fashion magazines. Examples are Vogue Online, Woman’s Day Magazine, Women’s Health Magazine, and Seventeen.

This company is known for its large selections for all sizes and ages. Petites and plus-sized women can both enjoy a wide range of items suited for their frames. Even kids and teens have a good selections as well.

The company is dedicated to serving everyone. It is an inclusive retailer that provides and respects the values of its customers through their product selections. However, it’s not involved in any charity programs.

Application Links

Company: www.rainbowshops.com

Careers: http://www.rainbowshops.com/careers.html

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