Facts to Know About PetSmart


PetSmart is one of the largest pet retailers and the best services providers for all pet related solutions. They are passionate about pets and strongly believe that pets play a critical role in making people’s life better.

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Their Roles

Each and every day, the company uses every connection it has to assist parent into getting closer to their pets to be more fulfilled in life. This is what impacts all that they do for their clients, the way they support associates and the way they give back to the community.


They have over 53,000 associates employed in US, Canada. They run over 1,450 stores in USA and Puerto Rico as well as 200 in-store PetsHotel and PetSmart dog and cat boarding facilities.

Services they Offer

PetSmart offers well-priced pets products, food, dog training, pet boarding and pet grooming. They also offer PetSmart Doggie Day Camp daycare services as well as pet adoption services as well as day care services in their stores.

PetSmart Online Platform

The company has digital platforms such as PetFoodDirect.com and Pet360.com where they sell pets supplies and information through the online platform in the USA. They also have an expert veterinarian in more than 60% of their stores.

Their Assets

Apart from the above main services, the company also own Banfield Hospital which is a pet health facility owned by the company and has over 1000 veterinarians who are responsible for offering healthcare and emergency services to pets.

Their Worth

The Company holds 21% of equity interest in MMI (Medical Management International Inc.) which is the operator of Banfield Pet Hospital, making them a great contributor in total tax payment on MMI.

Unique Aspect of PetSmart

PetSmart helps save 450,000 pets that are homeless each year in partnership with nonprofit organizations such as PetSmart Charities of Canada. They play a big role towards improving the society.


The company also supports the organizations that move an extra mile in making a community a better place that can be referred to as home through PetSmart Gives Back philanthropy program which is an outstanding act.


PetSmart is known for its unique character of giving back to the community. They celebrate the power of pets to add value to people lives. They also show unique respect to pets and their owners.