Benefits and Advantages of Working at PetSmart


Petsmart, Inc. is the largest specialty pet retailer company of services and solutions to Pets. They employ over 53,000 associates workers in 1,433 pet stores in United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada. They are passionate about helping and bring the pet parents closer to their pets.

They offer dog and cat boarding facilities. They have more than 60% expert veterinarian care at their stores. Roughly, it translates to over 1000 expert vets at their stores, and they operate on full-service pet hospital. Employees like theĀ working at PetSmart due to its work culture.

They are known all over the world for their experience in pet training and treating. Also, PetSmart provides a variety of pet products and food at affordable price. Petsmart has recruited sales agent all over its stores this has increase career paths across. Working with Petsmart is enjoyable and payable to your service to the company.

Petsmart has a partnership with some independent non-profit organizations. The Organizations have helped to save lives of more than 450,000 pets on every year. Also, through their program, they support organizations which in turns supports the communities to make a better home.

Advantages of working at PetSmart

Share the Love: As a worker, you will have a chance to share your passion for animals with customers. Typically, clients who shops pet have an affinity for pet/animals which extends beyond the minimal threshold of tolerance. Despite that, you will build great relationships with the core customers and enjoy the favorable chance to discuss pets and pet products.

As the worker, you will have the opportunity to challenge the norm: for you to remain a leader in the industry, you will have to challenge yourself and other beliefs. Here, it can only be achieved by supporting the idea and get inspired to it.

If you are not interested to work in a PetSmart store where you come in contact with pets. Instead, you can work in packaging and prepare shipments goods. Also, you can operate by fulfilling customer requests or even managing the product distribution.

Benefits that PetSmart offer to workers

For full-time based employee, scheduled to work for 36 hours in a week are allowed to take benefits programs of Canada and US. Also, they offer an excellent benefits package to their full-time associates.

Some of the Canada benefits packages include; An extended healthcare cover, off time payments, pet insurance cover, life insurance cover and disability, some associate discount, and education training programs.

Workers at Puerto Rico Benefits include; both short and long term disability, paid time off, pet insurance cover, associate discount, life insurance cover, medical cover, and excellent balance of work.