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Jamba Juice Inc., a company in the food industry, was formerly called the Juice Club. Most of the existing stores are franchised, but there is still company owned branches. This company provides intake of fruits and vegetables through their nutritious and delicious drinks. With their products, you can have nutritious foods in style.

This company has been serving people for about 25 years. This company started with a vision of sharing their healthy lifestyle to other people. They have more than 800 store locations, not only in the United States, but worldwide. Because of its vision, people from different location appreciates how healthy foods can now be drank. This company continues to grow as people continue to love their products.

Working at Jamba Juice is fun and is such a privilege experience because the company is not just existing because they want to provide their delicious products, but also because they want the community in a better shape. As a worker in this company, you become part of the community – including elders and children – you serve.

Being part of this great community can be a great chance for you to start a career. The Jamba juice application process is very easy and convenient. Apply online and provide your personal information. Apply for jobs at Jamba Juice now and don’t miss an opportunity.

Jamba Juice Careers

Jamba juice jobs are categorized in different career areas. These career areas include team members, store management, and support center & regional management. Career opportunities under these different career areas offer different career path. They also have different benefits and hiring requirements.

As said earlier, different jobs have different requirements to obtain a job, but here are a few of the general requirements asked by the company. The first requirement that applicants should consider is age. So, how old do you have to be to work at Jamba Juice? Interested applicants must be at least 18 years to work at this company. Another requirement is educational attainment. You should have at least a high school diploma.

Another requirement is regarding the operating hours. Workers will have different shift such as opening, midday, and closing. Workers should work for at least 30 hours to 40 hours. Being computer literate is also a must with this company. These are just among the required qualifications an applicant should have.

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Employment with this company means that you get generous benefits from them. Employees will not only learn and apply skills, but receive generous compensations for their work. Here are some of these compensations.

  • Competitive salary
  • 401(k) plan
  • Career advancement
  • Product discounts

Job Descriptions & Salaries

Shift Lead – These people are responsible for managing team member working in a certain shift. They will also act as a manager, but will still report to the general manager. They are in-charge in making sure that team members during a shift are effective, giving more than the customer’s expectations.

Training Manager – Basically, training managers are responsible for preparing new general managers to manage their own store in the future. They can have the same function as a general manager, but they are more focused on training. These people have higher positions that general managers.

Team Member – These people are tasked to provide customers the best service. They should be knowledgeable for every product. Plus, they should know how to communicate well with customers because they are the ones that usually great and serve these customers. Basically, they carry out the company’s vision, mission, and values.

General Manager – General Managers are tasked to look into all activities in the store. These activities include experience of customers, performance of sales, and an overall excellent performance. Also, they manage almost all workers – from team members up to shift managers.

There are several Jamba Juice jobs online. For a complete list of their job opportunities, along with its corresponding job description, responsibilities, and requirements, refer to the link below for their website.

Jamba Juice Interview Questions

Reviewing answers and how to answer interview question will greatly help you through your interview, so take your time in studying these and more among many interview questions.

Why did you leave or get fired at your last job? Getting fired at a job is worse than leaving a job, but whatever it is between the two, you should answer this question as honestly as possible. This question would tell how important a job is to you and how you can value future jobs to come.

What are your strengths? Let your employer know what makes you a suitable candidate for the position. When this question is being asked, do not take that time to be shy or even humble. But remember, never brag while answering this question. Be as honest and confident with your answers.

What are your weaknesses? The most important tip here is letting your employer know that whatever your weakness is, you’re improving on that. Let them know about your improvement towards your weakness. That way, you can show that you thrive in changing for the better.

How can you handle angry customers? This is one of the practical questions. This will let your employer know how well you can handle customers, not just when they are nice. If you can give a good way to handle an angry customer, then you can say that you can work well even in a pressured time.

Where would you be a few years from now, career-wise? Before answering this question, see yourself first with Bravo careers toward advancement. You should be able to answer this question, saying that by having you would improve as a worker because that doesn’t only benefit you, but them as well.

Advice For Application Process

There are several ways applicants can give their applications to the company. The most popular way is by online application. How to apply for Jamba Juice online is really easy and convenient. Applying online also has more than one option – by sending your resume to the provided email address or by creating an account at their website.

Another way is through direct application. Also, doing this has more than one option. One is taking your resume or curriculum vitae to the local branch of this company. There’s also a printable application form for Jamba Juice applicants, if you don’t have a resume ready. Another is for you to download application form provided by the company. Email or personally give your Jamba Juice application. It’s completely a free application.

Once your application has been sent, the next thing to do is prepare for the interview. You can do this by reviewing some of the questions provided above, and how to answer them, but never limit yourselves with just those questions. There are many possible questions that the interviewer might ask you. Always be prepared and always give your best answers with a smile.

Do not hesitate to grab this opportunity. Find a job here at Jamba Juice and have a fun and exciting experience. If you want to know more and detailed information about the company, just click the link below to explore their website.
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