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img- Delta Airlines ApplicationDelta Airlines started out as a commercial crop dusting operation called Huff Deland Dusters with its humble beginnings out of Macon, Georgia. In just 6 years it would acquire a fleet of 18 dusters, expand its borders to Peru, make mail deliveries and begin its first passenger flights in the lower Delta region of the U.S. as Delta Air Service. Get a Delta Airlines application today.

Due to a suspension of a mail contract Delta stops it passenger service thru the 1930’s till it resumes in 1940’s. They introduced “stewardesses” to the flights, entered as a support into WWII and trains Army pilots. By 1945 the company recognized by the National Safety Council for 300 million passenger miles and 10 years without a fatality. Make your mark in history apply for jobs at Delta Airlines.

The following Decades have seen so many notable historic implementations including instant reservations via the SABRE system, Boeing 747 and frequent flyer programs. By ’82 employees raised enough to buy the “Spirit of Delta” over the next two decades the company has merged with several other airlines to offer their customers more destinations and competitive prices. The many Delta Airlines careers are available through a printable application for Delta Airlines.

Get your career to take flight by clicking the applications link at the bottom of this article to find out how to apply for Delta Airlines online. In 2000 Delta Airlines purchased 500 jets, the industry’s largest purchase. In ’04 the company celebrated 75 years. Prior to acquiring Northwest Airlines, Delta led the competition; offering 124 new non-stop routes and 41 destinations. Fill out a Delta Airlines application online today.

Delta Airlines Careers

From airport customer service to pilots the retail careers involved with Delta Airlines is extensive, from baggage handlers to reservation sales. The main focus in one of today’s most influential companies is customer service. The employees that make up the company are integral to its success. Its strength lies within its people. Join one of the Delta Airlines jobs today just go to Delta Airlines online to apply.

Discover a span of Delta Airlines careers that encompasses a wide wingspan of job opportunities. From marketing to finance to human resources and everything in between, they keep us operating at altitude. By enhancing passenger service and providing direct service to our customers Delta Airlines soars above the competition striving for the ultimate aviation experience.  Seize a Delta Airlines application and propel your future forward.

How old do you have to be to work at Delta Airlines? All applicants must be at least 18 years old or older to work for Delta Airlines, although specific positions will have specific age and experience requirements. Delta Airlines jobs are very competitive so download application form and attach a resume upon submittal. Working in the aviation industry is one of the lucrative employment opportunities you will find.

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The benefits given to employees include a competitive wages, worldwide travel privileges, health and life insurance through the company, 401(k), profit sharing and shared rewards, paid vacation, matching educational gifts, adoption assistance, and credit union membership and services to mention a few. To apply online or see job descriptions and or salary info regarding employment, use the application link below.

Delta Airlines is one business that never sleeps. Although depending on location ticket and or cargo offices may have select hours, the hours of operation depends on the weather, flights and amount of travelers waiting to depart or arrive. Most airports never close for this fact. For locations of hubs or airports which are hiring on behalf the company for direct applications may be found via the website.

Job Description and Salaries

Pilot – must be 23 years old or older, college graduate, have a current passport or travel documents, comply with all FAA regulations, have a minimum of 1,500 hours of documented flight time and a minimum of 1000 hours of fixed wing turboprop or turbofan. Pre-employment drug test, and criminal history and background check just to name a few. Average wage is $80,000 to $109,000 a year.

Aviation Mechanical Technician II – must be able to maintain or repair some or all of the following; aircrafts, aircraft engines, aircraft components and or avionic systems to Delta Airline and FAA specifications. FAA airframe and power plant license is required. Must be able to understand English and comprehend and apply information in tech manuals. Applicants must be able to work rotating or fixed shifts. Average wage is $77,976 a year.

Flight Attendants – this position requires a person to work around the clock. They need to have great customer service skills. Being the “face of Delta” you need professionalism and uphold the core values of the company. Although the age requirement is only 18 if you are bilingual or polyglot, you’re in a higher demand compared to those who speak only their native language. Average wage is $3,500/month.

Intern (Investigations) – this internship responsibilities include Flight Operational Quality Assurance (FOQA), Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP), Flight Safety Investigations which all contribute to Delta’s Safety Management Systems (SMS). By collecting factual data – damage data, injury reports, weather conditions, crew background, human performance data, flight recorder data and other investigative data. Applicants must be in college, specializing in aviation, flight experience, and a passion for safety. Minimum wage is $13/hour.

Delta Airlines Interview Questions

While at the Delta Airlines Interview, remember to practice the STAR method (Situation, Task, Action, and Result) and maintain eye contact while mingling.

What would you do if a passenger was intoxicated? This question is to see how you would handle a difficult passenger who may or may not be belligerent. Remember the STAR method in answering this type of question. Being prepared is half the battle and being able to break down your replies into brief, structured answers that cover all key areas is essential in the fast paced aviation field.

What do you do when a coworker works at a slow pace? Teamwork is a quality you need as a part of the aviation culture. Like the military, you’re only as strong as your weakest member. Due to numerous variances, there is usually someone who believes in the old adage slow and steady wins the race.  Ask if there is anything you can do to help them speed up.

What are some of your strengths? And worst faults? Knowing your strengths and faults helps you know what your boundaries are and working on how you respond to either will help you be successful. A fault can turn into strength if you work on your outlook on the fault itself.  Hence someone who is stubborn can be viewed as dependable and forthright depending on how you look at the situation.

Create a PA announcement for a couple celebrating their 50th anniversary. This is an impromptu situation that may happen in a real life scenario. Having the skills of a speaker helps here, it shows the interviewer that you can think on your feet which is necessary for a flight attendant in an everyday situation and in emergencies as well.

Please tell us about a time you were expected to break the rules? The interviewer wants to see how and if you ever had to break protocol. How did you handle it? This is telling cause during a emergency situation when conditions are not the norm being able to do what you need to get the job done is essential.

Advice For Application Process

They tend to bring a large group of applicants in the first stage of the interview. Remember to smile the whole while and interact with as many people as you can. This cannot be stressed enough. This is a key factor in being chosen. They are looking for someone who interacts with everyone while making eye contact and presenting a level of comfort in regards to greeting new people.

Remember to use the STAR method (Situation, Task, Action and Result) to answer the interview questions. Always smile and be upbeat. Depending on the face to face interviews, If you did well during the meet and greet stage you may be one of the lucky few asked to stay for a survey and after everyone has left except those who were asked to stay behind, given an offer of employment.

Regardless if you took advantage of their printable application form, or the online application, the jobs offered and the responsibilities are null and void if you do not carry a passport prior to the interview. Make sure whether you get an application form at a local airport hub, the free application is filled out completely and legibly.

Make sure prior to the interview you study the culture and history of the airline. Practicing your answers to the possible questions asked during the interview and being social butterfly are just the icing on the cake. They are also paying attention to your style of dress and polish that has become part of the airline culture.
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