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Netflix is an entertainment company that serves video on demand as well as media streaming. Its main products and services include film production, television production, and film distribution.

The company was founded by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph in August 29, 1997. The company started in Scotts Valley, California but its current headquarters is in 121 Albright Way, Los Gatos, California.

By the end of 2017 the company employs more than 5,000 employees. Its subsidiaries include Millarworld and Netflix earned a host of awards from Primetime Emmy Award nominations to Company of the Year awards.

Health care for the company’s employees is provided via Aetna. They also provide a standard 401K plan with the regular matching. The office also provides for a subsidized café and employees get free trail mixes, coffee, nuts, and spa water.

People like working for this company due to the collaborative effort where every co-worker is willing to work just as hard as you. The absence of corporate politics and transparency from management is something to look forward to.

How old do you have to be to work at Netflix?

You have to be at least 18 years to work for this company. The interviews are easy to ace and they’re not too strict once you’re there.

Netflix Careers

The available career options in the company covers a wide range of fields. There are jobs in the areas of engineering, personnel management, customer service, warehousing and logistics, and more. A lot of the jobs here of course are technical but there are a variety of directions to go career-wise.

Customer Service Representative: In the area of customer service, one can start as a customer service rep before jumping to more lucrative job positions. Pay rates for this job title start around $30,000 annually. You need to at least have a high school diploma and good interpersonal skills to apply for this job.

Technical Support Representative: Being part of the helpdesk team means starting out as a technical support representative. This job post requires the applicant to have in depth technical know-how on a lot of computer hardware and software issues. Applicants need to display a certain level of fluency with both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Training Specialist: A training specialist will be responsible for presenting on going curriculum, developing relationships with new employees, researching new technologies, socialize new workflows, and be an expert in release cycles and studio apps. Requirements include strong presentation skills, experience with G Suite, experience of 5 years and more as a trainer or facilitator.

Senior Software Engineer – HTML5 Video Player: A senior software engineer working for the development of the company’s online video player is responsible for intuitive design, planning, software design, implementation, deployment, and support. This engineer is also expected to drive technical collaboration. An MS or at least BS in Computer Science is required for this job post.

Coordinator: Coordinators work with post production teams. They assist with global resource planning. They also facilitate the work with vendors and external productions teams. They provide support from pre-production processes to product delivery. Applicants are required to have a college degree or an equivalent certificate program. Applicants must be familiar with post production software and platforms.

Senior Data Engineer – Content Delivery Analytics: Job entails the implementation of anomaly detection, systems automation, the creation of data pipelines, and rapid experimentation to improve the company’s real time processing frameworks. A candidate applicant should have strong analytical and collaborative skills. Programming experience in languages such as Python, Java, and Scala is required.

Senior Data Scientist – Streaming Experimentation and Modeling: This job requires one to work closely with consumer rights researchers, engineers, and other scientists, build statistical models, create actionable recommendations, and contribute to research and development efforts. This job requires a PhD in Econometrics, Psychology, Operations Research and other related fields.

Production Support Engineer APAC, Production Technologies: Responsibilities for this job post include exploring production local processes and documenting both challenges, troubleshooting media assets, and educate teams regarding best practices. This job requires an extensive understanding of image capture workflows and 5 years post production experience. 

Production Engineer, Live & Multi-Camera Production, Production Technologies: Responsibilities include educating teams with production best practices, carry out strategies to achieve production goals, and guide development team with the adoption of multicam space. The job requires at least 8 years of experience in mutli-camera production.

Content Services Specialist: Qualifications include strong problem solving skills, excellent verbal communications, attention to details, and a background in Adobe Creative Suite. Responsibilities include tracking, prioritizing, and reviewing digital assets. Other responsibilities include clip and footage distribution and providing support to internal marketing and PR teams.

Netflix Application

Applications are made online via the company’s official website. There are no paper forms to be filled out. The application link to various jobs provided below.

Note that you can’t apply through third party websites. You also submit your forms through the official Netflix job portal. Please see official job pages for specific details.

Please be careful when filling out the official forms. You will be required to sign in using your LinkedIn account. You can upload your resume in either pdf or MS Word document format.

Make sure that your resume includes an active email and update all your contact information. An interviewer will contact you through different channels so make sure that details are current.

The company’s recruiters will usually contact aspiring candidates for the jobs posted within one to three weeks. Wait periods may extend up to a maximum of six weeks due to the large number of applicants.

Things To Know About Netflix

The culture in the company is quite congenial. Teams often work together to achieve their goals. The openness of the company’s management increases the level of trust among employees. However, note that there is a great demand to perform well.

Netflix releases their very first original motor series entitled Money Can’t Always Buy You Speed. The company also releases Bobby Kennedy for President celebrating the 50th anniversary of Robert Kennedy’s 83 day presidential campaign.

Apart from the vast plethora of online streaming shows, the company is also known for securing employee wellness. Health care coverage includes medical insurance and high premiums from the employer.

The company is a strong supporter of environmental efforts. 36% of the company’s power comes from renewable resources and the remaining 28% is offset by renewable credits.

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