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L’Occitane en Provence is an international seller of body, face, fragrances, and home products. Based in Manosque France, Olivier Baussan founded the company in 1976 in order to celebrate and preserve the traditions of Provence. The company’s revenue was 1.043 billon euros in 2013 and at that time, it had 7047 employees in many locations.

Olivier Baussan’s inspiration for the company came in 1976, when he used steam distillation to produce essential oil, which he sold in a local market. He opened his first boutique in 1978. He found a disused soap factory in Manosque, which he bought and used to make traditional vegetable-based soaps. This allowed him to open additional store. In the 1990s, he sold the majority of his business to venture capitalists.

It has employment presence in over 90 countries, including 170 shops in the United States. The company continues to open more retail stores around the globe and hire new employees. In fact, in 2013, the company created L’Occitane au Bresil in order to open itself to a new Brazilian market. This expansion has been primarily financed by its going public in March 2010 on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

The company’s brand is focused on the natural and traditional. All of its products are made in Manosque, and the majority of ingredients are sourced in Provence. L’Occitane jobs support traditional industry by supporting a program to grow almond trees in the Alps of Haute-Provence, preserving rare species in Corsica, developing partnerships with organizations that support growth of aromatic plants, and encouraging traditional farming methods.

L’Occitane Careers

It is a company in that it focuses on artistry and ingredients, so if you are interested in job opportunities with this focus, apply for a career. Its employees are trained in sales, chemistry, communications, and working with local farmers. To become a part of this company, download application for or use the link below to find the online application. The company has careers are open, so you can fill out applications.

Check out L’Occitane jobs online to get a sense of the company. L’Occitane is committed to diversity, social dialogue, and personal development, making it an excellent place to work. There are positions available around the world and across many disciplines. Benefits for all employees include discounted merchandise. Fulltime employees can enjoy health and other benefits, depending on the country of operation. Check out L’Occitane job application online for more information.

How old do you have to be to work at L’Occitane? To work in an L’Occitane jobs, you must be at least 18 years old. There are jobs all around the world with different requirement. You can be part-time or full-time and can work an entry-level position. Hardworking people can work their way up the corporate ladder.

In order to apply for jobs at L’Occitane you must go the company’s website, where they list local, open jobs. A printable application for L’Occitane is not available. Candidates must apply online, and the application differs for each position. Generally, the process is to fill out an application for the position.They will contact you for an interview. The hiring process will be explained at the interview.

L’Occitane Job Descriptions

Marketing/Communication – This position is essential for the growth of the company. The marketing department oversees product development and works with all other departments from brainstorming to research to development to merchandizing. Within Marketing/Communication, there are jobs in marketing development, operational marketing, merchandising, and communications. Salary varies depending on division and expertise.

R&D – Research and development is the backbone of L’Occitane. The company has a research center with over 100 employees who work on creating new formula focused on natural ingredients. Employees in this section work at the intersections of biology and chemistry to ensure the best skincare and personal care products out there. Salary varies depending on division and expertise.

Product & Distribution – There are two production sites in France where approximately 1,000 people work in a variety of roles along the supply chain. These include maintenance, quality, purchasing, packaging, and technical operations. On the day-to-day scale, these employees ensure that all product-related tasks are carried out with the highest standard of quality, safety, and hygiene. Salary varies depending on division and expertise.

Support Staff – Support teams make sure that sales grow. They make choices about costs, deadlines, and quality. There are legal experts on this team who protect the standing of the brand and manage human resources. There are also IT experts on this team who operate all of the computers for L’Occitane, ensuring that all divisions are in communication. Salary varies depending on division and expertise.

Stores & Wholesale – Sales teams are dedicated to satisfying the customer on a personal level. They use their knowledge of the brand and products to help customers make the best purchases. Within a store, there are Sales Associates, Store Managers, District Store Managers, and Wholesale Coordinators. Salary is hourly and depends on the job and location.

L’Occitane Interview Questions

Here is a list of some interview questions they may ask you, so they will help you prepare for L’Occitane careers. 

What qualities make a good work environment? Think about aspects of previous jobs that you have liked. Describe them and reflect on why they made your job a positive experience. Your answer will help the interviewer determine whether you will fit well into the company and whether you will work well with others.

How did you decide to apply to work here? Be honest about what attracted you to this position. You should discuss some aspects or qualities of the company that you learned from researching L’Occitane. This will reveal that you prepared for the interview and take the job opportunity very seriously.

Discuss your last job. You should briefly explain your responsibilities and the job description for your last position, highlighting relevant work you did. Be sure to mention special projects or ways you went above and beyond. Refrain from talking about why you left, instead focusing on positive traits and what you learned. This will show that you are mature and reflective.

How do you see yourself in ten years? You should talk about your career goals. If L’Occitane isn’t part of your future, be sure to thoroughly explain how this position will teach you things essential to your future. If you see a future with the company, explain what attracted you to the company.

Describe yourself. Think of a few aspects of your personality that are important and relevant. It is best to focus on a few things. Otherwise, your answer will get lost in the details. Instead of giving a list, try to think of stories that show your personality. This will engage the interviewer. Highlight things that weren’t expressed in your L’Occitane application.

Advice For Application Process

In order to stand out from the other applicants, you need to be respectful and maintain a positive, friendly attitude. Remember to bring your resume and printable application form with you to the interview. It is unlikely that you will be asked for these, but it is best to be prepared. Come to the interview having done research and thought about answers to some of the general questions detailed above.

It may seem like it is easy to know how to apply for L’Occitane online because it has a free application. However, it is important to spend significant time filling out all of the questions as completely as you can. Download application form for your own records. Confirm by phone or email that the direct application was received.

The interview may be brief, but this does not mean that it isn’t important. In fact, the interview is the best opportunity for you to demonstrate your qualifications and ability to fulfill the job responsibilities. This means it is important to prepare and research ahead of time. This way you come across as knowledgeable and articulate.

The best way to show your interest and engagement is to ask the interviewer questions and to fill out the L’Occitane application with care. A good question is one that is not answered on the website or application form, demonstrating that you read all available materials. It also shows that you are ready and willing to learn about the company.
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