Kwik Shop Application & Careers

img- Kwik Shop ApplicationAs a world class food provider and gas station operated by The Kroger Company, Kwik Shop has become known as a leader in the food retail industry. If you have an interest in working for a successful, decades old company, information about filling out a Kwik Shop application can be found below.

Kwik Shop provides more than just basic food services to their communities. From their Coffee Central section to Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, ATMs, and pre-paid calling cards, this company strives to make life as smooth and easy for their customers as possible. Those customers also have the ability to visit this one stop shop all over the country at one of over 700 locations.

Founded in 1960 by Dick Dillon, they have steadily grown for the past 55 years by becoming a one stop shop for their customers. By 1972, they introduced the Kwik Power Gasoline program allowing people self-service at the gasoline pumps. Just 11 years later, in 1983, they merged with Kroger Companies becoming the largest food retailer in the United States.

Due to their enormous success, this company offers numerous opportunities for people to begin Kwik Shop jobs on their way to a lasting career. By offering competitive wages, benefits, and numerous advancements opportunities, they have a strong draw to people seeking employment.

Kwik Shop Careers

With over 700 stores in the United States, Kwik Shop careers offer a wide range of possibilities for everyone. They offer in store positions which allow employees to work feet from the members of their team in a cohesive environment. These positions include both full-time and part-time sales associates and cashiers. Typically stores are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week allowing for flexible work schedules. However, some evenings, weekends, and holidays will have to be staffed.

In store management positions include Store Managers, Assistant Store Managers, and Food Service Leaders. There is also a District Advisor for every 10 to 14 stores. Corporate posts are also readily available at the main office. An information request form is available on their website for any enquiries regarding the company or how to apply for Kwik Shop online.

How old do you have to be to work at Kwik Shop? Most entry level positions require a minimum age of 18 years old. However, some exceptions may be made for certain positions within the laws of the state/city you are applying.

A few of the things offered to Kwik Shop staff are competitive salaries, life insurance, dependent life insurance, vacation and sick pay, tuition reimbursement, and holiday pay. Health plans include medical, prescription, dental, and disability. Upper level employees may also enjoy company stock purchase plans and a 401(k). These are just a few reasons to apply for jobs at Kwik Shop and seek hire with a company whose job opportunities are never ending.

Job Description and Salaries

District Advisor: Responsibilities for a district advisor include supervising ten to fourteen stores while demonstrating competency and knowledge of all store operates. These applicants must have a four year degree or equivalent management experience, good communication skills, and the ability to motivate associates. The annual salary for this position if $50,000.

Store Manager: A store manager is in charge of the profits and operations of the store. They must direct store activities for maximum sales opportunities, provide good customer service, keep a clean store, and adhere to company policies. Having a background in retail is preferred, but not required. These employees make around $20,000 – $30,000 per year.

Store Associate: All store associates must provide customer service, keep the store clean, and uphold company policies and laws. This positon allows for a flexible schedule. The average pay is $8.00 an hour.

Food Service Leader: These individuals will assist the store manager, direct food service activities, maximize sales, and clean the store. They will also be expected to complete any other assigned duties for the success of the store. Hourly pay for this position can reach up to $10.00.

Corporate Positions: Corporate positions include Maintenance, IT, Risk Management, Marketing, HR, Accounting, and Training. The pay will vary per department and title.

Kwik Shop Interview Questions

After searching for Kwik Shop jobs online and filling out your free application, it’s time to begin preparing for the possible enquires made during the in-person process:

When was the last time you committed a random act of kindness? The answer to this doesn’t have to be work related. Whether you helped a customer at your previous job or you simply smiled at a stranger on the street, this company wants to hear you are willing to go out of your way to help people have better days.

What is the difference between a leader and a manager? A great answer to this would be, a leader is someone who integrate themselves in to the team and helps members succeed in any way they can while a manger doesn’t necessarily become a part of the team. A manager can simply give orders without being a true leader. Ideally, a manager should be a leader.

What have you done to make a difference in someone’s life? Again, this answer doesn’t have to be work related. If you have helped a friend or family member in a significant way that would be a great thing to talk about to the hiring manager.

Why would you be a good candidate for this job? It is important to not brag about yourself when asked something like this. Simply reveal what you know about the company and any background you have in the sales, retail, or customer service business.

Name a time when you went above and beyond the call of duty. This particular answer should be about something that look place in the workplace. Don’t brag about your abilities, but be confident and sure of yourself and your work ethic.

Advice for Application Process

Whether you are looking for a printable application for Kwik Shop, a direct application, or a simple “download application form” tab the Kwik Shop application process is easy to use for everyone. The easiest way is to apply online by utilizing the second link listed below. There you will find a search engine where you can search available openings at your local store.

To complete the online application you will be required to search for openings by keywords or location, read the description carefully and thoroughly, then click the “apply now” button at the bottom right of the page. Simply complete the form that comes up and you’re done. Filling out applications for multiple positions is an option. Unfortunately, there is no printable application form on the Kwik Shop website or a way to upload your resume, however, visiting a store near you for a hard copy is always an option

For the in person meeting with the manager it is important to remember to dress professionally, exhibit good hygiene, and show your personable nature. This company is primarily based in the customer service business, therefore, being friendly and energetic is vital to your success.

Remember, it is always a good idea to have a few enquiries of your own.  A few examples of these could be:

  • When are you looking to fill the position?
  • What do you expect from an employee?
  • How often do you promote employees?

This will show you are an eager applicant. It would also be beneficial to you to reveal any and all company knowledge you possess. Even if that knowledge is limited to the fact that you’ve stopped at the store once or twice. At the end of the meeting, thank your interviewer for the chance to meet with them and shake his or her hand before leaving.
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