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7 Eleven ApplicationAn international chain of convenience stores that has literally pioneered new techniques in terms of operating hours, 7-Eleven is an intriguing option for those looking at work with a flexible schedule. By offering 24-hour service, career opportunities are available for both an early bird or a night owl. If you are looking for 7-Eleven jobs, apply online today!

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, 7-Eleven also has a parent company located in Tokyo, Japan. The business boasts an impressive reach on a global scale, as stores are located in North America, Asia-Pacific and Europe. There are even expanded plans for opening up several stores in the United Arab Emirates by summer 2015. With such an extensive array of storefronts, 7-Eleven careers are at an all-time high.

These stores initially gained prominence in Alaska in 1928. 7-Eleven stores were initially named “Tote’m stores, as a manager once placed a totem pole in front of its doors. As some consequential added attention drew more customers, an intriguing idea took hold. Soon, any convenience store under the same company also raised totem poles in front of their doors. The notion was particularly clever because customers could “tote” their goods away.

It wasn’t until 1946 that the title “Tote’m store” was dropped for a familiar name still widely recognized currently. It was a decision based on a desire to reflect a new business model, one that had never truly been seen as successful until that time. 7-Eleven stores were now open from 7 a.m. – 11 p.m. every day of the week, an unprecedented change in store policy.

Today, though, their hours have been even further expanded upon. Decision makers decided toward making a move from their already unprecedented hours; their businesses then operated on a 24-hour basis. Perhaps not the first store making this shift, they are largely considered one of the most successful, as their 24-hour convenience stores are found scattered across an entire planet.

Does working at a ground breaking convenience store sound appealing? Fill out a 7-Eleven job application online today by following the included links at the bottom of this article. Would you rather use a download application form, prefferring a direct application submission? You’ll find relevant links on the official site along with a printable application form for your convenience included at the bottom as well!

7 Eleven Job Careers

A calling card of a 7-Eleven store is its constant availability. Customers will never be turned away by locked doors. Stores are open 24 hours a day during every day of the week, though contact your local stores in order to determine hours during holidays or inclement weather.

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How old do you have to be to work at 7-Eleven? All those submitting applications should be a minimum 16 years of age before being considered. Those interested who meet this basic requirement should submit a 7-Eleven application today.

7-Eleven careers vary in terms of their requirements. Entry-level jobs may require a high school diploma, but they are not always necessary. Employers may see applicants with desirable drive and attitude and reward them with entry-level positions. Other applicants looking at managing jobs are expected to either have an extensive resume with prior relevant experience working in retail, or a college diploma.

To discover specific requirements for 7-Eleven careers that interest you, look up available 7-Eleven jobs online.

Once again, answering this question is difficult because answers will vary depending on what position is desired. For entry-level jobs, such as a Sales Associate, expect to be paid hourly wages. This usually means minimum wage, or somewhere very near that realm. Typically, this means a salary around $8 an hour, but minimum wages also differ from state to state. Before applying check with your state requirements for minimum wage to know what to expect.

Those applying for managing positions can expect a yearly salary, totals of which will range from $46,000 a year for a store manager to $69,000 for a district manager. Employees who qualify are also eligible for medical, dental, and life insurance benefits, along with vacation pay.

7 Eleven Job Descriptions

The 7-Eleven franchise is an ideal starting point for entry-level applications. It also offers varying positions those a bit higher up on the food chain may find appealing. Those looking at careers in the convenience store industry should check at 7-Eleven stores hiring in their area, and submit a free application.

Some examples of possible job opportunities along with their corresponding job descriptions are as follows:

District Manager

Responsibilities of this position will include: overseeing a selected district group of franchise stores, working with store managers and operators, setting annual budgets or business strategies, making rounds of inspection, ensuring store quality is upheld, along with generally overseeing store management.

Those who are interested in this line of work must be excellent managers; they must feel comfortable issuing orders. This entails an inherent strength in dealing with people in tandem with communicating thoughts or ideas effectively. A lot of responsibility falls on a District Manager’s shoulders, so definitely emphasize prior experience on your resume.

Sales Associate

Those searching for up close contact with customers can look no further. As a sales associate you are the first person a customer sees when they open the doors. Those submitting their application should be comfortable with the store layout, restocking goods or supplies, answering any customer questions, dealing with money transactions, and following manager instructions.

The Sales Associate is an entry-level job, perfect for those trying to land a first time employment. Handling customer questions with ease will be noticed by those higher up, and will be something future employers look at with intrigue. If you are looking at an entry-level working environment, apply for jobs at 7-Eleven today!

Store Manager

Those with prior retail experience or advanced degrees may be eligible for a Store Manager position. Much like the District Manager, this position involves a issuing orders alongside managing a team of employees. Responsibilities include: overseeing daily business, developing sales plans, maintaining product inventory levels, and ensuring compliance with all state and federal laws.

Job openings for this position will usually be given towards candidates who are team builders. Employers will want someone who is results oriented; someone who drives those under them towards goals. Sound like you? Check out the nearest locations for openings and look below at online applications.

7 Eleven Job Interview Questions

Before your interview practice answering anticipated questions beforehand. Some questions that might pop up include:

  • Why do you want to work at our company?
  • List your strengths and what you can bring to our business.
  • Do you have any prior experience?
  • What is one out of the box thing you have learned in life that could apply to this job?
  • How do you react to criticism?
  • A customer is being rude, how do you react?

Practice standing straight, maintaining eye contact, and answering questions in a direct and confident manner. Though, be sure not to deliver your answers robotically, or in a manner that is not especially natural.

After your interview, be sure to ask any questions you may still have. Employers typically will see this as a sign of interest in their company. Also, follow up a few days or even a week later. Type up a quick email thanking them for your interview, emphasizing your continued interest, and expressing your desire to hear back from them. Sticking in a hiring manager’s mind can only lead to positive things.

Advice For Application Process

As with any application process, be sure to proofread your finished product. 7-Eleven jobs will prove no exception, as a polished resume is a major plus. It may not matter how much you have highlighted your qualifications, past experience, or accolades. Some employers will simply toss an application in a trash bin if they find a single typo. So proofread before you apply for 7-Eleven jobs online!

Also, if you land an interview, make sure you dress nicely. Show up to an interview on time, or even ten minutes early, and wear your nicest looking clothes. Sometimes hiring managers will make it known that their interview atmosphere will be especially casual, in which case it is acceptable to wear casual, yet still nice looking clothing. It is better to be slightly overdressed than vice versa.

What follows are some helpful articles, applications, alongside several links. There you will also find a direct link to the official website with a 7-Eleven application. Click, explore, and learn how to apply for 7-Eleven online.

7-Eleven jobs offer a unique aspect of flexibility for any average, every day worker. Due to their expanded work hours, opportunities abound for those trying to squeeze in hours in the convenience store business. Because 7-Eleven literally forged a new landscape for extended hour retail stores, applicants who earn a position can pride themselves on becoming a small part of history.

Obviously, though, 7-Elevens are not the only convenience retail store on the market with job openings. Those who are interested in this line of work are also encouraged to look into both Casey’s General Store and Quik Trip. These businesses offer similar positions for competitive wages. However, you will only find a printable application for 7-Eleven following this article.
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