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img- Juicy Couture ApplicationJuicy Couture is the epitome of young, hot fashions for women and girls. The apparel retail store has everything a stylish woman could want in fashion.  From clothes, accessories, shoes, handbags and much more for the fashion conscious, the apparel company has everything.  A Juicy Couture application link can be found at the bottom of the page.

Founded by Pamela Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash-Taylor in 1996, the two best friends wanted to bring fun fashions to young girls.  The company struggled for the first couple of years, and then the close friends decided to send their now famous velour track suit to celebrities, something unheard of back then.   Almost overnight, the company became an instant success when Madonna wore the tracksuit to an outing.

The good friends turned sloppy, comfortable clothes into fashionable wear “must-haves”.  The colors were bright and fun and included a large amount of pink to appeal to girls.   Even though the founders were from Arleta, Los Angeles, California, the Juicy Couture label can be found across the globe. The brand has spread to different countries including North America.

Recently, Juicy Couture has gone through some exciting and new changes within the retail industry. A new line called “black label” is hitting the market.  The new label will be available online, and Juicy Couture plans to open concept stores for the new fashion.  This exciting line will feature clothes that are a “L.A. Style with a rocker flair”.  The line will feature lace dress with metallic accessories, for example.

Juicy Couture Careers

For the career-minded individual, Juicy Couture Careers offers employment within their corporate offices and management positions, as well. Careers in management include store and assistant manager and production manager.  Within the company other positions exist, such as production assistant, merchandiser, designers, and assistant designer.  If interested, check out Juicy Couture jobs online for any open positions and fill out a free application.

A Juicy Couture job application online will lead to some entry-level positions such as sales associates and stock associates. If you have enthusiasm for clothes and people, then this is your opportunity to apply for jobs at Juicy Couture and fill out a direct application.  Unfortunately, a printable application form is not available.

How old do you have to be to work at Juicy Couture? You have to be at least 16 years old to work for the company. Although, they are expecting applicants to have some retail experience before applying.  Every state is different so best to check on the location and ask before you download application form.

Employees will enjoy benefits like health, vision, and dental insurance. They offer a 401 (K) savings program and other retirement plans. The company also offers maternity and paternity leave for expectant parents. Among their other benefits is vacation paid time, paid holidays, and sick leave.

Hours of operation will vary from different locations and retail stores where Juicy Couture jobs are available.  The stores are open seven days a week and will include weekends, evenings, and holidays.  Employment with this company would be ideal for those who need a flexible schedule, and seasonal jobs may be available as well.

Job Descriptions & Salaries

Store Manager-As a store manager, you will direct the daily operations of your local store. Customer service will be a priority for you and your employees.  You will make sure the store meets all policies and procedures of the company, and the floor is well maintained.  You can expect a salary of $68,000 a year.

Assistant Manager– You will be the liaison between the manager and the employees.  You will adhere to all the company policies and procedures.  Maintaining the floor and visual appearance of the inventory is part of your responsibilities.  You can expect a rate of $20.00 an hour.

Sales Associates-Looking for fun Juicy Couture jobs working in the latest fashions?  You will make sure customers are fashion forward and satisfied. You are responsible for maintaining inventory and visual merchandising. You can find pay to be approximately $11.00 an hour.

Stock Associate-The stock associate makes sure that the inventory on the floor is well maintained. Besides a friendly demeanor, you will ship and receive inventory.  All inventories will be prepared for sales, such as making sure the tag is appropriately placed on the clothing.  A stock associate makes about $12.00 an hour.

Juicy Couture Interview Questions

Why do you want to work for the company?  When you apply online and fill out a Juicy Couture application, this is a question to keep in mind for the interview. Many retail clothing stores have positions open, and you will want to keep your answer clear as why you want to work for them.

A manager will want to know about your previous retail experience.  Tell us about your past customer service positions?  Highlight all your previous customer experiences.  It may not be in apparel, but any customer related experiences you have had in the past speaks to your job qualifications.

Tell us how you handled a complaint from a customer? They are looking to see how you problem solve any customer issues.

What is customer service to you? If you are outgoing and love people, then this question will be easy for you to answer. Your love of people will show through in your demeanor and personality.

What do you think Juicy’s style represents?  Juicy Couture has a particular style and clientele, research the company and what kind of customers like to wear the name brand.

Describe your strengths and weaknesses. This is a pretty common question in an interview.  Think about your weaknesses and turn them into an asset.  The question also reveals positive strengths that will add to the company, such as honesty and integrity.

Advice for Application Process

How to apply for Juicy Couture online? You can apply online for job opportunities or drop off a resume at your local retail store. Some stores may ask you to fill out an application form. Check the website to see if they are hiring, if not, you can still send out a resume.   Unfortunately, a printable application for Juicy Couture is unavailable on their website.

Before the interview, you will want to review the job description when you filled the online application. Working with customers and in a team like atmosphere is a positive experience and you will want to relay in that in an interview. Though interviews can be nerve wracking, you will want to be confident in your demeanor.

Dress appropriately for the interview in attire that exudes the company’s image.  How well you dress will let the manager know that you are fashion forward, and you keep up with clothing trends. Come to the interview well prepared for any types of questions.  Exude a positive and upbeat attitude during the course of the conversation.

After the interview, ask them if there are any procedures you need to follow or if they need any more information from you.  Offer your gratitude for the interview, with so many applications a thank you, and later, a thank you note for the interview will leave an impression.
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