Facts to Know About JCPenney


JCPenney is one of the most recognizable American chain stores. It has over 1,000 department stores spread over 49 U.S. states. Founded by James Cash Penney in 1902, the chain stores grew to become dominant in the American market.

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Brand new updated Outlook

JCPenney is now out to achieve their long term goals of attaining customer devotion and confidence. It is strengthening the private brands and meeting the customer needs efficiently.

Various Growth Prospects

JCPenney is coming up with new strategies that will boost their sales. As a means to achieve this goal the company has linked up with fresh merchandising contracts like Epicurious.

Change of Management

The company went through a major downfall after having the Apple’s executive Ron Johnson as the manager who left and is now replaced by Mike Ullman who is working to see that the company recovers back to a stable position.

It is Growing Again

Regardless of the major blows that the company has gone through there isn’t a chance to give up; the company is growing tremendously with an increase in the yearly revenues.

Advanced Metrics

From a previous study, it is evident that JCPenney metrics are moving in the right direction due to the remarkable improvement in sales from $2.8 billion to $2.9 billion.

It made History

Despite the trials JCPenney has gone through, it is good you remember that it once made history in the American society by how it had exceptionally grown.

It Supports Retailers

If you are an upcoming retailer, you won’t go wrong if you choose to have JCPenney as your stepping stone for the advancement of your business.

Dissociating Assets

Dissociating of assets is an important aspect of a company that is looking for growth. JCPenny did it before, and it is still doing it now for the company’s growth.

Sephora is the Core

The most trending retailer in JCPenny is the beauty products supplier Sephora, who is creating a greater profit margin of a $1 billion prospect for the company.

Focused on an Operational Come Back

Unlike the other retail companies that are keeping their focus on a fancy financial look, JC Penney is focused on retaining their properties to have functional operations.