Benefits and Advantages of Working for JCPenney


Diversity: Not only does JCPenney offer a variety of items, but also diversity in their workplace. One reason to work at JCPenney could be the need to provide and contribute to the diversity of their employees.

Giving Back: One of JCPenney’s main mantras is to give back to the community, whether this means supporting non-profit organizations or volunteering for community work, JCPenney employees can go out of their way to help benefit others and give back to the community.

Employee Discounts: Much like many other stores, JCPenney offers employee discounts to its employees. For example, many employees testify in online reviews that using a JCPenney credit card takes 25% off their entire purchase, but this would only apply to JCPenney employees.

Love for Clothes: JCPenney sells plenty of appliances, decoration items, and necessities, but the focal point of the store is all of the clothing. There are plenty of brands and types of clothing to choose from, and working at JCPenney allows employees to explore all the choices.

Training: Employees have argued that working at JCPenney is not too stressful even for people with little to no working experience. The beginning process just begins with some paperwork and training, and then employees may get straight to work.

Composure: Dealing with bosses, customers, and even fellow employees can take a toll on the average worker. Luckily, working at JCPenney allows employees to practice keeping their calm and working under pressure since the workload is manageable.

Location: Since JCPenney is renowned across America, there are stores located throughout the states. This means a lot of people can find work, leading to diversity and diversification. Not only can people in America help JCPenney and their communities grow, but people in other countries can too.

Helping Others: Some people enjoy helping others and giving others what they want. Since employees are required to offer help and guidance to customers, certain people may prefer job opportunities at JCPenney just for the joy of helping others out.

Other Employee Benefits: Along with discounts, JCPenney employees are also offered different types of insurance, retirement plans, paid holidays, and, of course, job training. These aspects make it true that working at JCPenney not only offers money, like many others jobs, but also extra benefits on top of that, helping out the employees even further.

Hierarchy: Working at JCPenney, as in any other store, provides experience and practice of working. This allows simple employees to work their way up the ranks and promote to more prestigious job titles such as Store Manager, Sales Manager, Training Supervisor, and Department Supervisor.