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Jcpenney ApplicationJcPenney has been in the business industry for 112 years, founded by James Cash Penney and William Henry McManus in Wyoming in April 1902. This department store chains is the largest apparel and home retailers, endorsing variety of exclusive brands of apparels and home furnishings. JcPenney Company has 1,100 stores and also a website, promoting lots of exciting and opportunities for all. Visit the link below for JcPenney Application.

The oldest and the designated U.S National Historic Landmark of JcPenney establishment is in Kemmerer, Wyoming. James Cash Penney first worked at a Dry Good Store owned by Tyler and Guy Johnson and then was asked to open up a new store in Evanston, Wyoming. He joined the partnership and by using the money he saved and a loan, he then opened the first store in April of 1902.

If you are looking for job opportunities, you could visit their website to see JcPenney jobs online, you can make an online application and view careers with job description and responsibilities as well as the locations where they are hiring, making it easier to find the right jobs. When you find the right career, there are downloadable application forms and printable application forms available for free application and for convenience.

Not only for job seekers, if you are a college student, you could also apply for internship available at JcPenney jobs and for easy and free application you can apply at JcPenney job application online. So prepare your resume and get ready for loads of benefits and worthwhile experience while working in the local industry.

JcPenney Careers

JcPenney has a lot of different jobs waiting for job seekers who wants to work in a pleasing and fun environment, and JcPenney has a lot to offer. Since JcPenney got thousands of establishments, there are various careers in different locations and JcPenney sites, and these are the few positions hiring in specific location: Department Supervisor, Human Resources Manager, Store Operations System Manager, Store Leader, and Customer Care Representative.

There are also some in-store careers that you might want if you are one outgoing, fun, and likes to be assisting JcPenney’s valued customers to ensure satisfaction, here are the list of few positions in different locations that will require the applicant’s persuasive, creative and interactive personality: Nail Technician, Salon Designer, Commissioned Furniture Sales Associate, and Associate Buyer. You can find these engaging positions in the JcPenney careers website.

How old do you have to be to work at JcPenney? Working in a big establishment can be a challenging task, for entry levels, you must be at least 18 years old and over. However, JcPenney could hire teens in certain position but must be at least 16 years old. It varies on the job you will be applying, make sure to view the age requirement for a specific position.

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The company provides a designed and engaging work environment, making every job a pleasant task to do for every employee. Employees who are in the entry-level positions have a bit above minimum wage, while management-level positions have above average wage. While for both employment, they could have medical and accident insurance, dependent eligibility and more. These benefits are eligible and effective for both part-time and full-time position.

For you to get started to a pleasant work environment and generous perks and salaries, you can see the JcPenney jobs online and have a printable application for JcPenney for online application, so you can apply for jobs immediately. How to apply for JcPenney Jobs online? Just go to their website, find a hiring position that suits you, then fill out an online application for employment available and submit.

Job Descriptions & Salaries

Department Supervisor – For this position, you will be coordinating and supervising you department activities and performances. You will set objectives and give directions, providing employees training and feedback for their performance improvements. A supervisor will should be able to give solutions to plights occurring in the department. You will also be in charge of handling reports and give remarks for the entire department’s activities.

Human Resource Manager – You will be in charge in investigating claims and complaints as well as concerns from the associates, certifying quick solutions. A human resource will be in charge of interviewing applicants at all levels, you’ll be analyzing the applicant’s application. Successful company comes from having effective people, so it is your job to ensure that you are getting the right people who’ll contribute in the company.

Store Operations Systems Manager – As store operations systems manager, your duties are to manage the planning for the centralized implementation, administrating and monitoring the retail operations system and its needs. You will be the eye of the Store Operation Systems Director in the store, maintaining the objectives and strategies in your branch. You will be handling reports for the stores.

Commissioned Sales Associate – If you like serving customer, have a passion for selling and pursuing satisfaction for the customer, then this is the job that’s right for you. You will be in charge of helping customers with their needs, and inquiries pertaining to a product. You will provide them information, in understanding how a merchandise works and why this certain product is what they need. Your compensation is $9.16/hour.

Customer Service Representative – Providing service and effective solutions are you main goals. You’ll be in charge in giving great customer care, whether it’s inbound or outbound. You can upsell merchandise, assist valued customers with their order inquiries and concerns about a certain merchandise. You will have to entertain customers and satisfy them with their needs, and your salary is $9.98/hour.

JcPenney Interview Questions

In order for you to pass the JcPenney application you must be able to pass the questions in an interview, and these are few of what you have to be prepare of ahead of time.

Tell me something about yourself that is not included in your resume. This is often asked most commonly in the beginning of the interview. The interview wants to know what kind of person you are, testing if you will be a good employee for the company and as for the others. Tell the interviewer your performance and how you are at things.

What is service? – Since you are applying in a business industry, as a future employee, your main objective is to give service. In this part, the interviewer will see if you will be a good service provider with your answers. Speak of the nature of the question itself and how should handle and provide it to your customers. You can also include your experience and tell how you handled it.

Where do you think you are in the next several years? The interviewer wants to know if you are committed with the job you are applying for. He wants to know if you are determined to see yourself in the company for years in the future, not on the same level you applied at first but already up and for more challenging role.

Why did you choose to work at JcPenney? This is one of the common yet essential question being asked in an interview. The interviewer wants to know what you think of their company and why you chose it. Speak of the environment, the company’s objectives and background, the benefits and your sole reason why you chose the company itself.

What can you contribute in our company? In this question, the interviewer wants to know how you are working in the field, and what kind of employee you are going to be. Here, tell the interviewer your skills and how you are performing at work and state it in how you are going to use those positive traits in their company when you started working.

Why should we hire you? This is the most common question asked to end an interview, the interviewer has analyzed your answers in the first few questions, and in this question. You have to be straightforward and confident in answering why you should be in their company. State your effectiveness and what you are as an employee.

Advice for Application Process

Answering questions in an interview and aiming to pass it is not enough to be accepted in a certain application. Establishing a positive attitude, confidence, and respect to the JcPenney hiring manager will be a great start in having them make a good impression towards you. First impressions last and it is important that at the beginning, you have showed them positive attitude and respect.

Applicants should be aware of the proper dress code when you are going to an interview and meeting with the hiring managers or any of company personnel. One must wear the appropriate clothing, such as business-casual attire and semi-formal clothing which is usual for those who are applying for entry-level positions. First impressions last, so avoid wearing inappropriate and vulgar attires.

You will not be spending an hour or so in an interview meeting, it will only take few minutes of your time. You must be prepared, make sure that you are knowledgeable enough about the company and the position you are going to apply to, conduct enough research about the company, for this will show them that you are genuinely interested and determined to be part of their company.

Always show confidence and answer lively but not leading to a shout. This will give the interview meeting an engaging ambiance, and could make the interviewer give a positive impression towards you. Also convey appreciation for having an opportunity to be invited in an interview, there are many other hopefuls who would want to be in the position you’re invited to, so don’t forget to express how grateful you are.

It is expected that you will filling up some forms when you are applying. When you have a printed form found in the JcPenney jobs online, make sure to write legibly and neatly. Use only black-inked pen and nothing more, avoid erasures and write in printed form. This is going to be submitted in the company so it must be clean, understandable and crease-free. Especially when you opt to have direct application.
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