Hobby Lobby Interview Questions

Hobby Lobby ApplicationIf you spend your spare time working with arts and crafts, or you just love looking through scrapbooks, then you’re a perfect candidate for Hobby Lobby. Positions include Cashier, Co-Manager/Manager, Framer, Sales Associate, and Hobby Lobby Scrapbooking Associate. Here are few top interview questions asked that provide an image of what the job will be.

Hobby Lobby Interview Questions

These questions are mostly geared towards learning about your work history and how it can help.

How long have you worked in a retail setting? Hobby Lobby looks for candidates with retail experience. It’s a simple question that doesn’t require a long detailed answer. Give number of years and the type of retail you’ve worked. 

Why would you like to work with Hobby Lobby? Express your love of the store and how you feel about customer service. You should show excitement for the job and the position you applied for. 

Give an example of your worst customer service experience. Give a brief, detailed description, but then also discuss how that experience made you better in customer service. Let them know how you turned a negative situation into a positive one. 

Describe a situation where you went above and beyond for a customer. Tell a story about when someone didn’t ask for too much, but you still did everything you could to make him or her happy. 

Do you work well under pressure? The answer should be yes and then give an explanation as to why you believe it. If you can’t work under pressure, you wouldn’t be able to work in retail, so obviously you do. 

What three character traits would your friends/coworkers use to describe you? The character traits should be about your personality, but only if it ties into work. For example, things such as your friends thinking you’re dependable or a coworker saying you work too hard. 

How would you give opinions to a customer shopping in the store? There’s so much to do and see inside a Hobby Lobby, and some people won’t approach you about them. Explain how you would approach a customer without being pushy. 

Do you have any questions for me? Ask about the training you’ll receive and how long it takes, the shifts you will work, and dress code. Always have a question ready to ask.

Although it may seem difficult to answer the questions about experience if you lack it, you can just describe how skills you have can benefit the store. 

Interview Tips

Most of your interview with Hobby Lobby will be about basic skills you may have. It’s a different style of retail since you will be dealing with the arts and crafts you sell. They’ll ask about your capabilities and also if you’re a fast learner. Clothing should be business casual and shouldn’t appear wrinkled.

Research the company before the interview. They may possibly ask you what information you have about the company, so highlight specific details. Answer each question the best you can, and make sure to have something to say. For example, if you don’t have retail experience, let them know that this is your first job, and describe some skills that will make your lack of experience obsolete.

You should always have follow up questions, and you need to ask about the training. You will be working with different equipment, such as fabric cutting machines that you may not have seen before. You have to prepare for the position, but there are particular jobs you will need to do that require training. Don’t tell them you have a specific skill if you don’t.

Hobby Lobby is a fun company and a fun store environment. These top interview questions are asked to probe your personality and how you answer the questions will determine how they see you. Smile and remain confident.