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Originally called Inter-Island Airways Ltd., Hawaiian Airlines was incorporated on 30 January 1929. At the time, thousands of people gathered in Honolulu to see Hawaii’s first scheduled inter-island flights to Maui and the Big Island of Hawaii. Starting with just two eight-passenger planes, within six years they had added larger 16 passenger planes to accommodate the increase of customers. The name change took place in 1941 and even bigger planes were introduced. Today, they carry an estimated 8 million passengers per year and service 20 domestic and international locations in the Pacific. With that sort of growth, it is no wonder so many people submit a Hawaiian Airlines application for their many job opportunities.

Hawaiian Airlines has an impeccable safety record and are renowned for their premium service. The entire fleet of DC-9’s were replaced in 2001, and over 2002 and 2003, they replaced their fleet of DC-10’s. They added an Airbus A330-200 to their fleet in 2010, and aim to add another 27 more by the end of the decade. Today, in North America they provide daily flights to Hawaii from more cities than any other airline. Working for a company like this, is a fantastic career.

This airline strives to be the greatest destination carrier worldwide. To achieve this goal, the airline focuses on the importance of people. This includes the people it serves, as well as the people who are employed by Hawaiian Airlines. The main headquarters of the company are still located in Honolulu, and is a publicly traded company. To find out how to apply for Hawaiian Airlines online, check out their official website. It is a simple process to apply online.

Hawaiian Airlines Careers

There are a large variety of Hawaiian Airlines Careers that range from entry-level workers, to corporate and professional staff. Positions include customer service representatives, baggage handlers, ticket sales agents, and cargo agents. For many of these positions, no qualifications or experience are required, but some experience is an advantage.

Hawaiian Airlines jobs that are specialized include pilots, mechanics, flight operations analysts, flight attendants, payroll staff, policies and procedures specialists, and marketing analysts, just to name a few. When hiring for these positions, the company will be looking for qualifications and experience. Hawaiian Arlines jobs online have more detail on the requirements for each position.

How old do you have to be to work for Hawaiian Airlines? You must be 18 years old to apply for jobs at Hawaiian Airlines.

Hawaiian Airlines are known for their generous benefits available for eligible employees. This includes 401(k) retirement plans, stock options, wellness benefits including medical, dental and prescription drug plans, and flexible spending programs. The airline is concerned about the health of their staff, so they offer floating holidays, sick leave and paid vacation time. From the very first day of employment, all staff earns lucrative travel benefits. As an airline, they are available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

Job Descriptions & Salaries

Flight Attendant – This is the most heavily sought after position with the airline. You get to see the world and interact with a variety of people. Their responsibilities include demonstrating safety procedures, helping passengers with their hand luggage and seating, serving food and beverages, and helping with any questions the passenger may have. In the event of an emergency, the flight attendant is required to follow company procedures to ensure the safety of the crew and the passengers. The average hourly rate of pay starts at $20.00.

Ramp Agent – This entry-level position involves physical labor and the opportunity to work outdoors. The responsibilities of a ramp agent include loading and unloading the baggage from the planes, tagging the baggage, and loading onto the conveyor belts. Operation of loading trucks is also required. The average hourly rate starts at $9.50.

Customer Service Agent – This role involves a lot of interaction with people, and the main duties are checking in, helping with baggage, and directing travelers through the ticketing and reservation process. Additional responsibilities include selling and placing reservations and helping with lost or missing baggage issues. The average hourly rate is around $11.50 per hour.

Cleaner – As you would expect, a cleaner is responsible for the cleanliness and presentation of the aircraft cabins. After a flight the cleaner clears trash from the seats, sanitizes the bathrooms and vacuums carpets. They also need to stock cabin and crew supplies. Some cleaners also are given the responsibility of cleaning and polishing the outside of the aircraft. The average hourly rate is between $9.00 – $10.00.

Hawaiian Airlines Interview Questions

To make an interview more successful, thinking about what questions may be asked and what your possible answers would be is a good advantage.

What do you know about airport operations? They want to know how much you know about how an airport is run. Be honest, if you don’t know a lot say so, but if you research the topic beforehand, you will be able to answer this question more fully.

Do you know a foreign language? This is a useful skill in this industry. If you do, give them a sample. If not, explain that you haven’t learnt one as yet but may be willing to do so.

What do you like about Hawaiian Airlines? They want to find out how much you know about the company. If you have researched the company, you should be able to outline the points that appeal to you the most.

What will you do if you get a job offer from a larger airline? They want to know if they will be able to retain you, or you will leave for a better or bigger offer. You need to be honest about your intentions, as they will be putting training resources into you.

If you are offered a salary that is not up to your expectation, what will you do? They are trying to find out if you are after money, or the career opportunity. This is a question that only you can answer, depending on what you are actually hoping for.

Advice For Application Process

It is easy to submit a Hawaiian Airlines job application online through their official website. There is no download application form, therefore no printable application form, so you are not able to make a direct application at your local office. If you find a printable application for Hawaiian Airlines, check that it is an official application form, or it may not be accepted. The online application is a free application, so there are no costs involved.

Make sure you fill in your application correctly and truthfully. Hawaiian Airlines jobs are very popular, so attach a copy of your current resume and a cover letter to your application. To submit Hawaiian Airlines application, you create an online job profile. This allows you to check on the status of your application after submission by clicking on the View Application Status link. This is the preferred method of checking on your application, as contacting recruiters can be difficult.

If you receive an invitation to attend an interview, make sure you are prepared. Dress appropriately, and check the company policy on piercings and tattoos. When you arrive, be polite and friendly to every person you encounter, as you never know who may be involved in the hiring process. During the interview, sit up straight, make plenty of eye contact, and make yourself seem confident and friendly.
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