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Hastings is a company that sells all thing entertainment in the United States. It is a leading company retailer in multimedia entertainment industry. This entertainment includes not only books – used & new, but other forms of entertainment as well.

This entertainment company started way back 1968. At that time, it was known as a bookstore. It, having a headquarters located at Texas, USA, currently has an approximate of 150 stores around 21 states. Targeted locations of Hastings Entertainment includes small communities as well as colleges.

Hastings Entertainment started with just selling mainly books, but as a growing company, products also increases. Magazines, DVDs, software, accessories, music, movies, electronics, sports & recreation, novelty, kids’ products, apparel, action figures, comics, and more comprises their current selling products. The company also have their own e-commerce website which makes easier product viewing by costumers.

Working with them gives a challenging yet fun experience. Becoming more successful enterprise within an entertainment industry means having people that would give their best possible excellent results. You would work with people who are intelligent, talented, and determined who can inspire other members. That would be a great experience alone. Upheld values like honesty, integrity, respect, teamwork, and a lot more are values kept at work places at all times.

They have been continuously looking for people who have interest, ability, and passion towards their work. If you think you have what it takes in having Hastings careers, then browse through job opportunities. In applying, use Hastings job application online to view all jobs available. Hastings application process will not take too much of your time since it’s made to fit your needs. Various Hastings careers are listed below. Find one that suits best, then apply now.

Hastings Careers

Applying for a job would really get you nervous. Compensating that feeling, sometimes you ask a lot of questions, but those questions you normally ask will help for your application. Provided below are some usual questions that people asks.

How to apply for Hastings online? Applying online at Hastings   is very easy. They provided two ways that you can apply via online. You can send you important papers this email address:  recruiter@gohastings.com. Make an account and use that as a resume suggests another alternative. Where is the printable application for Hastings? No need to download application form, thus no printable application form. Is there a payment for the application? It’s free application.

How old do you have to be to work at Hastings? Minimum age requirement for employment is 21.

Among all jobs, the ones offered at store support has the highest requirements and most challenging responsibilities. Minimum of 2 – 5 year experience on a similar or related field, Bachelor’s degree or a Master’s degree, Expert knowledge regarding business or related areas, Excellent Business Skills, Exceptional Communication plus Organization skills, Computer Skills

Hastings jobs offered at distribution centers has few requirement compared from jobs offered to other locations. Among those few requirement, here are their similarities:

High School Diploma, Years of Experience, Carrying objects weighing 25lbs – 50lbs

Most jobs under Stores and Tradesmart have the same requirements. Some has more than the others, but here are a few requirements:

Bachelor’s Degree or High School Diploma, More than 2 year experience in the same or similar field, Good communication skills, Excellent customer service skills, Relocation possibilities, Reputable management skills, Good Organizational skills

They offer good competitive good salaries and benefits. Their benefits includes a 401(k) plan, insurance plans, and more. Upon having an interview, more about this matter will be further discussed. Like other companies, longer employment with them means more benefits.

Hastings Job Descriptions

Numerous job offers are available on their website. These jobs are categorizes by locations, but some locations have same job offers. Following jobs listed below includes current offers they have. In addition, list below provides a brief description of responsibilities.

Store support center covers the first category jobs offered.

  • Director of Trends – Goals of this position focuses on keeping track of possible markets, then, maximize those possible markets to their advantage. This person must find possible solutions or ways for each company’s product to be developed and be distributed.
  • Fixed Asset – This person are responsible for productivity report each month. Fixed assets would be tasked at preparing written entries about every activities every month-end as well as year-end.
  • Book Buyer – Company’s book collections are getting bigger because book buyers adds whatever they buy provided it’s something entertaining. It wouldn’t be a very easy job since it requires tricky as well as challenging tasks.
  • Store Manager – These people works with daily operations plus financial reports. Creating a good working environment along with productive relationship is also these people’s task.
  • Fixture Set Manager – These people are responsible with all fixtures installations in all retail stores. These managers will keep track not only every purchase, but also budget for that area.

Distribution center offers another career set:

Warehouse Associate, Return Center Associate, DC Quality Assurance Associate

Company’s store comprises another career platform.

  • Manager in Training – Manager in training people will be responsible for supporting management work. It would be for future store manager position.
  • Customer Service Manager – Customer service manager will be task to supervise, manage, and train customer service associates. Their main goal guarantees customers best services.
  • Inventory Control Manager – Their main task includes managing different departments in a way of providing a proper counting process or procedure by these managers.
  • Customer Service Associate – These people offers different services such as assisting, advising, greeting, and more towards customers.

Tradesmart lastly offers category of jobs. At this category, it’s furthermore categorized by a specific area. Here are just a few careers offered in this category. TS Floor Associate, TS Floor Manager, TS Stocking Crew, TS Loss Prevention Specialist

Detailed description of different jobs mentioned above can be seen at company’s official website provided with its link below. Also, jobs offered is not limited with job listed here. Refer to their site regarding recent complete job offers. Apply for jobs at Hastings now. No one should let any opportunities pass because maybe you’re the right candidate. Also, because an opportunity like that might never present itself again.

Hastings Interview

Prepare for this interview. If the company wants an interview, they usually schedule it immediately or just days after you’ve been informed. So, preparing ahead of time wisely. Think about possible questions that they would ask and prepare a really good answer for it.

Confidence will lead you there. People who will become a liable asset to their company are what companies are constantly looking for. Being confident with yourself as well as believing that you can be a liable asset to them will help boost your chance at a position at that company. Believe in yourself, then they will also believe in you.

Advice For Application Process

Applying is easy, but guaranteeing your slot at a Hastings career is more complicated. Many possible tips can help make it a less complicated task. Consider them well when applying.

Applications can be passed in 2 ways. It’s either through a direct application or an online application. The company leaves it to your digression whether how your applications would be sent. They have provided a local address if you’ll personally give your resume, cover letter, or salary history. An email address is also provided if sending your credentials online is your option. You can also make an account at their site. Use this created profile to apply.

One very useful tip for faster Hastings application processing is apply online. This is more convenient since there’s no need to get any application form. Just make your own profile. Use that concerning your online application.

Different Hastings jobs online are provided with their complete job description in their website. Looking at requirement and responsibilities from each job, utilize this tool. Find something that would match your credentials. If you want your application to be noticed and process immediately, do not apply for a job that does not match perfectly. There might be a possibility that they would ignore your application since you’re not technically qualified. It will only waste time of both parties.

Hastings Entertainment is one of the best in its industry. Working with them provides a great opportunity plus exposure. They have a great working environment while providing a teams which every member would learn. Although not all fits either their requirements or work ambiance, other career options at other companies offers another possibly of employment.

Books-A-Million Inc. is the next largest book retailer in the US. Same with Hasting Entertainment. They also have an e-commerce site which lets customers view product through internet. Books-A-Million Inc. searches continuously not only talented, but bright people to be team member. They offer not only a professional career, but an exciting and fun profession as well.

Another great company in the industry is Half Price Books. It may not be as big as Hastings and Books-A-Million Inc., but it’s considered as a favored bookstore chain in US. People who have passion towards different entertainment forms is what they are after. Half Price Books have a fun as well as competitive work environment which offers a good salary and benefits.

There are many companies having same businesses. These suggest some alternative companies. These two companies have various job opportunities which might be of your interest. Check their job opening at their official website.
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