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img- Halliburton ConstructionHalliburton Construction is one of largest companies in the United States and, indeed, the world, employing 100,000 people servicing oilfields, performing exploration and operating refining operations. If you wish to find out how to apply for Halliburton Construction online, please read on further; though it is a direct application process, it is fairly complicated and requires Flash.

As of 2014, the company had a market valuation of over $34 billion. The company has extensive operations in the US and all over the world, particularly in the Middle East. It has two company headquarters, one in the United States and the other Dubai, both locations close to its largest operations. However, it has operations all over the world.

The company was founded in 1919 as a local maker of cement for oil wells in Oklahoma. It has since grown into one of the biggest players in the energy industry internationally. It provides services both for exploration and drilling as well as completion and production (i.e., building refineries and wells).

To fill out a Halliburton Construction job application online, visit the link below and fill out the application form. Although most of the job descriptions can be printed out, there is no official printable application for Halliburton Construction; you can download application form, but still must apply online. This is a free application process.

Halliburton Construction Careers

The drilling and evaluation division provides employment for workers who drill exploratory and production wells with the intention of exploring for economically viable oil and gas deposits. This division also performs modeling to verify the viability of proposed wells and to verify the engineering of well bores. Halliburton Construction jobs in this division include service operators, drill bit testers, geophysical consultants, field engineers and surveyors.

The completion and production division is responsible for developing and implementing the plans provided by the drilling and evaluation division, for realizing yields from explored, viable deposits and for the development of new products as required to complete these plans. Halliburton Construction careers in this field include operators, cementers and technical advisors.

How old do you have to be to work at Halliburton Construction? The minimum age for employment is 14 in theory, but in practice most Halliburton Construction jobs are either skilled trades or require other professional qualifications. Therefore, in practice people who submit a Halliburton Construction application and are hired will at least be in their twenties.

Employees at the company are able to avail themselves of a generous benefits package, providing life insurance, vision, dental and medical coverage and a 401(k). The company is very concerned about its employees’ work-life balance providing vacation and leave of absence policies. Furthermore, Halliburton Contruction’s reputation as an industry leader offers a reputable platform for researchers to publish their research and achieve industry-wide recognition.

To apply for jobs at Halliburton Construction online, you must have a browser with the latest Flash plugin. As of the writing of this document, you can apply for positions using the Chrome browser, but you cannot view the job descriptions. You also need to allow the website to open pop up windows. There is no printable application form.

Halliburton Construction Job Descriptions

Operator – This title covers a wide range of positions that operate specialized equipment used in such areas of business such as fracking, drilling, loading or cementing. Operators usually specialize in a single or a small subset of equipment; it is typical for teams to have people who are “experts” in a certain piece of equipment. Salaries for these jobs vary widely depending on experience, equipment and responsibility. 

Mechanic Technician – This title covers a range of maintenance personnel responsible for ensuring that specialized equipment is safe to use and is available for use during the duty cycle. Depending on level of seniority, may be required to sign off on the viability of a piece of equipment. Estimated salary for this position is $38,000, but depends on seniority and the type of equipment specialized in. 

Warehouseman – The responsibilities of this position include checking supplies and equipment in and out of storage, maintaining inventory, keeping the warehouse clean and safe and observing safety regulation. As well, assists the Warehouse Manager in upgrading inventory systems as needed. The salary for this job depends on experience (but starts at minimum wage). 

Loader – At Halliburton, the loader is responsible for loading specialized guns with explosives. These explosives are fired into bores that have been drilled either to enlarge their diameter or to break through substrates the drill cannot penetrate (such as salt domes). The salary for this job is not listed, but the job requires extensive explosive safety and handling training. 

HSE Engineer – This engineering position is responsible for ensuring that Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) targets are met during the project planning. The HSE engineer ensures that projects meet industry standards and internal requirements to ensure the safety of workers and to protect the environment. Estimated salary for this position is $99,000 per annum.

Halliburton Construction Interview Questions

Following are some sample questions:

What do you bring to our company? As the company is an industry leader in its field, it is expected that candidates will bring extraordinary skills and talents to the company. You need to describe specifically how you will be an asset to the company, for example due to some specific field of research you specialize in.

What are your strengths? This is a relatively easy question to answer. Be sure to bring the stronger aspects of your personality back to how you would apply them to your job. Don’t be too modest about your strengths, but don’t be arrogant either. Be proud of your strengths, but not overly so.

What are your weaknesses? Everyone has weaknesses, but the expectation of the interviewer is that your weaknesses will not have a major impact on the job you are applying for and that you are working on resolving them. For example, if you are afraid of public speaking, you could show that you are addressing the issue by attending a public speaking course.

You may encounter questions such as Describe the state of the art in your field or How would you apply your thesis work to your new position at our company? These are complicated questions that require you to display an in depth knowledge of your field and what the company is trying to accomplish in your field.

You need to prepare for these questions by reading up on company operations, looking closely at the job description and at research that has been sponsored by the company and its competitors. Pay attention to how they intend to apply it by reading the white papers and news on its operations, particularly in industry journals.

Advice For Application Process

Upon loading the Halliburton Construction jobs online application form, you will be prompted to choose which region of the world you want to look for jobs in and also will be able to filter jobs based on description, keyword, level of seniority and division. When you click “Search”, a list of job opportunities matching your criteria will be presented. Clicking on the job title will open the description in a separate window.

You should ensure that your resume is custom made for your Halliburton Construction application. Each application comes with a detailed job description. Download application and make sure to copy and paste various key phrases from the job description to your resume. This will ensure that you get past the first resume screening, which discards all resumes that lack key phrases in the job description.

You need to ensure that besides the keywords, your resume should indicate your specialties in such a way that you can show how your experience is applicable to the job at hand. This demonstrates to the person reading the resumes that you have done your research on the company, which indicated your interest in the company.

When you go into the interview, print a copy of the resume you submitted and the job description you are interviewing for. This way, you can refer to the documents like the interviewer can, which allows you to more closely tie your work experience to the position you are applying for.
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