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Construction is a huge part of our lives. This can mean the construction of residential or commercial properties. It always seems like something is being built wherever you look. This is great for people who want more options for places to shop or eat. This is also great for those who are looking to have a house built with their customizations in mind.

Construction work typically involves working long hours. You can also expect to have a very physically demanding type of employment in most aspects of construction. This field is quickly growing, as there are so many roads that need repairs and business that need remodeling. With a constant work flow, there is a lot of job security that one can find in this industry.

While there are some positions that have no educational requirement, there are many positions that do require specialized training and state certifications. It is important to know which positions require those so that you can ensure that you have everything you need to get started in this career. It also helps to have previous experience in these fields.

There is a large variety of positions within this industry, which means that there are spots that are available for most people of a variety of different skills.

Job Opportunities

Here are just a few of your employment options in this field:

Construction Workers: Construction workers are the general workers of this industry. They often are referred to as “general laborers”. They are responsible for any of the simple, but very physical tasks, on the construction site. This might include lifting parts and bringing them where they need to go. They will assist the more specialized crew members with any tasks they might need assistance with. They keep the site clean and safe for other workers on their crew. They must also do other menial work like mixing cement or gathering the tools that other people need to complete their tasks. No specific educational requirement is needed for a position like this, except for any on the job training. Most construction workers learn a trade in addition to this to move onto other fields within this industry. A general laborer can earn around $30,000 a year.

Cost Estimator: These are the people behind the financial affairs of this business. They must analyze the cost of each job and the reasons for that expense. They use this data to figure out the total cost of a job, as well as how long it will take to accomplish the jobs. They will also use this data to figure out the amount of materials and workers are needed to complete everything on time and as efficiently as possible. This is increasingly important in a field like this because it can help a company determine the most cost efficient way to go about all their client’s requests. Critical thinking and a very task oriented personality are important to be successful in this field. While there is no education requirement that is specifically required, most employers prefer a person to have a bachelor’s degree in construction management or some related field. Their course work should have plenty of math and business management classes in it. Cost estimators can earn a yearly salary of around $58,000.

Carpenters: Carpenters are needed for any woodwork that needs to be done at a building site. This includes any framing for a house or other property being built. If it is a residential property, they often do things like building cabinetry. This type of field is not just one that needs a lot of physical strength, but it requires a fair amount of intelligence as well. It requires a lot of advance math skill to get all the measurements correct so that everything comes together perfectly and safely. They will also need to feel comfortable working with power tools and be able to use them without injuring themselves. A carpenter needs to have at least a high school diploma or equivalent. After that, they will move onto specialized training which takes around 3-4 years, and then complete an apprenticeship. They might want to move onto getting associated with the local carpentry unions. A carpenter can make around $38,000 an hour.

Electrician: An electrician has a very important task within this field. They are responsible for wiring up the building they are working on so that it has power to function on a day to day basis. They are tasked with repair faulty wiring or replacing all the wiring in the building. These tasks must be done safely as to protect the other people working on the crew or the people that will take over the building when it is completed. They must know the state’s codes to be sure that everything is done to the standards of the state’s regulations. To be an electrician, you must have a high school diploma or equivalent. Some prefer to go to a technical school for training. They must complete an apprenticeship for this field. They can earn a yearly salary of $49,000.

Job Outlook

The estimated job growth in this industry is around 26% for most jobs. This is much more than is expected in other industries in our nation, which have an estimated 11% growth. This is as a result of a growing need to people in an industry like this because there is always something that needs to be built or remodeled. There is a lot of job security in construction.

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