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Finish Line is an athletic retail store that sells different brands of sportswear and accessories, particularly shoes. The company has stores in forty-seven states in the U.S.

The retail brand was founded back in 1976, in Indianapolis, Indiana, where they also opened their first store. They are founded by David Klapper and Alan Cohen.

The company runs over 660 stores in 47 states and also has departments in over 450 Macy’s stores and they have over 10,000 employees in each of their stores.

Employees are given benefits such as Medical, Dental, and Vision care, life insurance and disability, paid parental leave, 401k, discounts, access to wellness incentive programs and their fitness centers, and more.

The employees do not only like the numerous benefits they can have upon being employed for the company, they enjoy the work atmosphere, the skills they learn, and the people they meet on the job.

How old do you have to be to work at Finish Line?

The company has been looking for individuals who are at least 18 years old, to take up the jobs they offer and be part of the team.

Finish Line Careers

The company offers a variety of job positions available for all eligible hopefuls who are interested to be a part of their team. Listed below are some of their openings:

Cashier: The cashier holds the important responsibility of handling the store and the customers’ money. They take charge in dealing with the customer’s purchases. They are expected to be responsible in handling the money and in transacting with the customers when it comes to their purchases.

Sales Associate: The Sales Associate mostly deals with customer interaction. They are responsible for helping customers out with picking out items and in their overall shopping experience, making it better for them. They are expected to be friendly and welcoming towards customers, offering the best service they can and the help that the customers need.

Store Manager: Known as the team leaders in their respective stores, Store managers oversee the whole operation and flow of the store. They are expected to have great leadership skills as well as a friendly and welcoming personality. This is because they also tackle some of the responsibilities that the sales associates have.

Assistant Manager: The assistant managers help the store manager in overseeing the full operation and flow of their respective stores. They are also responsible for taking on the duties of the store manager when they aren’t around. Good leadership skills are expected of the assistant manager and they should also have a welcoming and friendly personality as well.

Customer Care Professional: The Customer Care professionals are vital when it comes to establishing a great relationship with the company’s customers. They’re responsible for taking note of the comments and complaints of the customers and for providing them with the necessary help that they need.

Stock Associate: They are in charge of maintaining and taking care of the store’s stocks. The stock associates also have the responsibilities of interacting and helping out customers, just like a sales associate. They’re expected to be physically capable as they’ll take on jobs that will require standing for a long time and they’ll be carrying heavy loads as well.

Stock Lead: The stock leads oversee what goes on in the stockroom. They’re responsible for keeping track of what goes in and out of the stockroom and maintains its orderliness. They can also help customers as needed. They’re expected to be physically capable, just like the stock associates, since the job requires standing and other physical duties.

General Labor:  General Labor staff works in the distribution centers. They’re responsible for making the products that are produced in the center while maintaining a safe environment while working. They’re expected to be physically capable since they’ll be performing work that requires physical exertion.

Inventory Control Auditor: The Inventory Control Auditor takes care of the inventory in the distribution center. They maintain the accuracy of the inventory through performing the necessary mark-outs and adjustments needed. They are also expected to be physically capable since they might perform work that requires physical exertion as well.

Order Processing: Order Processing staff members are also situated in the distribution centers. They’re responsible for processing, picking and packing the retail orders from the stores. They may use the state of the art technology provided to them in order to work. They are expected to be physically capable as well.

Finish Line Application

Walk-in and online applications are ways on how to apply to be a part of the company’s team. You can either go to your nearby Finish Line branch or look up the company’s careers website.

Online applications are available for use at your convenience. You will need to state your location in order for the site to process and show you the available openings.

Just remember to include all necessary details when filling out your application forms. Make sure not to leave anything out since they will be reviewing each application.

Highlight your experience and emphasize your experience if you’ve worked at any retail or sports-related establishments, since they take it into deep consideration when it comes to hiring.

When called for an interview, be sure to show your friendly and pleasing personality while answering their inquiries. They will be observing these traits to know your skills since working for the company would require customer interaction.

Things To Know About Finish Line

Finish Line promotes fitness and diversity within their establishments through their diverse staff and fitness centers and programs. They fully commit to serving their customers and endorsing the importance of fitness to them.

Finish Line has donated 1 million dollars in the past year to the Special Olympics, a sports event that focuses on athletes with special needs who want to play sports.

The company is known not only for their products, but also for the programs and events they conduct that help other people. They have launched different sponsorships and programs that help organizations.

Finish Line has launched their Youth Foundation in partnership with the Special Olympics and has sponsored many organizations to give back and promote and celebrate athletes..

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