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Ferrari is an Italian luxury sports car manufacturer, which was founded by Enzo Ferrari in 1929. Initially, the company sponsored racecar drivers and manufactured racecars. In 1947, the company moved into making everyday cars. Then, in 1969, Fiat bought half of it, and 19 years later, Fiat expanded its ownership to 90 percent.

Ferrari is a symbol of luxury, wealth, and speed, In fact, in May 2012, the 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO became the most expensive car in history after selling for $39,115,000 in a private deal to American communications magnate Craig McCaw. The company is also known for its place in the racing industry; it has always participated in Formula One, where its cars hold the most constructors championships.

The company is famous for its racing symbol: the prancing horse or Cavallino Rampante. It is a black stallion on a yellow shield with the letters SF for Scuderia Ferrari and with three stripes of green, white and red (the colors of Italy’s flag). To distinguish road cars from racecars, road cars have a rectangular badge on the hood, and the racing logo is on both sides near the doors.

In general, sales have increased over the past two decades. However, as of 2008, the company had only built and sold about 130,000 cars in its lifetime. In 2014, it sold 7,255, and in 2014, it sold 6,922 cars. It has dealerships around the world in locations ranging from Italy to South Africa to Azerbaijan.

Ferrari Careers

The company offers many job opportunities in many locations around the world, so apply for employment and an exciting career. The company’s success stems from its innovative, ambitious, and driven employees. Without these hard workers, the company would not be the luxury symbol that it is. To become a part of this exciting industry, you can download application form or complete the free application using the provided link.

This company is dedicated to its employees, instilling in them important values. The company focuses on ethical practices, pride of affiliation, excellence, initiative, attention to the environment, and profitability. To see how to contribute to this dynamic team and how to apply for Ferrari online, look at the Ferrari job application online.

How old do you have to be to work at Ferrari? For Ferrari jobs, you must be at least 18 years old. Beyond age requirements, different positions require different skill levels. For instance engineers, technicians, and mechanics need certifications, experience, and specific degrees. In addition, the company often makes its prospective employees take aptitude tests. However, entry-level positions are open in some locations.

To apply for jobs at Ferrari, you need to go to the company’s website, where they list local, open jobs. The online interface requires you to submit a CV and cover letter to apply online. There is no printable application for Ferrari. You may be asked for an interview with a department head. All employees must be fluent in English, so language skills will be tested as part as part of the Ferrari jobs process. Finally, there is an individual or group assessment.

Ferrari Job Descriptions

Automotive Technician – This position is available at most dealerships. The general job description is five years of experience and the ability to troubleshoot all aspects of auto mechanics. Technicians must be hardworking and dedicated to providing the highest quality improvements in the car industry. More information can be seen by looking at jobs online. Benefits are not listed. Salary depends on experience and commission.

Customer Service – This position requires interacting with customers, answering their questions, and representing the company’s brand. Applicants must have two years of customer service experience, be friendly, ensure phone calls are directed accordingly, and be able to type memos, reports, correspondences, etc. Benefits are not listed. Salary is hourly and depends on the location.

Automotive Manager – They control the sales and ensure that all sold cars are delivered to customers. They protect profits of a given dealership. They establish relationship between customers and the dealership. They work to generate income for the dealership through sales of insurance, vehicle service contracts, and maintenance plans. They are responsible for all paperwork associated with sales and finances. Benefits are not listed. Salary depends on experience and commission.

Shipping & Logistics Lead – This job requires management and coordination of projects, coordinating scheduling with expeditor and the dealership team. This position requires maintenance and improvement of standard operating procedures. To do this job, you much have an Associate’s Degree, at least three years experience in shipping, and familiarity with the car industry. Benefits are not listed. Salary depends on experience. 

Ferrari Interview Questions

Here are interview questions to prepare you for Ferrari careers and create a direct application.

Where would you like your career to be in five years? The interviewer wants to see your ambition. He also wants to gain an understanding of whether you will stick with the company. When answering this question, you should tell them something that is related to the position they are hiring for.

What do you know about our company? This question requires you to do research before the interview. You should carefully read over the company website in order to prepare for questions like this. Make sure to mention the requirements and responsibilities of the position you are being hired for, as well as the company’s values, products, and services.

What did you dislike about your last job? Be honest about why you left. Mention what about this new position is appealing—and completely different from your last job. You need to frame your dislike in such a way that you completed all of your work exceptionally despite the fact that the job wasn’t your favorite.

What is your ideal company? Discuss characteristics that appeal to you such as aspects of the work environment. Then, tie these into the realities of work at Ferrari. This will show that you’ve done your research and are a good fit. Finding the answer to this question will also help you decide if Ferrari careers are right for you.

Would you relocate for this job? Always answer logistical questions honestly. If you don’t, they will come back to haunt you later. If you aren’t willing to relocate, give a reason, such as your family or health issues. It is okay if local jobs are important to you, and they are likely to understand, as long as you are forthcoming.

Advice For Application Process

Job applications are used to screen applicants. The reader wants to use your Ferrari application to know if you are qualified, intelligent, competent, and able to learn new skills. The Ferrari application—in this case CV and cover letter—will determine whether you are selected for an interview. Therefore, it is essential to find time on these two documents, proofreading them yourself and even having someone else read them over.

The key to success at an interview is arriving prepared. This means bringing your resume, reading everything about the company beforehand, and checking to see if you need any other forms or identification. Plan to arrive early. You don’t want to get lost on your way to the interview, and show up frazzled or even worse, miss your opportunity entirely. Bring a printable application form with you.

During the interview, you want to speak slowly and clearly. Use specific examples instead of general characteristics when answering questions. Stories are more memorable and engaging than a rote list of experiences and accomplishments. Pause before answering each question to give yourself time to think about how best to respond.

At the end of the interview, thank the person you talked to. Ask for his business card. When you get home, send the interviewer an email, thanking his for his time and asking a couple of follow-up questions. This will make you a standout candidate. You can also use your interviewer to help you get in touch with other people in the company, so you can make connections.
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