Family Dollar Interview Questions

Family Dollar ApplicationYou’ve put in the hard part.  You filled out your application, wrote up your resume in hopes to get a call back from Family Dollar.  They did!  So now that you have your foot in the door, how do you prepare yourself to have a successful interview?  Follow the tips below and you will succeed:

Top Family Dollar Interview Questions

Why do you want to work for Family Dollar? Make a list of reasons why you want to work at Family Dollar.  Make sure your list is catered to Family Dollar, do your research to find out what the company is about.

When are you available to start working?  The best response to this question is the date before your interview.  Unless, of course, you have other obligations. Answer with the earliest possible date you can.

What is your availability? Be honest. Tell the interviewer what you need off, but for the interview you want to make your availability as wide open as possible.

What do you have to offer our company? This is where you get a chance to show the interviewer who you are.  Let the manager know what value you can bring to the company culture and to the team.

Are you dependable? This is an obvious question.  If you answer no, you’re not getting hired.  You must be dependable to get hired anywhere.

Are you trustworthy? Find something clever to say here that implies yes.  Get the interviewer to laugh to engage in conversation.

What skills do you have that you believe will help you to excel in a position with Family Dollar? Show the interviewer your skills and GIVE EXAMPLES! Don’t tell them, show them. Explain what your skills are and how you have executed these skills in the past.

Of all your previous jobs, which was your favorite?  Why? Pick a job you had a good experience at that would give you a great reference.  The interviewer is looking to see why you liked the job so much to reflect onto your personality.

Anyone who has worked retail before knows that these are very common questions in a very brief face to face interview.  Basically if you do your research on the company, and engage in conversation in a personable manner, you will be hired.

Family Dollar Interview Tips

Make eye contact and be cheerful.  One of Family Dollar’s values is that the customer is always right.  Thus, having a friendly demeanor throughout the interview will exhibit your happy go lucky personality.

Make a list of reasons why you want to work at Family Dollar.  Every retail store will ask you this question.  If you start rattling off reasons why you want to work at Family Dollar that are company specific, the interviewer will be impressed.

Thank the manager at the end of the interview.  They took time out of their day to discuss an opportunity with you.  Good manners is always best practice.

If you use these Family Dollar Interview Tips you are a sure candidate for the position you applied for with Family Dollar. The interviews are typically brief.  Dress nice, be polite and friendly, and your interview will be an entire success.