Dollar General Interview Questions

Dollar General ApplicationAfter submitting your resume and filling out an application you receive a voicemail from a manager at Dollar General, they want you for an interview! Congratulations! They selected you out of many others, now your job is to prove you are the right candidate.

Top Dollar General Interview Questions

Below are tips to help you succeed in getting the job:

Are you free to work on weekends? This is a point blank question.  Your schedule may not allow it, but if you are available absolutely say yes.  You can negotiate your schedule at another time after being hired.

What makes you want to work at Dollar General?  This is where preparation comes in.  Research Dollar General and what they value.  If you do your research, you will stand head and shoulders above other candidates.

What previous experience do you have in retail or sales? Be honest with the interviewer.  If you do have experience, tell them about it and make conversation.  If you do not, exhibit that you have a high work ethic and will pick up the slack in hard work.

Why are you a good fit for the company?  Once again, the interviewer is testing your knowledge of the company.  If you know the companies values, this will be a piece of cake.  Relate the values of Dollar General to you as a person and you will stand out.

How do you encourage customer loyalty? The interviewer wants to see if you can create returning customers.  The key to gaining customer loyalty is engaging every customer, being personable and being helpful. Exhibit and make these skills known to the interviewer.

What is the difference between a manager and a leader?  This question is to judge whether or not you want to climb up the ladder in the Dollar General ranks.  A manager simply is a babysitter, telling people what needs to be done.  A leader is a part of the team, helping goals be achieved together.

How do you usually solve problems?  This question all depends on your personality.  Logic and reason are always a great answer to this question.  The Dollar General interviewer wants to see if you can handle conflict.

Situation where others disagreed with your ideas.   Tell the interviewer a story.  This will help you stick out from other candidates.  However, make sure you tell a story with a positive resolution that is work related, or if no previous work history, a story about your peers.  The interviewer is judging your problem solving skills.

These interview questions are straight from employees of Dollar General.  Some or all will pop up in your interview, so do your homework and make sure you are prepared to answer them.

Dollar General Interview Tips

Make conversation with the person who is interviewing you.  They are not someone out to get you.  They are another human being, and we can all relate on some level.  Keep it professional.  If you hold a conversation with the interviewer, you will increase your chances of getting the job.

Print multiple copies of your resume and arrive early.  The interviewer will have time to look over your experience and achievements before your interview begins.  This gives you a chance to show who you are on paper before you begin the interview.

Portray a professional attitude.  Even if you are applying for an entry level job, there is always a chance you can become a manager or even CEO.  Be confident in your responses and leadership ability.

If you utilize these Dollar General Interview tips, it is going to exponentially increase your chances to getting the position you desire.  Preparation is key to any interview.  If you are prepared, you will not be intimidated.