Does Kroger Drug Test? (Warning: Must Read)

Kroger is one of the largest retailers in America with over 2,600 supermarkets. The company employs over 367,000 employees across the U.S., according to their website.

If you’re applying to work at Kroger or are currently employed there, it is important to know if the retailer conducts drug tests during their hiring process. We explore this question below!

Drug test in progress

Does Kroger Drug Test? Kroger Drug Test Explained

Like most other national retailers, Kroger requires all new hires to submit a negative result for drug testing. Employees will be tested for the presence of alcohol and illegal drugs, including marijuana. Failing the test may result in employment termination with Kroger.

When Does Kroger Drug Test Employees?

Kroger can drug test at the following times:

Pre-Employment Test

Drug test are mandatory for all potential new hires at Kroger. You will be informed of when you need to take the drug test when you receive your conditional offer of employment.

The typical testing process is fairly simple, but can vary depending on which location you are applying for a position with. There are some locations that only require one drug screen during the hiring phase, while others do more in-depth screenings that look into specific areas. If this second round is required, it might include an assessment by a psychologist or background check results.

It’s important to note that even if you have previously taken a drug test for a job with Kroger, you will need to take another one as part of your application process.

Random Test

Kroger only conducts random tests on an infrequent basis. Most of the time they are reserved for new hires within a specific department or on a location-by-location basis.

Suspicion Based Test

There are times when store management may suspect that an employee is using drugs based on their behavior at work. In this situation, they can require them to go through a drug test before allowing them to continue working.

Post Incident Test

If there has been an accident during work hours, Kroger requires employees take a drug test after going through the initial emergency protocol required by law. This test is to ensure the safety of all parties involved, including yourself, your co-workers and any customers in the area.

What Type Of Drugs Does Kroger Test For?

The type of test being conducted at your local Kroger store will most likely be a 5-panel drug test, which is the big five: pot, coke, opiates, amphetamines and PCP.

If you have a prescription for any of these substances in your report and inform Kroger about this, you will not fail your test. You’ll even get help from them to submit proof that they were prescribed by a doctor. All they ask is that you let them know in advance before the actual testing dates.

Fail Even though marijuana is legal in some states, even where it’s sold in stores right now, it still counts as a fail.

Kroger Drug Test: How Long Does It Take?

Drug tests for Kroger do not generally take more than a day to process. The initial waiting period may vary, depending on which facility or laboratory is conducting the test and how busy they are.

Can I Refuse a Drug Test At Kroger?

You can refuse a drug test at Kroger, but it could land you in hot water with your employer if you have previously signed any pertinent paperwork. If you have an existing employment offer from Kroger, they can withdraw it based on testing positive in a pre-employment drug screen.

Any prospective employees who decline to be tested or show up late for testing face immediate dismissal by Kroger regardless of whether they refused the test or simply missed their appointment.

Refusal to take a drug test after an incident that results in an injury or accident, such as a car accident or workplace injury, may lead to termination.

What Happens if You Fail the Kroger Drug Test?

Are you wondering what happens if you fail your drug test at Kroger? The answer varies depending on if you are an applicant or a current employee.

Zero-tolerance for drugs for its employees

Kroger has a “zero-tolerance” policy. This means that they do not allow any use of drugs or alcohol on company time, or possession of these substances at work. Even after hours, if an employee is caught under the influence while driving to or from work, they can be fired.

For applicants, the offer is contingent on passing the drug test

Most Kroger job applications have a section in which applicants are required to take a pre-employment drug test. The offer of employment is conditional based on whether or not someone passes their drug test.

Employees who fail a random drug test will be terminated

Employees can be subject to random drug testing. A supervisor must choose a specific day, during the chosen time frame. If someone fails to show up for their scheduled test or fails the test, they can be terminated.

Employees who fail a drug test after an accident can be sued personally

If an employee is involved in a company-related accident, drug or alcohol abuse can be investigated. If the investigation finds that the driver was intoxicated while on company time, they can be held liable for legal damages to other people.

If I Fail A Drug Test At Kroger Can I Reapply?

As is the case with Dollar General and Best Buy, you can reapply to Kroger one year after you refuse a drug test or no-show for testing. Keep in mind this means living clean for at least one year before reapplying.

Conclusion: Does Kroger Drug Test?

The majority of positions at Kroger require pre-employment drug tests unless prohibited by state law. Failing the drug test may lead to losing the opportunity to work at Kroger or getting terminated.

Failing a drug test for Kroger will likely disqualify you if applying for a position and may result in termination if working at Kroger already. Employees who hold safety-related job positions are required to submit lab urine samples if pre-employment testing is not possible.

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