Does Target Drug Test? (Warning: Must Read)

Target is one of the leading retailers in the entire world. The company provides employment for its retail associates and warehouse workers, among a host of other opportunities.

If you’re interested in a job at Target or currently work there – does Target drug test? Here’s what I found out.

Drug test in progress

Does Target Drug Test? Target Drug Test Explained

Yes, it appears that Target does indeed conduct random drug tests on existing employees after receiving consent from an applicant or employee. Current members of staff are also subject to pre-employment drug testing before starting work at Target. This normally involves a lab urine test that checks for traces of alcohol, illegal drugs, and prescription medications.

When Does Target Drug Test Employees?

Target can drug test at the following times:

Pre-Employment Test

Drug tests may be required for both full-time and part-time positions. The drug test will usually take place at the end of the interview process. However, if you are hired on the spot, then drug testing will happen before you start your orientation when given a job offer in writing.

For some Target locations that require drug tests, they rely on their in-house lab to complete these screenings; however, some use an outside labs if necessary (such as in remote areas without drug screening services).

You will need to bring government-issued identification with you to complete the pre-employment background check and drug test if you are hired.

Random Test

Although random drug tests are not conducted frequently, you will need to be ready when it is time for your store manager to conduct random screenings of employees. As an employee, you can be selected at any time when the alarm sounds off.

Suspicion Based Test

If your behavior is in question or you appear to be out of character in terms of actions and demeanor, your manager may ask you to take a drug test without notice.

Post Incident Test

You will likely be asked for a drug screening if you get involved in an accident while on the job with Target. You will most likely need this test before returning back to work after the incident has passed.

What Type Of Drugs Does Target Test For?

Target conducts drug tests to check for major drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, and heroin.

Testing positive for THC (Marijuana) is enough to fail the applicant at Target. However, in some states marijuana is legalized for medical use only. If you are applying at one of those states and test positive for this substance make sure to inform them about it before joining the company or during orientation week.

Recreational drugs may cause an applicant to be denied employment even when it is legal to possess them in that state. For example, if someone fails the post accident test due to presence of marijuana in their system, they may be denied employment.

Target Drug Test: How Long Does It Take?

You will require to submit a drug test for Target within twenty-four hours of notice. The actual process only takes about fifteen minutes and the same lab tech who took your sample will run it.

Can I Refuse a Drug Test At Target?

Drug testing at Target is mandatory, so you must undergo the screening if required. Refusal will result in termination of employment or dismissal from acceptance into Target’s working force.

Applicants or employees who fail to show up for scheduled drug tests are noncompliant, as are those who refuse to take one when called upon. Both instances can lead to immediate termination. If you have already started employment with Target before refusing a post-incidence test, you may be terminated immediately.

As with most drug testing programs, employees have the right to refuse a drug test following an incident at work that could have been dangerous or even fatal if it had not been for your quick thinking and as such will not result in termination or dismissal from employment.

What Happens if You Fail the Target Drug Test?

Are you wondering what happens if you fail your drug test at Target? The answer varies depending on if you are an applicant or a current employee.

Zero-tolerance for drugs for its employees

Target has a zero tolerance policy for drug use. This means that the company doesn’t have to prove impairment of an employee on duty before terminating them. If a Target employee fails their pre-employment drug test, they won’t be hired at all. The same applies to random drug tests and accidents after being hired.

For applicants, the offer is contingent on passing the drug test

For people who’ve been offered a position at Target but haven’t yet started working, if they fail their drug test then Target won’t hire them. They must pass the screening before starting work or otherwise lose out on that opportunity.

Employees who fail a random drug test will be terminated

All employees of Target have to pass a random drug test at least once every 2 years. If someone fails their first random drug test, then they’ll be required to go to a rehabilitation program and retake the screening again. If a person fails their second screening, then they’ll lose their job immediately.

Employees who fail a drug test after an accident can be sued personally

Employees who injure someone in a car accident while impaired by drugs can be sued personally. If an incident like this occurs, the company will conduct their own investigation and see if the employee was a risk to others on the road. However, employers cannot terminate an otherwise reliable worker over a one-time accident, criminal charges or lack of proof that they were impaired at work.

If I Fail A Drug Test At Target Can I Reapply?

If you fail a drug test required by Target, you can reapply after six months of negative screenings. Keep in mind that your chances greatly increase after one year of abstinence from drugs and alcohol.

Conclusion: Does Target Drug Test?

Yes, Target has a strict zero-drugs policy for employees, especially those working on machinery and heavy equipment. Their pre-employment drug test also screens applicants for potential traces of alcohol, illegal drugs, and prescription medications.

Failing the drug test at Target may result in your disqualification as an applicant or dismissal from current employment depending on whether you are applying to join the team or already work there. Note that all these tests are usually conducted by lab urine screening that checks for traces of alcohol, illegal drugs, and several types of prescription medication.

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