Does Chipotle Drug Test? (Warning: Must Read)

Chipotle is a popular Mexican-themed fast food restaurant chain that operates over 1,600 locations across the U.S., Canada, the UK, and France. There are several employment opportunities available with Chipotle for both part-time and full-time workers.

If you’re considering applying for a job at Chipotle or currently work there – do they drug test their employees? Here is what you need to know about how it works!

Drug test in progress

Does Chipotle Drug Test? Chipotle Drug Test Explained

Chipotle conducts pre-employment drug tests on its applicants; these are lab urine tests that check for the presence of alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, amphetamine (including Adderall), methamphetamine (including Desoxyn), opiates (including heroin), PCP, and 6-Acetylmorphine (a metabolite of heroin).

When Does Chipotle Drug Test Employees?

Chipotle can drug test at the following times:

Pre-Employment Test

A drug test will be required for all new hires, and it can take place during your interview or shortly after.

If you are asked back for multiple interviews, the company may ask you to undergo a drug test between one of the interviews. Pharmacy employees are also occasionally required to pass a drug test before they start working at their assigned store.

Chipotle stresses that employees should not bring any drugs with them when taking a drug test as this is seen as tampering with evidence and will result in termination.

Random Test

Although Chipotle does have a policy about random testing, these tests are rarely conducted. However, if the company can require you to take a random drug test at any time.

Suspicion Based Test

The management of Chipotle reserves the right to request an employee to take a drug test in case their behavior is regarded as suspicious. If there is suspicion that drugs are involved in workplace accidents or any other incident, the individual may also be asked for a drug test.

Post Incident Test

If you are suspected of being under the influence when causing an accident on site, your employer can require you to submit a post-accident urine test before continuing your shift. This includes employees who get injured at work and need to go through hospital treatment.

What Type Of Drugs Does Chipotle Test For?

Chipotle will likely ask for a drug test that tests for alcohol, marijuana and cocaine.

If you fail your Chipotle drug test due to prescribed medication, they may not hold it against you as long as you provide them with proof of the prescription.

The presence of recreational drugs such as cannabis will result in termination regardless if medical or recreational use is allowed by state laws. You can be sure if it’s never acceptable to have THC in your system while working at Chipotle.

Chipotle Drug Test: How Long Does It Take?

Chipotle has one of the shortest drug test timelines in the fast-food industry. If you are required to take a drug test for Chipotle, you will be notified by phone immediately and must report for testing within 24 hours. The initial sample collection process should only take about five minutes. While it is difficult to obtain results in any timeframe under seven days, most tests produce results within forty-eight hours.

Can I Refuse a Drug Test At Chipotle?

You can refuse a drug test at Chipotle when they require one, but then your offer of employment or current employment will likely be withdrawn.

Applicants who refuse a drug test at Chipotle or fail to show up for their scheduled test will be refused employment.

Chipotle will likely terminate your offer of employment or current employment if you refuse a drug test following an incident at work, such as an accident.

What Happens if You Fail the Chipotle Drug Test?

Are you wondering what happens if you fail your drug test at Chipotle? The answer varies depending on if you are an applicant or a current employee.

Zero-tolerance for drugs for its employees

Chipotle has a zero-tolerance policy for drug use. Chipotle does not hire people who have used drugs in the past three years. Applicants are disqualified if they fail to pass a pre-employment drug test or refuse to take one. Employees are also tested randomly while on the job.

For applicants, the offer is contingent on passing the drug test

If applicants do not meet this requirement, they are not hired. Offering employment is contingent upon passing a drug test during the pre-hire stage. Those who fail these pre-employment tests will be refused offers of employment.

Employees who fail a random drug test will be terminated

All employees are subject to random drug tests. Those who fail the tests will be terminated on the spot.

Employees who fail a drug test after an accident can be sued personally

Employees who fail a drug test after an accident can be sued personally.

If I Fail A Drug Test At Chipotle Can I Reapply?

If you fail a drug test at Chipotle, you will be able to reapply for work at the establishment after six months. You must also pass a drug test to regain your position at Chipotle.

Conclusion: Does Chipotle Drug Test?

Chipotle conducts lab urine drug tests for certain staff members, particularly those who handle food and drink in their restaurants. Pre-employment tests will involve a test for the above-listed substances, while random tests may also include testing for other potentially dangerous drugs such as opiates and PCP.

Failing a drug test at Chipotle can lead to being fired from your job or even prevented you from being hired in the first place. Note that there are exceptions where Chipotle only uses a written policy to establish a drug free workplace instead of performing the actual testing on employees.

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