Citi Trends Interview Questions

Citi Trends ApplicationAssuming you love great fashion at a reasonable price, and you can help a customer find the best outfit, you’re a great candidate for Citi Trends. Positions include Sales Associate, Stock Associate, Cashier, Assistant Manager, and Store Manager. Although the questions vary per interviewer, here are some top interview questions that will help you prepare.

Citi Trends Interview Questions

Here are a few questions asked in a meeting with Citi Trends.

Why should we hire you over other candidates? Build yourself up. Talk about how great of an employee you will be and how hard of a worker you are. 

Describe a time a coworker wanted you to bend the rules and you knew it was wrong. What did you do? Describe the situation. If you’ve never experienced this, explain what you would do if it arises. 

Do you have any retail experience? Assuming you do, name the places you’ve worked and your job descriptions. If not, speak of any experience you have. 

What hours are you available? Tell them if you’re open and free to work whenever, or if you need a specific schedule due to prior commitments, such as school. 

Name a time you went above and beyond for a customer. Tell a story of helping a customer find what he/she needed, what you did, and the outcome/how the guest felt. 

How would you confront a shoplifter? Describe how you would approach the situation. It helps if this is something you’ve experienced so that you can give specific details. 

Where do you see yourself in three years? This is a trick question asked to see if you have goals set for yourself. Talk about moving up within a company and how you think this job will help. 

What can you bring to the Citi Trends team? Brag about your work ethic, what you would do to make the store better, and how great you are within a team.

The questions will vary per store, but these are typical ones you’ll encounter.

Interview Tips

Interviews with Citi Trends usually take thirty to forty minutes. It is a one on one interview with a hiring manager. It helps to have a referral from someone within the store, but that isn’t required. You should arrive to an interview with basic knowledge of the company and some retail experience.

Although stores carry casual clothing, that isn’t how candidates should dress for interviews. Wear business attire and be sure it is tidy. They won’t hire people that arrive in clothing that is too casual or those that arrive later than their appointment. Arrive early for the interview and always wear a smile.

Questions vary per store depending on the manager, but they typically revolve around experience, work ethic, and how you view customer service. Answer should be quick and to the point, and there is no need to over compensate them. Also, refrain from sounding robotic or rehearsed. Take the interview seriously, but remember to relax.

These top interview questions will vary per store, but they all will involve questions to pick the best customer service associate. Smile and remain confident.