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Book Off is the largest chain of used bookstores in Japan. It began in 1991, and since then, it has founded 866 stores in Japan and eight stores internationally. The bookstore sells manga, CDs, and DVD in addition to books. It is known for its large, clean, and bright storefronts.

The company is unique in that its large store space makes it easy to browse. Likewise, people are encouraged to stand in the aisles and read books. To makes its used books appear new, employees use a special machine to shave off the stained, yellow edges. Because the books appear new but are cheaper than new books, Book Off has been able to take over the business of competition.

Because of its innovative business practices, this company is one of the few Japanese companies that was able to prosper, grow, and find success during Japan’s recent period of economic stagnation. Part of this success is due to the expansion of the company’s business to products outside of books, such as second hand merchandise and videos, which are sold in Hard Off stores.

Although it is famous only in Japan, it started operating stores outside the country in 2008. Currently, the company has a few stores in the United States, two in Seoul, three in Paris, and one in Vancouver. These stores are operated in similar, large, open spaces as the stores in Japan.

Book Off Careers

Book Off careers means working as a team to contribute to society by providing opportunities for the material and intellectual growth of all customers and employees. To become a part of this dynamic team, complete a Book Off application for any number of employment positions in locations near you. Apply for jobs at Book Off as a Team Member or Management.

The store is open every day from 10:00am to 8:00pm in all of its locations around the world. Those working during these shifts include Sales Associates, Stock Room Associates, Cashiers, Assistant Managers, and Store Managers. On the corporate level, the headquarters in Japan houses the Board of Directors, as well as other top management positions.

How old do you have to be to work at Book Off? To get Book Off jobs, you need to be 18 years old. The entry-level jobs include working to stock the shelves, upkeep all the second-hand items, and work with customers. Those who are offered Book Off jobs have excellent sales skills, a friendly personality, and knowledge of electronics, media, and popular literature.

There are many benefits of working for this company. Book Off offers generous pay, opportunities to move up into management, paid training, and discounted merchandise. Those who work full-time can be eligible for a 401(k) retirement plan, paid time off, and health insurance. The exact benefits depend on your position, location, and time with the company.

Book Off Job Descriptions

Sales Associate – This entry-level position can jumpstart Book Off careers by giving you hands-on customer service experience. Typically, Sales Associates, greet customers, shelve merchandise, organize shipments, and keep the store clean. To complete this job well, employees must offer friendly, good service in all situations. Salary can be up to $10-$11 an hour.

Stock Room Member – This is an entry-level position that is essential to operations. Responsibilities are focused on processing all received merchandise and ensure that it is of high enough quality to sell. Those in this position catalogue all incoming merchandise, clean it up, and get it ready for sale. Pay is about $10 an hour.

Assistant Store Manager – Assistant Store Managers work at all local Book Off stores, helping to hire all new employees, train staff, and create work schedules. They may manage payroll, and track sales. They need to ensure customer satisfaction and do so by maintaining a store team that works together and helps each other. They can earn about $11-$12 an hour and can move up to Retail Managers and other jobs.

Retail Manager – This is the highest-level career at Book Off, and as such, it requires hard working, honesty, and ambition people. To get management jobs, you must have a high school diploma or GED equivalent and relevant experience. You oversee all other employees and keep the store in working order by tracking sales, managing payroll, helping to layout the store, and working with customers. Salary is around $35,000 annually.

Book Off Interview Questions

To help you have a successful Book Off application, here are potential interview questions and how to think about answering them.

What makes you an ideal candidate to work here? In an answer to this question, make sure to highlight your personality traits and work experiences that make you unique. Take this time to expand on what you wrote in your application form. D research on the job description and then refer directly to those duties in your answer.

What would you do to calm an angry customer? This is a common problem in sales, and the way you deal with customers is important in this industry. In your answer to questions of this nature, put the customer and his needs first. You need to come off as friendly and helpful, while also making sure you stay within Book Off policies.

What do you like to read? Because this is a bookstore, it is important that you have knowledge of the merchandise and show this knowledge in the interview. Looking at the online store before the interview can give you a sense of what Book Off sells and help you answer.

How much can you lift? Working here can present a physical challenge as you may be asked to lift boxes. Be honest about your strength and abilities. If you aren’t comfortable doing a lot of heavy lifting, the Store Manager may be able to find you work that caters to your skills.

Where have you worked before? Although you may have mentioned this in your online application, the interviewer wants to hear about your work experience and careers in your own words. It is also possible that the interviewer is not the person who read your free application, and therefore, he needs know who you are.

Advice for Application Process

Book Off job application online allows you to apply online or download an application form. There are many job opportunities available, so you can find many applications. After you fill out the direct application, it may take up to a week for you to hear back. Don’t worry as you wait—This is normal.

How to apply for Book Off online is a simple process that mimics that of most other positions. You can use a link to access the application. Fill it out with care and keep a printable application form for your personal records. Then, if you seem like a promising candidate, you will be contacted for an interview. After the interview, the Manager will deliberate and potentially contact you for hire.

To impress your interviewer, come prepared. Wear casual dressy clothing. Show up early with the printable application for Book Off and a resume in hand. When speaking, highlight your experiences, skills, and knowledge without seeming like your boasting. Maintain eye contact and ask the interviewer questions. At the end of the interview, thank the interviewer for his time.

Once you are hired, it is important to attend all training with seriousness and attention. First impressions are important. Show up early, well dressed, and ready to go. Interact with all other employees and customers with kindness and respect. This will help create a positive work experience and could put you in a good position for future promotions.
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