How to Apply for Jobs at PetSmart


PetSmart holds on as a lucrative employer in the pet industry. As one of the biggest pet supplies retailers in the U.S., the organization continually contracts for both entry level & professional jobs.

Making Petsmart Your Choice

You are young and energetic; you plan to step-up your career and join the Petsmart’s team. Congratulations for making this bold decision. That is your very first step towards making your biggest career leap. Here, we delve on the steps you will need to take to make your dream come true.

Understand the processes

There is always a disparity in the mode of application in different companies. For example, Petsmart has a high hiring standard that is required and practiced for the benefit of all associates, customers, and pets inside the store. Hence, before you decide to apply it’s crucial to understand the processes they require you to follow before they hire you.

Search store location

After understanding the processes, it’s time to consider your preferred working location. Where would you be comfortable working? It’s recommended that you find a store that is closest to your home. Where you would be convenient working even late at night. However, Petsmart retail outlets are the most accessible places for potential jobs within the industry.

Identify your preferred job

Visit PetSmart’s website and check for new openings that suit your location. Check their job requirements and see whether you fit well to what they are looking for. Some of the positions in the company include – ┬áPetStylist, Early Morning Stocker, Stocker Associate, Maintenance Associate among others. After you are sure of the job you are targeting, you may progress to the application stage.

Online application form

You have successfully identified your preferred job, next you will be required to fill the application form. Ensure you fill the form with correct details.

Follow up on application status

The hiring procedure may take a few weeks at times; applicants should always check on the application status through telephone calls and store visits . This will create an image of commitment and enthusiasm for getting the job. Supervisors may likewise react to messages about application status through emails.

Interview process
After the above process, you may be required to wait as they process your application. If you are successful, they will invite you for an interview in their offices. Job seekers should wear business-casual attire to interviews and store visits. You may need to do a background study of Petsmart and also keep character references available upon request.

Receive employee offer

After the interview process, there goes your job offer. Congratulations, you have successfully joined Petsmart. On receiving your job offer, you will be given a list of your job description detailing all the information you need to know about your Petsmart’s job.

Orientation and training

This should be the last stage before you hit the road running. I order to maintain high standards at Petsmart; you will go through detailed training and orientation programs that will help you have a feel of the working environment. This is the best part where you finally find your feet and hit the ground as you walk towards your first assignment.