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Urban Outfitters ApplicationUrban Outfitters, Inc. was founded in 1970 by Richard Hayne and Scott Belair under the name Free People.  Within five years they changed the name to Urban Outfitters and it   currently has stores worldwide.  It is 9 countries beside the U.S., and in 182 cities within 40 states in America.

They have over 200 stores, carrying casual clothes, accessories, housewares, and bridal brands.  Their clothing is and ways was designed for the interests of the Hipsters of today.  Hipsters are people who are 18-30 years old, creative, intelligent, with counter culture interests.  Many liked the clothing at because it speaks to their counter culture side.

Urban Outfitters Careers

How old do you have to be to work at Urban Outfitters?  The answer is that those applying for a position must be at least 18 years old.  It is important that all potential associates be flexible, helpful, and pleasant with customers.  They also need to get along with their fellow associates because tension is not conducive to a good working experience.

In this company they usually give a person more than one interview.  It’s important to dress for the part by wearing the cloths they sell to the public.   Please note that after they are finished with their interview it is at that point that you would be able to ask the Human Resource person questions. Below is a mini-list of the hourly rates and salaries in these Urban Outfitters jobs.  These are examples only.  Please note that these will vary across the county and in your local area.

Entry Level – Sales Associates are typically paid minimum wage to start with.

Team Leaders could be paid $9.69 an hour.

Management – Store Manager could be paid a salary of $33,050 on a yearly basis.

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Working here brings superb benefits that are part of Urban Outfitters careers. These are the benefits that most people want to have and feel are important to them.  They offer medical, dental, and vision plans.  Associates are offered other benefits as well, these include: Accidental Death, 401-K plans, paid holidays, vacation, and personal days off.  These are important to many people as well.

Urban Outfitters Job Descriptions

There are various job opportunities that you can choose from when you are beginning your career.  You should look them over closely to see which one most likely will fit your skill level from the list below.   A sales associate would be an example of an entry level job because that career does not require a lot of experience.  The examples for the management level positions would be considered a Department Head person, and Store Manager.  These would require some college and more experience to do them.  What is listed below is only some of what you can find on the Urban Outfitters jobs online.

Part-time and Full-time sales associate

Display artist, Team leader, Receiver, Store merchandiser, Team leader, Assistant manager, Department head, Administrative assistant, Store manager, Customer care specialist, Account executive, Financial analyst, Buyer, Internet marketing specialist, Visual intern

The Sales Associate job description is to interact with the customers in a positive way, and to treat them respectfully no matter how they treat you. They are to help customers make selections, restock merchandise, and be familiar with product sold in the store.  Help keep the store clean and restocking merchandise. The need for a sales associate to be familiar with all products in the store is very important.  It’s their job to convince a customer to purchase product in the store but not be pushy about it.  The ability to bend over and reach above their heard repeatedly cannot be over emphasized.   They need to assist in the training and development of peers, process new orders and complete transactions.

The Team Leaders responsibilities are to work alongside the department managers, and to help them in the daily operations.  They need to comp with inventory control measures, and process new shipment orders.  Team Leaders assist customers, uphold visual standards and maintain a clean store environment, principally because customers like a clean store.   These leaders assist in hiring and training new associates, provide strong leadership, and assist other team members to grow professionally.

The Department Supervisor responsibilities are to take accountability for all of the store’s sales, service and loss prevention.  The Supervisor needs to be competent in helping to increase sales.  They need to also find ways that encourages creativity and inspiration for the employees and for the customers.

Urban Outfitters Interview

They will contact you and give you a time and place where they want to meet you for the interview.  In this company they usually give a person more than one interview.  Please note that after they are finished with their interview they will ask if you have any questions, at this point you will be able to ask the Human Resource person those questions.

Here’s a good tip for those who want to create a resume. Put down on paper all the retail jobs you have ever worked.  The dates you worked there, the hours, money, who you worked for, and everything else you can think of.  There are websites that can teach you how to create your own resume.

Always keep a copy of all the places where you have worked, whether it’s a retail job or not.  In this way, you can go back and refer to it for information in the future.  If you want to change to a different kind of career, and want your resume to reflect that change, this will give you the information on hand to help you in the process.

It would not hurt to pick out more than one of the job opportunities that are listed there, and send in several applications for any of those jobs that you are qualified for.  When you have answered all the questions, then you have finished filling out the Urban Outfitters job application online forms.

Advice on Application Process

Are you looking for employment in a hip retail industry and you can’t find a printable application form?  This information will show you how to apply for Urban Outfitters online for their free application.  You can have direct application when you apply online.

When you do apply for jobs at Urban Outfitters it will let you know what jobs are open and what location they are hiring in.  They do not have a direct website that leads to a Urban Outfitters application free form, nor is there a printable application for Urban Outfitters.  Like many companies, there’s no easy download application form for you to fill out.

I have given you a web site that will lead to the place where you can fill out your online application.   Go to the “www.urbanoutfitters.com/urban/common/careers” link below.  Surprisingly enough, the main website does not have the word “careers” in it to lead you to filling out their application form and to find the Urban Outfitters jobs that you would be looking for.

Look at the bottom of the page and on the right you will see “see current job openings”.

You are to click onto that and the next page will show the words “Career Opportunities”.

Don’t fill anything in yet, just look to the bottom click onto the blue tab that reads “view jobs.”

There will be several pages of Urban Outfitters careers that you can go through.  After looking through the jobs, you probably will find a career that you are interested in. Just click onto the name of the positon you want and the next page shows you the name of the position, the location, and the job number.

On the right is a blue button that says “apply,” and after you do that you will come to a page where they want you to sign, that is if you happen to have an account.  If you don’t have an account then it’s easy to create an account with them.  The company will want you to put in your email, password, your first name, and your last name.  Follow directions from that point on and you will find that you are filling out the Urban Outfitters application form.

During the application process there will be a spot where you can upload your resume.  Some people don’t have resumes, if you don’t have one then don’t worry about it.  Those in managements and other career oriented personal will normally have a resume.

Abercrombie and Fitch Co.   It has 1,128 stores worldwide.  It has 353 locations in America and in 3 countries overseas- specifically London, Canada, and Milan.

The Gap Inc. has 3,072 stores worldwide with 2,551 of them in America.  They also carry maternity clothing for young women but not bridal brands.  From what I have read, The Gap Inc. and Abercrombie and Fitch Co. are following on the heels of Urban Outfitters when it comes to hip clothing.

I looked at the cloths at Abercrombie and Fitch and the kids clothing is not as trendy as Urban Outfitters.  Abercrombie and Fitch has 1128 store, 3 in Canada, 1 London, 1 Milan

Urban Outfitters founders were counter culture people so it stands to reason that the clothing they offered for kids would also be counter culture.  The hipsters heavily influenced the retail industry.  Remember when what you first found faded jeans in many stores across the country?  Even though Urban Outfitters has added non-hip items, for example their wedding attire, they are still on the forefront of “hip.”
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