Taco Bell Application & Careers

Taco Bell ApplicationFounded and established by hot dog stand owner Glen Bell in 1962. Now, a very famous fast-food restaurants chain in America. Having the largest customer base of 2 billion, it has 6500 restaurants which are mostly owned by franchises.

The normal operating hours may vary according to restaurant type and day of week. Even if the restaurant is 24 hours running, you may have to work in shifts. Minimum hours per week is 40 and everything else depends with regard to shifts.

To help you more, here are some common facts about this astounding delicious fast-food company. These might come handy when you receive an interview call from them.

It’s an american franchise of Mexican-grilled fast-food restaurant.

It was founded  by Glen Bell in 1946. It has more than 6500 locations and is an employer of more than 175,000 employees.

Taco Bell was originally known as Taco Tia.

The famous diorites tacos helped the company to add 15000 employees.

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Taco Bell Careers

There are huge number of roles and positions available in this leading Mexican quick food service providers franchise for self-motivated, self-engaging, vibrant individuals to join their teams. TB is accepting applications from graduate level to experienced level.

Taco Bell pays best in market rates. It provides you a work-life balance with excellent pay.

Being an employee , You get 50% off meals. The company is very flexible in terms of working shifts. Co-workers are great and supportive and it’s a fun-packed environment.

Taco Bell Job Descriptions

There are open positions at restaurant and corporate level.

Please browse through company’s restaurant jobs page for detailed qualifications required for below roles. Also, visit through corporate level jobs for detailed job requirements.

Restaurant Positions:

  • Assistant Manager
  • Restaurant General Manager
  • Shift Lead
  • Team Member
  • Team Member – Graduate for Mas

Corporate Entries:

  • Employee Relations Legal Assistant
  • Administrative Assistant – Quality Assurance
  • Taste Panel Specialist
  • Franchise Consultant
  • Franchise Development Analyst
  • Franchise Operations Consultant
  • Human Resource Business Partner
  • POS Menu Management Lead

Anyone can apply by completing the application on their website. You have to create a user account for applying to TB jobs. After creating your profile, you can apply to as many jobs as want. Please read the job specs carefully before applying and ensure that your job skills match to the requirements mentioned.

Taco Bell Interview Questions

  • Tell me about yourself. Can you work under pressure?
  • What is that one thing which interests you in this role?
  • Which is your favorite Mexican food restaurant?
  • What are your positive and negative qualities?
  • Why have you applied for this position? Justify yourself that you are a best match for this position.
  • What motivates you in your day-to-day work?
  • Give an example where you handled a crisis situation.
  • How do you keep up your knowledge skills related to your work?
  • Tell us three reasons why should Taco Bell hire you?
  • What certifications do you have?
  • What are your short-term and long-term goals?
  • How good are you in working with teams?
  • What do you know about Mexican food?
  • Are you flexible in work hours?
  • Can you work in fast-paced environment?
  • How do you treat an angry customer?
  • How did you hear about us? What does attract you the most about working with Taco Bell?

Advice For Application Process

Taco Bell is one of the leading restaurant joints in Mexican-specialized food items. Someday, if you want to open an eating place of your own, It is the best place to learn, work and be successful.

To be part of this Mexican cuisine was never so easy. You are just-a-click away from a challenging job with excellent employee benefits and which pays competitive market salaries. Please visit the official website to find out more about current roles and opportunities.

Prefer applying online rather to paper application. Companies prefer online application in this technology era.

For putting application for several available roles, a candidate should be of minimum 16 years old and above.

The complete hiring process generally takes up to one week for restaurant level jobs. All resumes received by online applications are scrutinized by the recruitment consultants and qualified  applicants are taken to the next rounds.

For restaurant level jobs, applicants are called-in for a face-to-face interview. The interview generally lasts for 15-30 minutes. Applicants are asked about general questions related to behavior and food industry.

For corporate/management level jobs, it may take multiple interviews. Process starts with simple telephonic interview which is the first level screening. If you seem confident over phone, you are called-n for in-house interviews. Multiple people might conduct one-to-one interviews in various rounds. With your technical and inter-personal skills, you are judged for your self-motivation and self-challenging attitude as well.

For technical roles, resumes are shortlisted based upon qualifications and experience levels and successful candidates have to pass through multiple interviews which give hiring persons the chance to evaluate best talent. Interviewee may be given a technical assignment/test which they have to complete before they are called for office interviews.

Here are few simple tips that can help you keep up in race to achieve your desired job.

Like we know, First impression is the last impression. Your first impression to the company is your application. To be ahead in this technology era, apply online to be considered fast and soon. Fill your online application correctly and make sure all your details are correct before hitting the ‘Submit’ button. A wrongly filled application may land you among unsuccessful candidates.

Ensure your form is complete and correct information is filled in. Read the job specs fully and understand whether it matches to your skill set or not. Applying for a wrongly matched job will cost your precious time which you may utilize in finding a right job for you.

Make sure that you have attached your resume and cover letter with the application. Proofread your resume before submitting. Ensure that it is in a particular format (You can find resume formats online) and includes all the relevant information about you i.e. your education , work history , accolades. Resume should not be overly long and detailed. It should contain all the information required in precise amount. The best resumes are of only one page.

Nowadays , lot of people apply for same role and it piles up to the huge number of resumes. Sometimes, hiring managers or recruitment consultants read only the cover letter to get the overall picture of person’s education, qualifications and skill set. There should not be any grammatical mistakes in your cover letter and it should portray your key skills and future goals. Your cover letter helps you in first screening.

Professional attitude is very required skill for corporate jobs. Be professional. That shows your sincerity and dedication for your work. Answer HR calls properly and politely. Reach on time for interviews. Please inform the hiring personnel if you are getting late by chance. In all circumstances avoid this situation.

Receive the call for telephonic interview at correct time. Be at a quiet place so that there is no noise disturbance and you can listen to questions correctly. Seem confident over telephonic interviews and answer every question to best in your knowledge.

Do your homework about the company and the role beforehand. Read about generally asked questions and prepare your answers. That way you will have some answers prepared and it will change the game for you. Presence of mind and a positive attitude is very much required. Remember, your confidence is being gauged all the time in your interview process.

Dress professionally. Be polite in your interviews but at the same time be confident for your answers. Demonstrate interest in the company. Ask right questions about the company to the interviewer. Be sensitive. Listen to the interviewer as well. Don’t fake your skills. Be honest about what you know and what you don’t. All this will give you a leap with other applicants.

After the interview, please follow up with the hiring manager or contact person. Don’t hesitate to give them a call or email them your questions. If you don’t get successful, ask for feedback. The feedback will help you preparing for future applicants. Don’t get de-motivated if you don’e get success in your first interview.

Despite an alluring offer and company benefits , ask yourself few questions. Is this the place you want to be at? Where do you see yourself in this company in next 2 years? Is this the kind of work you want to be? Does the job challenge you enough?

If you are able to answer all these questions to yourself , it should be a correct job for you.


Taco Bell  guarantees to provide you a vibrating, fun-enriched, jubilant and competitive work culture. By working here, your profile and skills grow in multi-dimensional ways. There are other restaurant chains who promise to give you similar work satisfaction. Baja Fresh is another Mexican-grilled fast-food chain. They are at 256 locations. This pioneer in fresh-Mex dining segment provides brilliant opportunities for entry level roles. A typical day at Baja Fresh will be energy packed. Consider applying at Chipotle for similar experiences and energizing professional growth.
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