Six Flags Application & Careers

Six Flags ApplicationSix Flags is among the top names in the amusement park industry.  It was started in 1961   by Angus Wynne.  It is current headquarters are in New York.  It is within 16 major cities and has 21 theme parks and that includes the U.S, Mexico, and Canada.

They introduced steel rollercoasters, log flumes and white water slides to the theme park world.  In the amusement park industry prefers use the word “guest” when customers come through their gates.  This company has over 26 million guests a year and employs over 39,000 people.

Six Flags Careers

How old do you have to be to work at Six Flags?  The answer is that those applying for positions must be at least 18 years old, and should be qualified for the job description that they are applying for.  It is important that potential team members would be oriented toward the guests. Being oriented toward the guest encompasses working to help them, to solve any problems they may have, and to please them.  In this way their guests always come first and they will want to return to the park again and again.  The potential employees also need to get along with their other fellow associates.

Most of the jobs in this industry will be given hands-on-training because a lot of it isn’t something that you learn in school or in college.  Other potential employees will come into Six Flags careers with some experience because they have worked in other theme parks before.  In whatever way you come here to work, they want all employees to be high energy people and outgoing towards the guests who come to the park.

Below is a mini-list of the hourly rates and salaries in these Six Flags jobs.  These are examples only.  Please note that these wage prices will vary across the county as well as in your local area.

Entry Level – Food Service people could earn $7.52 an hour.

Food Service Hostess could earn $7.65 an hour

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Management – Loss Prevention Manager could earn a salary of $51,000 a year

Medical and dental is available to employees.  The full time people have more options to them.  They can apply for medical, dental, vision, term life, vacation time, and 401k plan.  This seems to be a standard that is found in the theme park industry. Many people view having medical, dental, and vision insurance, as something that is very desirable for them to have in their work place.  Term life and vacation time are also good things to offer employees.  There are many potential employees that are looking for those types of benefits.

Six Flags Job Descriptions

There are many job opportunities that you can choose from when beginning your career at Six Flags.  You should look over these positions to see which one of the Six Flags jobs will most likely match your skills.  Food Service would be an example of an entry level job.  The example of a management level job is a Loss Prevention Manager.  What is listed below is only some of the positions that you can find with the Six Flags jobs online website.

Team Member, Entertainer/Performer, Tech Crew Member, Support Staff, Justice League of America/Looney Tunes Character Associate, Life Guard, Food Service Team Member, Games/Arcade Team Member, Ride Operator, Guest Relations/Administrations parking Team Member, Planting Crew Member, Mowing Squad Member, Greenhouse Team Member, Park Services Team Member, X-Treme Attractions Team Member, Loss Prevention & Security officer, Retail and Rental Team Member, Safari/Education Department Team Member

The Food Service position and the Food Service Hostess job description are the same.  They are to keep the dinning and food preparation areas clean, serve quality food products to the customer.  These employees need to multitaskers.  The following a partial list of what they need to do.

Greet customers, take orders, and to serve food quickly and accurately to them.  Receive money, give them accurate change, and complete the cashier’s paper work at the end of the day. They also need to fill the condiment dispensers and operate the soda machines.  The Stand Manager is the supervisor that they report to.

The Loss Prevention Managers job has a long list of requirements.  I am providing a short list of information for you.  You can find more information on the link below.  They are to prevent internal and external losses as well as providing 100% compliance with corporates Loss Prevention procedures.

The manager is to investigate and enforce violations of company policy.  It is important that the staff is properly trained and certified according to company procedures.  The Loss Manager needs to be able walk and stand for long periods of time in the heat and in the cold.

It is necessary to manage more than one project and to meet all required deadlines.   They should have experience working on the computer and proficient in Word and Excel. The necessity of being a detail oriented person cannot be stated strongly enough. The basic background requirement for a Loss Prevention Manager is to have a high school diploma with a minimum of 2-3years supervisor experience.  They need to pass a background check, and have a valid driver’s license.

Six Flags Interview

Don’t worry about needing a resume, I would think this would only be required if you happen to have past experience in the amusement part industry.  Like many companies, they will contact you for a fact-to-face interview.  The majority of the questions they will ask you has to relate to how you react to and respond to the customers and situations that relate to those customers.

Advice For Application Process

Are you looking for employment in the amusement part industry and you can’t find a printable application form?  This information will show you how to apply for Six Flags online for their free application.  You can have direct application when you apply online.

When you do apply for jobs at Six Flags it will let you know what jobs are open and what location they are hiring in.  They do not have a direct website that leads to at Six Flags application free form, nor is there a printable application for Six Flags.  Like many companies, there’s no easy download application form for you to fill out.

You need to go onto the website below and you can start filling out your online application from there. You won’t find an online application their official website, at least not easily.  It gives you a list of careers to choose from, click onto the one brings you and next page comes with job description and responsibilities for you to read. After reading it, click onto the “choose location” tab and it will move you onto the next page.  Registering with them is all a part of the Six Flags application process, and during this process they will ask for your first and last name and your email address.  You will also need to give them a user name, password, and a password hint that you can remember in future.

Follow the instructions from this point on to complete your application form.  It would not hurt to choose more than one of the Six Flags jobs and send in several applications for those that you are qualified for.  There are plenty of Six Flags careers and job opportunities to choose from.  When you have answered all the questions, then you have finished the Six Flags job application online form.

Cedar Fair, L.P. and Six Flags are two of the largest chains in America.  Cedar Fair owns 11 amusement parks within the U.S., plus one in Canada.  There are 4 parks in California and one park in each of these states:  Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, North Carolina, Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.  Cedar Fair is currently located in 8 states

Walt Disney Parks & Resorts has 11 places worldwide with only 2 parks in America; one is in California and one in Florida.  In comparison the Florida park, which is in Lake Buena Vista is much larger because it covers 25,000 acers and the California one covers 510 acers.  In California there are 2 theme parts, The Disneyland Park and Disney’s California Adventure.

Walt Disney Parks & Resorts is in 2 states and is in many overseas countries.  They have their own resorts for those guests who wish to stay overnight.

Six Flags has 19 theme parks and that would include Massachusetts which is called Six Flags New England.  Add to that their locations in Canada and a park in Mexico which makes a total of 21 theme parks.  The Massachusetts park is located in Agawam, while all the other locations are in, New York, New Jersey, Texas, California, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, and Missouri.

This company operated out of a total of 11 states which in its self covers a lot of area and not to mention having one  park in Canada and one in Mexico.  The company does not offer a resort like Disney, but it readily gives out information about the hotels so their guest can stay there if they want to and I am sure that their guests appreciate that.
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