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The amusement park industry is an every popular industry that is well known by everyone. Amusement parks are a great place for families, but can also be an excellent place for pretty much every one of all ages to go to. Teenagers and toddlers and adults alike can find fun at the local amusement park, which is what makes it so profitable.

It is also generally a fun place to work. You get to meet people from all over, and help them have a great and memorable time. That could make it a very rewarding career for someone who enjoys helping people and making sure that they have the best time.

Amusement parks are a staple today, and they are constantly growing into larger and more extreme areas to get thrills. While the costs are high for admission, people are still willing to splurge for a day with the family or a night out with their friends to enter these facilities. There seems to be a constant flow of people who spend as much time as possible here.

There is a wide assortment of careers at amusement parks. Pretty much anyone can get a job at these places, no matter what their education level is or the skill set they have. There are jobs for adults and teenagers wanting to make some money for the summer.

Job Opportunities

Here are just a few job opportunities that you can look into if you are interested in joining this fast-paced and fun industry:

Front Office and Ticketing: These are the ones that collect the money or check the guests’ passes so they can gain entrance into the area. They will be the first people to encounter guests and the first impression of this facility. Excellent customer service skills are a must for this position. Pay usually starts out at minimum wage, about $7-$9 per hour.

Ride Operators: They are responsible for running the rides. Guest safety and the cleanliness of the area are musts in this position. They are also in charge of maintaining the crowd control and have excellent customer service skills for dealing with guests who are unhappy the wait was so long for the ride.  In this position, training is required to run the ride as safely as possible.  The average hourly salary for this is about $7-$9.

Grounds Crew and Janitorial Staff: The ones in this position are in charge of keeping the area looking clean and well-groomed. The grounds crew is important in maintaining the landscaping aspect around the park while the janitorial staff is responsible for cleaning debris and maintaining the food sites and bathroom. These are very important because the quality of the facility plays a huge part in visitor’s willingness to return. The hourly pay for this type of job can be around $10-$18.

Security: When it comes to a place where you bring your family, you want to be sure it is as safe as possible. Security is there to make sure weapons or other contraband is not allowed in the gate, as well as helping keep guests safe during their stay. They are also there in case your children get separated from you. This kind of position will generally pay more, due to the nature of the job. You can expect an hourly salary of about $9-$13.

Food Service: It’s inevitable while all these visitors are at an amusement park all day that they will need to eat and drink. There are many food stations scattered about these places. In this job, you can be expected to prepare and cook the menu items as well as be the cashiers to cash people out. You will also be responsible for serving beverages, and carding individuals who buy alcoholic products. The hourly pay for this type of position is usually minimum wage, about $7-$9 per hour.

Job Outlook

As these sorts of facilities are constantly expanding, there is a need for employees. Depending on the area, most of the time these places are only open seasonally which is great for people in school to earn money when school is out. An amusement center in an area of Florida, for instance, employs over 12,000 people in just the attendant category of careers. Similarly high numbers are found throughout their other positions. Overall, this industry is responsible for about 175,000 across the country.

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