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Meijer ApplicationMeijer is considered one of the first “supermarkets”. It has everything that a customer may need including a grocery store and department store divisions. In addition, it has more than 200 locations in the United States in the Midwest area.

They are always looking for competent workers to fill several customer service positions. They have several entry-level positions such as customer sales and cashiers. As a company-owned chain, there are high expectations in each of the locations. Entry-level applicants need to demonstrate a willingness to work with the public and take initiative. It is an asset to have previous experience in retail or grocery.

The store has over 60 000 people, and they were recently listed as one of the top 75 most reputable companies in the States by Forbes Magazine. If you would like to join a dynamic retailer with a stellar reputation, feel free to complete a Meijer job application online today.

They are also rich in history and culture. The focus is on the customers, and they are passionate in meeting their needs and exceeding their expectations. They are also known for being competitive and they are always looking for improvements to succeed in the marketplace.  Family is important for the business, and they believe in values such as dignity and respect.  Their success is bringing communities together.

It has been 50 years since the first supercenter opened its doors in Grand Rapids with the name “Thrifty Acres”.  They had a groundbreaking idea that would become a retail sensation on June 6, 1962.

Don’t be afraid to bring something new to the table, they believe in fresh ideas and selling fresh products and ways of thinking to better serve the customers. You will work in a safe and healthy work environment for our team members. In addition, the products and services will reflect this. It is possible to browse for local Meijer jobs on the website, and apply for any of the positions by completing a Meijer application today.

Meijer Careers

The hiring process usually includes interviews using brief, one-on-one formats. Entry-level job seekers and professionals will sit with the hiring representatives in person and answering questions.  The questions usually regard the position desired and your personality traits. The day-shift workers experience one or two job interviews, while night-shift team member hopefuls with managers can go through three or four hiring sessions.

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Many questions during the interviews refer to the information given on the official free application forms. You will talk about your availability, earliest start date, your decision on which department to work for, as well as any feedback or concerns that you might have about working at Meijer. The duration of the job interview will range from 15-20 minutes, or it can last for up to an hour. This is especially for executive positions. The applicants often wait a few days before hearing back from the department store to schedule job interviews. They also ask applicants to look professional and enthusiastic about working for them. Log on to the website today to find out how to apply for Meijer online.

How old do you have to be to work at Meijer? You have to be at least 16 years old to work with the business.

Meijer Job Descriptions

Meijer job opportunities include traditional types of entry-level positions that are available with Meijer. Each of the locations hire a lot of associates to fill various departments throughout the floor as well as cashiers. It has either part-time or full-time hours, and after flexible scheduling. Feel free to apply online using an application form and apply for jobs at Meijer for the following positions.

Some available positions are cashier, grocery stocking clerk, bagger, merchandise associate, and food clerk. Some other Meijer jobs are receiving clerk, greeter, systems clerk, meat clerk, stocking team member, specialty clerk, and general merchandise clerk. If you are looking for some career-oriented positions, you can find work as a seafood clerk, service desk clerk, or a human resources field team member.

Furthermore, some available jobs are a pharmacy technician, pharmacist, deli specialty clerk, produce foods, clerk, department supervisor, assistant manager, store manager and warehouse clerk. They also have rewarding positions as a distribution services technician, production team member, systems clerk, pricing clerk, fashions clerk, administrative assistant, grocery area team leader, merchandise planner and inventory control analyst.

There is more information on the job descriptions available online. There is also a printable application form for the positions you qualify for.

Cashier– cashier positions involve ringing out customer purchases and using a cash register. It is important to have a positive attitude and communicating with people as well as accurately ringing in purchases with a steady pace. In addition, you will have to maintain the cash drawer and make sure it is accurate. You can read more about the job description on the website today.

Clerk– Clerks have responsibilities at the grocery retail chain. You will work in several departments such as the bakery, grocery, deli, and produce. Most of the jobs overlap depending on what the service is. You will have general responsibilities including providing knowledge about the products, and being efficient and being friendly. You will also have to maintain a clean work environment and administer safety and hygienic measures.

Management – Management positions can be split into team leaders, such as department managers, assistant store manager, and store manager. Team leaders will supervise each department by overlooking each division within the company. Assistant managers will take on the role of store manager while he or she is absent, while overlooking roles in each department. Store managers provide direction and guidance for our retail chain, while ensuring customer satisfaction, meeting profit and sales expectations, as well as maintain work hours.

Use a printable application for Meijer to start applying for one of these positions today using the careers link.

Average wages/salaries & Benefits

Meijer careers will provide employees with fast-paced, team-oriented and enjoyable work environments. You will enjoy employee discounts, paid training and uniform assistance. Other job benefits include access to medical, dental and vision coverage as well as disability protection, paid time off, holiday pay, and vacation time for the full-time associates or other workers based on tenure. It is possible to be eligible for retirement job benefits such as 401 (k) plans with company contributions. Cashier jobs will usually pay the minimum wage at $8.00 an hour. Clerks can earn between $9.00 and $10.00 per hour, but team leaders and assistant managers earn between $35,000 and $45,000 in annual salary, while store managers may make up to $80,000 a year, depending on tenure, store area, and sales expectations.

Advice For Application Process

Each location will review the applications with various times, after you apply for Meijer jobs online. The hiring managers typically respond to applications within two weeks. If you don’t receive a response within two weeks, you can contact them by phone or in person to show sincerity in the position you are applying for. Additionally, having an open schedule, and following up in an appropriate manner should improve your chances in getting an interview. There is a career portal on the company website, which enables you to submit a direct application. You can access the Meijer jobs, and you can choose an application to apply for, look at the nearest locations, and complete a hiring form. Not all locations appear online, and in some cases you will have to apply in person. If you visit your local grocery retail chain will give you the opportunity to speak with a hiring manager personally about your resume, which will increase your chances of employment with us. You can fill out a Meijer application today to potentially get an interview.

Facts about the company:The company just recently field-tested a new checkout system, called the “Next Generation Checkout” which will provide customers with an even faster way to finish their shopping. You can place purchases on a conveyer belt system, which has seventeen cameras to scan barcodes and sends the scanned merchandise to one of the three collection areas. The customers will have a cashier to help you with any questions, and all methods of payment are accepted.

Later this year, they will be carrying an assortment of products and services on the website consistent with what the store looks like now. The new digital features will make shopping convenient both online and in store. You can still find most products online and purchase gift cards, mall gift cards, and online photo services. There will be features such as mPerks, weekly ads and emails that are still available.

Why people like working here

The franchise is focused on hiring and developing people who want to do their best, and not settle for mediocrity. They consider ourselves to be entrepreneurs, which has evolved them into the super store that they are today.  The retail chain is always wanting to exceed their best, and build up from the success that they have earned.  It will offer you an opportunity for personal and professional growth through training and development, hands on experience through mentoring potential leaders. They can set you up for success while bringing quality to customers by maintaining by a positive environment.

Download an application form today to get started.

Hours of Operation: They are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week


If you are someone who is outgoing and you like to be part of a team, the jobs are for people who are efficient and helpful. Fill out an online application today if you would like a career in a department store today. They have several job opportunities for you to apply online for, but if you wanted to look at careers with other local department stores in the industry, it is recommended to look into other retail stores such as Michaels or Neiman Marcus.
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