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Forever 21 ApplicationFor 30 years, the industry has been a family owned business. The loved company has served trend-savvy shoppers from around the world with the most current, on-trend apparel in an exciting shopping environment.

Partnerships such as Disney, Channel, Inman, and Cassie helped this company what it is today. So if you have an outgoing personality, friendly experience, and enjoy a fast-paced environment, Forever 21 application for a career is a great place to learn responsibilities, and to work on your socializing skills.

Forever 21 Careers

After giving your Forever 21 application, and gaining your interview, the employer will ask about your qualifications. Hiring requirements that would be most favorable to hear are that you like working in a team culture, enjoy a fast-paced environment, challenge the fashion boundaries, and demonstrate passion on the customer’s behalf. Down below are the requirements for each of the jobs.

Sales Associates:Sales associates will want to have a creative flair and passion for fashion. Other requirements are to have a high school degree, and some college would not be required, but very useful to have. Being exposed, customer service is a must to have.

Head Cashiers:Head Cashiers need at least 6 months of experience, and an excellent ability to train and gain relationships. Having a high school diploma is a requirement you need, and would preferably, but not required, to have some college or be a college graduate.

Having a friendly, positive attitude when showing strong leadership skills twords your co-workers will motivate them to do the best in their job, and to show the customer’s courteous attitude when addressing to them or if they have any question’s about the store.

To be the ideal candidate for a head cashier’s job, you will need the to have the abilities to be punctual, be able to know what needs to be done first at work and what can wait till later, organize the work area, as well as work well under pressure from co-workers having issues, and needing help at times, to customer’s having questions. The head cashier will also want to have some multi-task skills, as well as listen and follow directions from the managers.

Stock Associates:Stock associates needs to be able to lift about 15lbs. or more, and the strong ability to work together in a team with your other co-workers or independently with good organizational skills. With one year of stock experience being required, the stock associate’s are responsible to follow the operational procedures so nothing get’s lost.

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Customer Service Representative:Customer’s service representative for quality assurance must have at least 2 years of experience in customer service, a general knowledge for computer’s and 92% accuracy with the ability to type 35 words a minuet. Having a high school degree, and an academic degree, trade school experience, or a certification would be preferred but not recommended to gain the job. Trade school experience would include customer service, communications, or business management.

Being a customer service representative means you will want to be able to work with a flexible schedule due to the times of peak seasons and special events that come around, and have the ability to listen well, and communicate to customer’s and all employment. Having strong oral and written communication, the customer service representative, in a nice, courteous, and calm voice, controls the complaints of the customer’s to a minimal with quick, educated decisions, to correct the conflict.

Supervisor In Retail Marketing:Supervisor’s need a Bachelor’s degree. Some subjects include communications, and business administration. Supervisors will want at least 3-4 years of retail marketing experience, also in event planning. With a proven track record, supervisory experience is preferable, but not required, and must show that you can work in a fast-paced environment.

Having a good vocal voice, and great writing, with Microsoft Office for detailed reporting, these skills will be used to communicate with both internal and external partnerships. One of which includes the executive manager.

Being well-informed, and attentive in the activity that happens in the store, as well as computer activity, and industry trends, the store manager must be willing to travel to different store locations in North America when requested.

Assistant Manager:Assistant managers will need at least 1-2 years fashion retail experience, with customer service as well. With the abilities to do basic math functions and computer work, and train/motivate the team members with a friendly, yet professional attitude.

With having strong leadership skills to have interpersonal relationships with the staff, and can be available at all times. Working under pressure with the staff or customers to be able to multi-task, and follow directions.

Managers:Managers are always right on time, and should have 2-5 years of experience. With abilities to multi-task, organize, and prioritize the workload. (choose which duties need to be done soon, and ones that can wait later).

Having a positive, happy, upbeat, and friendly attitude twords the staff when training them, will likely have the same effect back to you. This will make it easier for managers to have interpersonal relationships with the staff. Also, it would be easier to motivate them into doing the best in their work.

Age Restrictions/ Minimum employment Age:To work at any Forever 21 jobs, you need to be at least 16 years old and over.

Forever 21 Job Descriptions

Different careers or job opportunities has their own duties. Here are their job description.

Sales Associate’s:Sales associates greet customers, help on the sales floor, keep the shelves stocked, sometimes work at the cashier, and provide excellent customer service.

Other duties include informing specials and deals, have the store looking in excellent condition for people to come back, and to have a good reputation.

Head Cashier:Head cashiers oversee the cash wrap register, watch cashier employees process purchases, and see they know what their doing. Helping team management though well-trained cashiers, and customer service to create a profitable unique business.

Stock Associates:Stock associates move merchandise to the company’s standards, making sure it’s in top presentable condition. Maintaining the stock room, stock associates take good care of process and receiving new merchandise coming in delivery day, always supporting the management and sales team at all times when needed.

Customer Service Representative:Customer service representatives make quality reports periodically for key findings, performance issues, or other issues that need to be looked over, preparing them for management to review.  Watching, keep track, compiling, and monitoring data from performances from team/individual of each employee.

Other duties include monitor customer calls, preform real-time recording, evaluate, score incoming calls, outgoing follow-up calls, and chat messaging to follow company quality guidelines, as well as responding to social media responses, and e-mail’s.

Supervisor:Supervisors execute, implement, develop, and budget initiatives of in-store marketing for planned projects, and seasonal campaigns such as key events, promoting efforts, which include activities throughout the year. Gaining guidance from managers, supervisors use their knowledge for marketing plans, increasing the brands awareness to the public.

Other duties include overseeing foot traffic and sales, and overlook other retail businesses. This includes in-store activities, how they promote incentives, their social media and other involvements. This enhances efforts though different public channels, such as press releases and ads in television. Forming a friendly relationship with the co-workers encourage strong potential cross-promotional partnerships.

Assistant Manager:Assistant managers support the company’s vision though front line associates, and support the manager and co-managers. With a fun, unique way that challenges the employees, they will want to work their best to gain job opportunities and advance/be promoted. And in a way, when being an assistant store manager, they are considered a co-manager in training.

Manager:Managers maintain orderly systems, coordinate plans, and maintain customer service throughout the day for companies goals, policies, and procedure. With a friendly, upbeat attitude, always keep co-workers happy to do their best, making customers happy, wanting to come back and give happy reviews. Having abilities to prioritize the urgency of businesses, the manager will at times adjust direction and scheduling for employees when the business demands for more attention, especially around holidays.

Maintaining presentation from the latest fashion, the proper floor coverage of employment have the greatest possible amount of people, and follow on loss prevention procedures so that storage shrinkage be put to a minimum.

Average Wages/Salaries & Benefits:

Sales associates salary would just be above minimum wage, depending on any locations you are trying to apply online. Experienced employment can earn $14.00 an hour. Benefits are gaining raises and commissions when meeting sale goals.

With any Forever 21 jobs, you get benefits that comes with any jobs that you choose. Working can mean competitive pay and opportunities for learning. Discounts on merchandise, and paid training to employees who take advantage of it. Medical coverage, along with 401(k) retirement plans, life insurance, disability, and paid time off is offered to exciting new employees.

Advice For Application Process

Turning in your application form, you want to successfully gain any Forever 21 careers they have open. Remind yourself of these helpful tips when applying for any Forever 21 jobs.

When gaining an application form, you can download the application form and find out how to apply for Forever 21 online. Providing a free application, the printable application form at Forever 21 jobs online is always open, easy to read, and easy to see the merchandise and many of their discounts.

When you apply for jobs at Forever 21, you can get an online application, or as a direct application.

Just go to the link, at the bottom of the page, click on careers and your ready to start. You can do the Forever 21 job application online or do a printable application for Forever 21.

When giving your form, it would be a good idea that you have your resume ready. Your resume can show skills you have and how professional you can be.

When being called in for an interview, your Forever 21 application will want to be outgoing, always have eye contact, and smile to show how excited you are to be a part of their team. Wearing one of their fashions would a beneficial tactic to expresses and demonstrate passion for the styles in their store.

Hours of operations are Monday though Saturday, 10:00am-8:00pm and Sunday, 12:00pm-7:00pm.


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