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Food City itself may be a regional chain of businesses located in Kentucky, Tennessee, and Virginia, but the name is recognized worldwide.  Originating in 1918 in Greeneville, TN, under its parent company, K-VA-T Food Stores, the firm has grown to include other big named stores such as Winn Dixie, BI-LO, and Piggly Wiggly.

Although it might have started with humble beginnings, the establishment was acquired by K-VA-T Food Stores in 1984 when K-VA-T purchased Quality Foods.  At the time, Quality Foods was a 19-store chain operating under the same name.  The family and stockholders of K-VA-T Food Stores adopted this as their new brand and used it for future stores as well.

The corporation has also expanded to include other national marketing trends, and have branched out to include pharmacies and fuel stations within their family of businesses.  This expansion has allowed the firm to reach an astonishing operation of 105 retail food stores, 78 pharmacies which are located within the store(s), and 81 fuel stations.

With such a diverse background, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when applying for any career or working in this industry.  However, it’s incredibly simple to apply for the many job opportunities available within the company, and interested potential employees can utilize the search engine on the Food City careers web page in order to find out which locations are hiring, and further information on benefits and employment.

At any time you may fill out a Food City application via direct application to your local facility or by using the online application to apply for employment with the corporation.

Food City Careers

Due to the diversity that exists in such an expansive organization, please review each job description for the positions in which you are particularly interested before filling out a Food City job application online.  The minimum age for employment is 16 years old, although certain positions may require certifications or licenses or for the employee to be of at least 18 years of age.  Please visit Food City jobs online to gain more detailed knowledge about available opportunities and their requirements.

Average wages/salaries are usually dependent upon the position itself, as well as the experience, education, skill level, and location of associates.  However, the firm offers a wide range of competitive benefit packages, to include a profit-sharing plan for its employees.  Current numbers indicate associates own about 14% of the enterprise. Flexible hours and on-the-job training programs are very important to many people and are two benefits of being an employee.  Eligible workers also have access to medical, dental, and vision plans, and paid vacation time.

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Not only does the firm cater to its customers by supporting the local economy through partnerships with local farmers, it is also very involved in community-oriented efforts, as well as sponsoring NASCAR with Family Race Night events, and two of the sport’s most popular races at Bristol Motor Speedway, the 500 and 300 races.

Other charitable activities include Apples for the Students program where students collect receipts in exchange for much needed materials for local schools.  They also support local animal shelters by taking donations of supplies, and hold annual fundraising events to raise money and awareness for cancer research, juvenile diabetes, and the homeless and financially unstable members of the community.

Annual events include donations and contributions the entire month of April for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, and beginning in August of each year, stores raise money to provide meals for the less fortunate at Thanksgiving.  This fundraiser is their Race Against Hunger.

The Appalachia Santa Train is another big event supported each year along with CSX Transportation and the Kingsport Area Chamber of Commerce.  The mission of this program is to distribute candy, clothes, money, and toys to needy children living in the Appalachian Mountains. NASCAR isn’t the only sporting event supported by the company, as over the years they have raised proceeds for various charities through golf tournaments, football games, and fishing tournaments.

Food City Job Descriptions

Although the responsibilities and salary are generally based on education, experience, and location, there are careers available for every level.  Jobs exist in many areas you may find surprising.  Food City jobs aren’t just about its retail stores.  Employment exists in all areas within the production cycle.

Don’t let the fact that this has been a family owned business since 1918.  The firm has been vigilant keeping up with the times and with its customers.  Positions exist for every stage of the food production and sales chain.  Working with local farmers and manufacturers is only the beginning.  People like you are what gets the food from the farmer, to the distribution center, then to the neighborhood store, to the customer’s table.  Positions exist in every facet of this chain.

For instance, job descriptions for the General Warehouses include loading and unloading trucks, as a forklift operator, order selector, stocker, doing housekeeping, or as a vending assistant.  The Distribution Center is located in Chandler, AZ.  It is a state-of-the-art center encompassing over 16 acres (all under roof) and operating 24 hours a day.

Mechanics and maintenance are needed to maintain the trucks that carry the merchandise from distribution points to the retail locations or other storage facilities.  Maintenance is also needed within the stores themselves. Office / Administrative jobs exist at every level, from Marketing, Store Operations, Finance, and Human Resources, to Information Technology Services, Loss Prevention, and Real Estate Research and Development.

Retail stores require cashiers, managers, customer service personnel, computer room operators, and fuel clerks.  Work is available in produce, seafood, the meat department, bakery, the floral department, and more.  Because individual stores are responsible for their own hiring, in person is the preferred method for applicants seeking employment.  You may always apply online as well, but may benefit more by going directly to your local store.  Retail associates are often expected to be available to work afternoons, evenings, and weekends.

Also an important part in the jobs chain are its pharmacies as they are in need of pharmacists, technicians, and managers.  As there are over 78 pharmacies located inside various retail locations, applicants may apply online or in person at their local facility.

Although the firm is headquartered in Abingdon, VA, those seeking Corporate-level careers should look for information in Chandler, AZ where the Corporate Headquarters lists available positions.  Positions not filled from within are posted in The Arizona Republic’s Sunday classified section.  Applicants are also encouraged to send in a resume to be kept on file should a job opportunity present itself.

The firm prides itself on its friendly, customer service-oriented employees.  If you feel you would work well in any of these environments, and with such diverse opportunities available, you may be questioning how to apply for online.  To apply for Food City careers, you may fill out an online application, or for direct application at your local store or warehouse.  When applying in person, please bring a copy of your most recent resume.

Food City Interview

K-VA-T prides itself on its community environment, and its interview process is no different.  Applicants are encouraged to dress in business-casual, although those seeking management positions may want to interview in more formal attire.

The process usually begins with the interviewer wanting to get to know you before getting into more detailed information about the job in which you are interested and your work ethic.  You will most likely be asked about your work history and availability, and you are encouraged to ask questions as well, such as pay and benefit discussions.

It is beneficial to the interviewee to speak with confidence and don’t be afraid to let your interviewer know how you could be an asset to the company.  Most of all, relax.  Enthusiasm and passion are greatly appreciated in the customer service industry, but so is comfort.  Pride in yourself and in the company speaks volumes, especially with what is considered to be a family owned and operated store.

Advice For Application process

Again, the application process is very intuitive.  From the website, those interested in becoming associates do well in applying online with the free application.  You are encouraged to visit the link(s) below for finding out more information on any questions you may have.

The Career web page contains links for Corporate, In-store, or opportunities available at the Distribution Center and the Misty Mountain Spring Water facilities.  You may also just click the button APPLY ONLINE in order to view all available part-time and full-time opportunities in locations near you, or to view all open jobs held by the firm and to fill out an application.

All applicants are requested to be prepared to provide any requested documentation.  This often includes your social security number and/or driver’s license for identification purposes.  Applicants should also expect to provide their work history, as well as any professional and personal references.

To apply for jobs at Food City, you may apply online or go in to your neighborhood store to apply locally.  A printable application for Food City is currently not available online.  If you are linked with an open position, you will be contacted for an interview as soon as possible.

Competitors of K-VA-T Food Stores include the regional grocery stores of Ingles, Food Lion, and ShopRite.  One of the many ways K-VA-T has chosen to stand out from other grocers is in the fact that the business remains customer oriented, partnering with local farmers to bring regionally-grown produce and eggs to satisfy its customers, as well as supporting the local economy.  Further endearing them to their patrons is that K-VA-T bring into their stores popular local brand names.
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