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Cracker Barrel ApplicationIf you like old fashioned home town cooking and a relaxed family atmosphere then a job at Cracker Barrel may be exactly what you’re looking for. Starting in 1969 in a small town in Texas founder Dan Evin wanted to give the American public something they haven’t heard of so far. With the interstate highways just starting out and fast food chains being pushed out travelers did not have much of a choice when it came to getting quality food for a reasonable price.

Evins wanted to give the American public something that would give them that home town feeling. Thus, the first Cracker Barrel store first opened in Lebanon, Texas on September 19, 1969 which also allowed customers to fill up their gas tanks as well as their appetites. However, when the oil crisis of the 70s hit the country Cracker Barrel removed all of their pumps. Today, what you’ll find, is just your quiet home town restaurant offering homemade corn bread and nostalgic stores that have something for everyone.

Cracker Barrel has definitely made a significant impact to the economy with its 70,000 employees across the country and serving nearly 500,000 customers a day this once small town gasoline and restaurant store has grown into something that founder Dan Evins should definitely be proud of. Today the restaurant not only has helped stimulate the economy with its vast mass of careers, but it also has made a very positive influence to the community. Contributing to charities such as the National Military Family Association and various grants and scholarships you can be part of a company that gives back to the local community daily.

Cracker Barrel Careers

The hiring process at Cracker Barrel is pretty straightforward. Besides pursuing Cracker Barrel jobs, online you can always walk into a store and get a direct application from the employee behind the counter. Most times they will interview you on the spot and ask you to wait for a manager. When a manager is free, they will review your skills and see if you’re a good fit for the establishment. They will follow up with a series of questions which are common for most customer service type jobs today. Examples could be scenarios of how you would handle difficult customers to previous experience in the food industry.

During your interview, this would be an opportune time to ask any relevant questions in regards to the job description and salary that might be of a concern for you. Before working for any company, these are key questions you should address so that you don’t go into a new career blindly. After the interview, the manager will let you know they will get back to you after reviewing all the applications. If you meet the job description requirements and have the skills and drive to complete the job, you could possibly hear back via telephone about a position.

Minimum Employment Age

Many potential applicants often inquire about how old do you have to be to work at Cracker Barrel?  This is good news for High School applicants wanting to get their first job. The famous restaurant/store establishment hires at a minimum age of 16. As long as you have a command of the English language and maintain a drug-free work environment then this would be the perfect entry level job for any teen looking for their first job.

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Cracker Barrel Job Descriptions

With Cracker Barrel careers, there are many benefits and opportunities for career growth. In addition to a competitive salary with the potential to earn up to three pay raises in your first year of employment some other fantastic fringe benefits of Cracker Barrel jobs include medical benefits eligibility, 401lk savings plan, and a discount on every meal you eat at the restaurant during your shift. If you’re ready for an exciting career in the food industry simply get a Cracker Barrel job application by going to any restaurant. You may also wish to go and print a job application online.

Entry-Level Jobs

Cracker Barrel offers their employees a competitive salary a flexible work schedule and the opportunity to work for an established competitor in the restaurant industry. They offer both entry-level and management positions. If you see a position, you’re interested in you may use the printable job application for Cracker Barrel or personally apply in the store of your choice. Some of the current entry level positions available are listed below.





Grill Cook

To look for  more positions go to the company’s website and see the available list of current job vacancies.

Management Jobs

If you have previous experience managing a store or restaurant, then a career in management might be something you want to look into. There are numerous positions in this category.

Some of the positions listed on the site include the following list.

Restaurant Manager

Retail Manager

Retail Bench Manager

If you meet any of these skill sets then go online use the free application and apply now while there is a need for positions to be filled.

Advice For Application Process

To apply for jobs at Cracker Barrel are relatively easy. Simply go to the company website and click on the careers section. You can also a search for a printable application for Cracker Barrel.  Depending on your skill set and goals you can definitely find employment that you will truly be satisfied with. Best practice would be to scroll through the different job opportunities and see which ones you can meet the responsibilities for.

Once you find a job that you definitely feel is a good match then click on the position you’re interested in and click on the apply to job link and this will take you to the Cracker Barrel job you’re interested in applying for. If this is your first time applying for Cracker Barrel jobs online then the system will prompt you to create a username using your email address and a simple password. Once this is done you can fill out an application and upload your cover letter and resume.

Best practice would be always to upload a resume and cover letter even if it’s for an hourly store position. This not only adds a professional look to your online application, but it also shows the store management that you have the relevant experience pertaining to the position you’re interested in. It also increases your potential prospects on landing the position. Additionally you may search for jobs by locations as well as using specific keywords. One way you could search is by using a keyboard and how close or far away you wish to travel from the restaurant.  You would enter the keyword server and the amount of miles you wish to travel in reference to your location in increments of 5 and 10 miles and all the restaurants that meet the criteria and are hiring will show up.

Also keep in mind depending on your location some states require food services employees to take a Food Sanitation course. In Arizona, for example, before an employee can be hired to work in any establishment that involves preparing, selling, or serving food they must pass the state Food Sanitation course in order to get a Food Safety Card. No employer will hire you until this is completed. However, the course is relatively cheap it costs just $8.00 and can be completed online in an hour, or you may go to the local county office to complete the test. Once the course is complete, you print the certificate   and show valid id which could include your state id or birth certificate at the local office and pay an additional $5.00 and receive your Food Safety Card. From here, you are able to work at any establishment in Arizona that works in the food industry the card is good for 3 years and has to be renewed every 3 years. Best practice would be to check with the store management where you’re applying or with your local government to see if any of these requirements are in place in order for you to apply for a food service position.

Hours of Operation

Cracker Barrel Restaurants are open to the public seven days a week. Monday through Thursday they are open from 6 AM until 10 PM and Friday and Saturday from 6 AM until 11 PM.


While Cracker Barrel careers have a lot to offer prospective applicants, you might also to want check out these other fantastic restaurants that are always on the lookout for qualified staff. If you like preparing or serving good food for competitive prices, you want to check out Denny’s. Known for its breakfast items and wide selection of foods ranging from spaghetti to fish and chips the diner that started out as a small coffee shop in Lakewood, California has seen its share of vast growth including restaurants globally. If you like classic dining and homemade Italian dishes then Olive Garden might be another potential job market. The home of endless salad and breadsticks has just about every delicious Italian dish one can think of.
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