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Albertsons ApplicationAlbertsons is a full service grocery store chain found across America. It was created in Boise, Idaho before World War II. Today, there are around 594 stores in the United States. It is said that the founder, Joe Albertson, would drive around the town where they were considering building new stores to look for areas with children’s clothes to find locations where there were families. These were his ideal locations for his stores.

The original store in Boise had one of the first magazine racks in the country. They also had one of the first “scratch” bakeries. He provided his customers with hot popcorn and other delicious treats when they were patrons in his store.

This was an important part of what has made his company a success: it was always about the customers. If a customer left unsatisfied by their experience, he believed that he had failed and improvements were needed. This focus on customers is still an important ideal in the stores. Not only were customers important, but the local community was a huge focus as well.

As a result of this focus on the neighborhoods around their locations, giving back to the community was just as important as customer satisfaction. They created a “Community Partners” program at locations in certain locations to help give back to schools and local non-profits in need. They pledge this act of being responsible citizens of their communities, and they take this pledge very seriously.

Albertsons Careers

Like many other company’s websites, you can apply for jobs on Albertsons online. There is information on Albertsons online about the application process to make it easier for the seeker to find an Albertsons job. A job seeker may even find a downloadable application directly from Albertsons online that is a printable application.

A person seeking employment can find out from Albertsons jobs online site whether or not the company is hiring near your location. This can make it convenient for one to find out if there are positions available before heading out to the store to apply, if they do not choose to apply online.

How old do you have to be to work at Albertsons? Like many other grocery stores, the minimum age to work here is 16-years-old for most entry level positions. Other positions will require additional training and to be 18 years of age.

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Albertsons has a lot of different job opportunities that can appeal to people of all different skill sets. Albertsons careers and Albertsons jobs give flexible hours and an opportunity to turn a job into an Albertsons career. On Albertsons jobs online, you can search through different job descriptions which have clear information about the responsibilities included within each position.

As a full service grocery store, there are many different departments a job seeker can find the right position for them. There is a wide range of diverse positions for people who have different talents to find something for them. This company provides their employees ample opportunity for advancement.

The first thing that you need to do is to fill out your application and submit it with your resume. If everything checks out for the people looking into your application, they will call you in for an interview to see if you fit with the company’s goals and ideals of what they expect from their employees.

For most positions, you can apply for Albertsons jobs online. This can make it easy for potential applications to look at expectations and see what positions might be a good fit for them. Other people may find it better to apply within the store. Whichever you prefer, remember to properly fill out your application as directed.

Some positions you can find are cashiers, distribution, pharmacy, and bakery jobs. There also higher level management positions that people with experience in this industry might prefer to look into.

Albertsons Job Descriptions

Below is a more in depth look at careers within this company.


A person who is 16 years of age is able to gain employment here in an entry-level position. Entry-level positions are also great for those people who lack experience but what the opportunity to find a job that can lead to a fulfilling career as they work their way up the ranks of a company.

These are just some of the entry-level positions found at Albertsons:



Facility Maintenance

Customer Service Clerk

You can find more information on the job descriptions and responsibilities for these positions by following the link for the company website.

Management and higher level positions

These are some opportunities found in the higher levels of the company:

Pharmacy Manager

Department Manager

Retail Store Manager

Operations Manager

Loss Prevention Specialist

Manager Facility Maintenance

You can find more information about these positions, and the qualifications and required experience for them on the company website.

Wages and Benefits

The salary that the employee earns will vary greatly depending on experience, job title or department, and position level within the company. A courtesy clerk can earn around $8.70 an hour. A produce clerk can make about $13.70 an hour. A department manager can earn about $17.50 an hour.

They also offer competitive benefits for their employees. They offer health insurance, flexible spending account, supplemental life insurance, vision and dental insurance. They also have mental health care, disability insurance, and accidental death and reimbursement insurance.

Other benefits include family medical leave, military leave, and unpaid extended leave. An employee has vacations and other paid time off, as well as sick days and bereavement leave. They have on the job training, employee discount, and employee assistant plans.

Some employees are entitled to sick leave, which may be paid. They might also be entitled to benefits such as a 401k retirement plan, pension plan, retirement plan, tuition assistance and a performance bonus for those who qualify.

Advice For Application Process

For Albertsons, they put an emphasis on putting the customer needs ahead of everything else. With that, they believe that a happy employee provides excellent service for their customers which creates a great balance of pleasing everyone.

Giving back to the community is another ideal they expect their employees to exemplify. Albertsons puts a huge emphasis on how important community is to their founder. They have different programs that help their local neighbors to have better situations, especially for local schools and children’s associations.

You can apply online, and you should hear back from the store in a reasonable amount of time so that you are not left wondering about your application. If you do have some concerns about how long it is taking, you can feel free to call the store. The following section will have some helpful tips on how to get the job that you want.

Tips for Getting the Job

These are a few tips to help you with having a successful job interview:

Be sure to submit an update resume along with your job application. This can help give the company a more detailed look at your experience and capabilities and why you would be an asset to them.

Prepare for your interview by anticipating questions. This will ensure that you show a degree of confidence and skill at articulation which will impress your interviewer.

Pick out appropriate attire for your interview. You need to make a good first impression because it could make a huge impact on how you are viewed by the company representative that will be conducting the job interview.

Bring along your resume when you are being interviewed. This will show a level of preparation that can help you stand out.

Answer all the questions asked by your interviewer as honest and with as much description as possible. Interviewers can see through lies and nervousness.

Be polite and be articulate. This cannot be stressed enough.

Other Helpful Hints

Here are some other hints that might help you stand out from other applicants:

You are able to check in after your interview. When doing so, be sure to thank them for their time and offer to answer any additional questions they might have of you. This shows an interest in the company and that you are serious about the position.

Make sure that you complete the application properly. By not following the directions, the application would not be taken seriously.

Be a few minutes early for the interview. Arriving too early, just on time, or late to the interview can have a negative impact on your chance of employment.

Company Facts

There are 600+ stores with more than 60,000 associates.

Joe Albertson’s philosophy when he created his first store was to “Give the customer the merchandise that they want, at a price they can afford, complete with lots of tender, love and care”. He instilled this in all his employees.

Joe Albertson decided that grocery stores were a good business because no matter what, people will always need food.

Store Hours:The hours of operation are Monday – Sunday from 6am – 11pm.


Being in the grocery sector of the retail industry, Albertsons has quite a lot of competition to worry about. Aldi and Price Chopper are just a few of the competitors that are in the same industry. All of these stores offer great opportunities for their employees.

Price Chopper and Aldi are both highly discounted grocery chains found across America. The similarities do really end there. Aldi is known for their high pay for employees and great benefits packages. This store sells only off-brand items which is why they can sell their products at such a low price.

Price Chopper pays their employees a lot less than Aldi. This is a store known for selling known brands at a bit cheaper cost than other grocery stores. The stores themselves are generally not as up kept as other stores.
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