Zaxby’s Interview Questions

Zaxby's ApplicationZaxby’s is a southern style restaurant only offered in a few places in the United States. You love eating here and you love the environment, so you’d be a perfect associate, right? Positions include cashier, cook, crew member, supervisor, and managers. There are a few top interview questions they ask to pick the right team members.

Zaxby’s Interview Questions

These are a few common questions they ask in interviews.

Are you outgoing? Yes, you’re outgoing, but you need to explain how. Let’s say you take the leadership role in a group that shows how outgoing you are. 

Are you a team player? The answer to this should always be yes because most jobs require you work within a team. Discuss how you are with a group. 

How would you act if a customer came in very upset? Explain how you will need to remain calm and empathetic towards the customer, and what you would do to remedy the situation. 

How do you act under pressure? If you panic during pressured moments, you will need to tell them the steps you take to calm yourself. 

When you are stressed, do you show it? Hopefully, the answer is no. You will encounter stressful situations, so you should be prepared to deal with them. Again, give details on how you calm yourself. 

What does customer service mean to you? Consider a time you’ve received exceptional customer service and point out how that has helped you be a better employee. 

Describe your work ethic. Describe being a hard worker, how important your jobs are to you, and how you will build your team up. 

Why would you like to work here? Tell them about how much you enjoy eating at Zaxby’s and how the atmosphere and staff make you feel welcome.

These questions are used to describe you as a person and how you will benefit the company.

Interview Tips

When interviewing with Zaxby’s, you should be prepared to discuss your work history and have a few references handy. Although experience isn’t required, it does help the interviewer know how much training you may need. Discuss your skills, what you have learned at other jobs, and what you feel you can bring to the company. If you’re a fast learner, mention it as that helps with the training process as well.

Try to have some knowledge of the menu before coming in. Assuming you have eaten there before, you will have knowledge of what the restaurant serves. Tell them what your favorite item is, why you love it, and try to sell it to them. This shows that you’ll be able to suggest a meal to a customer.

Dress in a professional manner and make sure you clothes are neat and clean. Always arrive on time or at least fifteen minutes early. Showing up late is a red flag, and arriving too early makes it seem as if you aren’t concerned about the manager’s prior schedule.

These top interview questions are simple enough and will help them pick the best associate possible. Give the best answers possible and remember to remain confident.