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Youth Corps

Youth Corps was founded to help youngsters gain leadership skills they lack in high school but will need for the real world. It is a training programme for 369th and 10th graders in the Richland and Lexington counties. Those selected will leave withlife-long skills and experiences in nine different modules.

To give you an idea about the power of Youth Corps, some of its graduates have gone on to become student body presidents, valedictorians, teen board members, team captains, and athletes of the year to name just a few.

There are lots of benefits for the students selected for Youth Corps. Students are involved for 12 hours a month, and the modules will enable them to do the following: start their own business, lead a community service project, help victims of crime, support legislation at the State House, learn about the careers that interest them, get stuck in the journalism world, learn how to manage their money, get involved in arts and culture, and generally better themselves as a whole. It costs $975 for the year, although special scholarships are also available.

How old do you have to be to get into Youth Corps?

The program is specifically for 9th and 10th graders, all of whom said they loved and valued their time there. “You will never begin to understand how much this year has changed my life,” says V.Lockett, a former graduate. “From swinging from the top of a telephone pole to visiting DJJ to starting my own business, Youth Corps has definitely brought me out of my comfort zone.”

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