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The service industry covers a wide variety of types of businesses. This industry covers any service that is really there to help the customers in many different ways. Some businesses included in the service industry are dumpster or trash removal, plumbers, and lawn care companies. In this type of field, customer satisfaction is the most important thing.

Whether you are talented with handling customers over the phone or behind a desk or amazing out in the field performing your company’s services, there is something that anyone can find within an industry like this. There is room for people with a variety of talents in these companies. These companies often have flexible hours, which can be great if you need a second job or to work around a school schedule.

Another great aspect of this field is there are entry level positions available to those who might have limited work experience. This means a first time job seeker might be able to find a position within this field and earn valuable work experience. This can be gained to seek employment elsewhere or to move up the ranks in their current place of employment. Most positions also do not require any level of education.

Job Opportunities

Here are some job opportunities that one can find in the service industry:

Customer Service Representative: A customer service representative normally deals with the customers over the phone. Sometimes, they can be found within the office for customers to speak with in person. They are the main point of contact between the business and their customers. They need to answer questions about services to their clients, so they should be very knowledgeable in the services that their company provides. They must also understand any policies about payments and customer satisfaction. The customer service rep will schedule services, and often draw up the invoices for the clients and the person who will perform the needed services. They often call after a service was performed to ensure it was done to their client’s satisfaction. Often a person will only need to have a high school diploma or GED to gain this type of employment. They must also complete any necessary on the job training. They can make an average salary of $10 per hour.

Drivers: The drivers not only drive the truck to their client’s home, but often they are also the one providing the services that have been requested by the client. After successfully completing the services, they will leave the invoice there for the customer or wait for a client signature on the invoices to ensure everything was completed to their requests. They might also drop off any pamphlets or brochures to inform the client of other services that their company provides. They may also leave any requested products for their client. A driver might need a special license to drive their truck if it meets the states requirements to do so. Depending on the field will depend on what education level is required to gain this type of employment. For instance, a plumber would need to have the proper certifications and education while a person dropping off a dumpster at a home or business does not need education past on the job training. This position can earn around $12-$15 per hour.

Mechanic: Most service companies have an onsite mechanic. This is because it is much more cost effective to have their own mechanic in-house than to visit an outside company. As a result, it is the mechanic’s responsibility to maintain all of the vehicles in their fleet. They will inspect and service all vehicles and trucks as necessary. If a problem arises, they must do all necessary repairs to the trucks. They should also perform all necessary preventative measures to lengthen the time between repairs. If a vehicle is on the road and breaks down, the mechanic must go out to its location to make any repairs that might be needed. A high school degree or equivalent is necessary for this position, as is a successful completion of all necessary technical training. A mechanic can earn around $15 per hour.

Bookkeeper/Accounting: A bookkeeper is responsible for keeping track of the daily financials of the company. They will keep track of the company’s accounts to ensure everything is paid in full. This is in regards to both customers and companies that supply them with goods that they need to pay out. They are also in charge of handling their company’s payroll for the employees. They create the budget for their company and makes sure that everyone sticks to that. They are the final say when it comes to raises or purchasing items. They will deal with ensuring that invoices are filed and are correctly done. They will handle any financial audits within the company, as well as doing the taxes during tax season. Ideally, a bookkeeper will have at least an associate’s degree in accounting. The average yearly salary is $32,000.

Job Outlook

The job look in this industry is at 11%. This is the same as the national average across other industries. This is as a result of in entry level careers; often people gain experience here to move onto other careers. This can also be as a result of seasonal employment with some of the business types in this industry.


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