WWE Application & Careers


WWE is a comprehensive media and international entertainment organization. The network division of the company is available in over one hundred and seventy five countries and is translated into twenty-five languages. Since 2008, the network has committed to a full transition to TV-PG programming, showing a dedication to family friendly broadcasting. Along with the media division, the organization also expands into Live Events, Consumer Products, and Studios segments.

The “Superstars” and “Divas” of World Wrestling Entertainment are independent performers, held to a professional caliber or a professional athlete or actor. The network’s dedication to maintain their performers’ wellbeing inspired their Talent Wellness Program, which administers mandatory drug tests, physicals, cardiovascular exams, and brain function analysis in addition to their personal healthcare regimes to ensure full health while a contracted performer.

WWE is actively building relationships with brands and organizations that share their values. On the business side, merchandising developments have led to partnerships with Mattel, appealing to their younger demographics. Partnerships with the Special Olympics, Ad Council, GLAAD, and a three-decade- long affiliation with Make-A-Wish, however, demonstrate the company’s support of social progression.

The celebrity faces of WWE make personal visits to local children’s hospitals and naval base stations to boost morale and provide positivity to those in need. Well known wrestling performer John Cena was ranked number five on the DoSomething, the largest non-profit youth organization for social change, list of “Celebs Gone Good”, recognizing people of celebrity standing who are using their influence in charitable ways. Cena, the most requested celebrity in the Make-A-Wish foundation, has used his fame to grant more than five hundred wishes to children in the program, proudly representing the values of his funding network.

WWE Interview Questions

Do you work well with others? The answer should always be a definite yes. Nobody wants to work with a person who would rather work alone without inviting advice or giving it. For many companies, many projects are done as a group. So the fact that you might not work well with others might backfire on the company.

Are you available working nights and/or weekends? Don’t lie and say yes when you honestly want to say no. Be completely honest with yourself and your potential boss. Telling the truth will save you a lot of problems and grief. Kindly state that this would have to be possibly involved in a family discussion.

Why do you believe you should have this job? Once again, highlight how your positive qualities could boost company morale and productivity. Also highlight how you would go about acquiring specific qualities that the company or particular job description might need. Mention any other qualities that you can think of, but don’t make it into an arrogance parade.

What would you be good at doing in our company? Again, list any positive qualities and elaborate, this time specifically, on how it would benefit the organization in general. List off as many as you can think of and maybe even provide scenarios for each one, and describe how the end results would benefit the company.

What opinions do your co-workers have of you? Mention all of the positive qualities that your co-workers have said about you and make sure to be specific. Also highlight times when co-workers have come to you for advice or work related issues. Make sure not to get too personal about certain non-work related problems though. This could turn out to be counterproductive.

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