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This is a popular industry because people are attached to their cellphones at every second. People’s lives are on these little machines that were once used to make phone calls and nothing else. Now, they are main cameras for people to take pictures with it and can allow a person to have constant access to social media and emails. Whether or not we like to admit it, cellphones are a huge part of our lives and we cannot live without them.

While the products and services increase, the employees that are necessary to keep up with this fast-paced business keep growing. This field has so many different opportunities for all types of skills and experience to find employment. The need for talented employees will grow as the services offered continue to expand.

There is really a job for everyone to get a chance to succeed in an industry like this. This is whether you are great with customers or good with technology. A person of any variety of skill sets is able to gain employment in the telecommunications field.

There are various hours available and as most places are 24 hours, there can be a lot of flexibility available for people who need to work around other schedules.

Job Opportunities

Here are a few job opportunities available in this industry:

Sales: These people can assist you, either over the phone or in a store, to purchase services or supplies for your phone. A salesperson must have excellent knowledge of all the products in store, as well as being an expert in the services that their company provides its customers. They will assist the customer with any questions they have and provide top quality skills when dealing with customers. A salesperson will cash out the customers when they have completed their purchases. To be a salesperson, you do not need any specific education level although having a high school diploma or college degree is often preferred. A sales employee can often earn around $10 per hour and can possibly earn commission as well.

Customer Service: A customer service representative in this field will generally work in a call center. They answer phones and assist the caller with whatever they might need help with. A customer service representative should know all the services that their company offers to be able to offer the best help possible for the problems. They should also be aware of any company policy regarding with dealing with customers over the phone. A person in this position should also be able to provide technical support and troubleshooting help for their customers calling in, which means they must need to be familiar with the technology that their company provides. To work in a call center, there is no necessary level of education required. You must have great customer service skills and patience to assist people. The average hourly pay is around $10.

Telecommunications engineer: This position is very technical. A telecommunications engineer is responsible for designing and setting up the wireless networks that a person enjoys the benefits of when using their phone. Some might also be in charge of designing, manufacturing and testing out cellphones. They will also have to work with the satellites that support all of their systems to ensure the best performance possible. They will also maintain all of the above to ensure that the telecommunication services are difficult to come down and quick to come back when lost. They must constantly to educate themselves to keep up with changes, as this field does change quite rapidly with new technologies. To obtain this employment, you will need a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, or some similar engineering field. There should be a familiarity with computer programing as well. They must pass all state mandated certifications to be employed in a position like this. A telecommunications engineer can make about $90,000 a year.

Finance: A person in this sector of telecommunications will be responsible with anything to do with the money. A finance employee with send out bills and collect payment from the customers to ensure their accounts are up-to-date. They will also work with the company’s finances to ensure the books are kept in order. They will track all finances and be responsible for deciding on budget cuts or where they need to invest more money. To be in this sector, you will need to have a bachelor’s degree in accounting. The average yearly salary in a field like this can be around $30,000.

Job Outlook

The job growth in the telecommunications industry is at around 4%. This is much lower than the national average of 11%. People who have technical experience and customer service skills will thrive in an industry like this.  People usually stay in the telecommunications field because of the good pay and benefits they gain from it.

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