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The Zekaria family began Windsor retailers in 1937 in Santa Fe, California. Since their beginnings, generations of the founding family have managed to continue to hold ownership and control operations of the brand. The ideals of beauty that the Zekaria family intended to be shared through their business still aim to be perceived today.

“To create an oasis that inspires and empowers women”; that is the mission statement that fuels Windsor store operations every day.  The icons that set the standard for the image the brand hopes to inspire go from Jackie Kennedy to Princess Diana. The retailer hopes to maintain a classic image of feminine beauty alive through the accessibility and affordability of their fashion stores.

As most retailers catering to the young female demographic, the store’s inventory is expansive enough as to offer more than just tops, bottoms, and dresses, but also shoes, accessories, and seasonal apparel. What puts Windsor in a different category than their competitors is that they provide a full selection of special occasion wear in addition to their everyday fashions. Their collection of formal dresses gives women a place to shop for dances, proms, graduations, or weddings.

Windsor’s values of helping young women feel their beauty extends through their charitable efforts.  The company has been a public supporter of Jada Paul’s Prom Dress Giveaway, an event allowing one hundred girls from various community organizations to select prom attire and win prizes, as well as Marco Puente’s honorable efforts to celebrate Hispanic Heritage through fashion.

Windsor Store Interview Questions

Describe how you would handle being part of management? Answer as honestly as you can and highlight any qualities that you know for a fact managers have to have in order to be successful. Try to include specific examples that could be encountered in certain situations. Also mention how you would put the interests of the company and its employees first and ahead of your own.

What would you consider your biggest disappointment in the professional world? If it was out of your control. Make sure to mention that, but key in on the important fact that you took the appropriate steps to make sure that the particular disappointment did not repeat itself in the future

What motivates you to be as successful as possible in your job? Words like cooperation, quality and partnerships will stand out most to your interviewer. Highlight any positive motivations that you have had in the past and how your best qualities shone through when that occurred and mention what the end results were.

How do you react under pressure? Definitely use specific examples for this question. Come up with examples or situations that might arise in the position that you are currently applying for. If you mention the opposite or cannot think of anything, then mention examples of what you would do if found under certain situations

What strong qualities would your former supervisor be able to point out? Give examples here, if applicable, and list off qualities that your supervisors have congratulated you on. Also mention how the demonstration of these positive qualities shed a positive light on both your supervisor and the company in general.

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