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West Marine

West Marine is a central-California based retailer of all necessary gear and products related to recreational boating. Randy Repass, founded his company with intentions to provide a knowledgeable, customer service oriented business that boat enthusiasts could rely on. Those intentions have taken the company to great heights, as they now represent over three hundred stores spanning thirty-eight states across the United States.

West Marine is currently the largest retailer of boating supplies, even though they only have command over roughly 13% of the market. If the expansion of the company should continue to thrive, they would be faced with the potential to dominate the remainder of the specialty boating retail market.

The outfitter has operated by natural expansion. Proudly coming from modest beginnings, Repass’ vision has become the company it is today simply by supplying a demand as they come and working among a network of people with a common interest, as they continually look to employ those who display a personal commitment to the lifestyle that accompanies the company values, including a respect and enjoyment for nature and the water.

Their passion for their field seeps into West Marine’s philanthropic considerations. The BlueFuture Fund is the company’s non-profit organization, which focuses on raising funds that can be distributed among local recreational and educational programs that make water activities accessible to the youth.  Other recreational interested supported by the company include the Northwest Marine Trade Association’s Northwest Salmon Derby Series, a fishing tournament that has been sponsored by West Marine.

West Marine Interview Questions

What roles are you more inclined on taking working on in a team project? This is something that is up to you, but starting with things like leadership, putting the project together, management role. Having a role with substance and doing it the best anyone can because really there is no ‘I’ in ‘Team’ therefor it would be an essential part of the project no matter what you did.

Has your past work experience ever led you to terminate someone’s job? How did this affect you? This question is a very important one for many reasons, if you answer yes, you must give a proper explanation of why. It will also show you were in a position to be able to do so but don’t make it look like you had a power trip and the decision was the right one to make. Be firm and explain your reasoning to why the company’s greater good and future was better without that employee. If the answer is no but you had conflict where you had to give strict warning you can speak of that or second chances you have given that worked out well.

If our roles were reversed what would you be looking for in the candidate for this position? This question allows you to put yourself in a hiring position and therefore think of the company and how you yourself would benefit the company. Obviously answering yes would be the correct answer but also stating why and listing some of your own strengths would reinforce these strengths in the eyes of the interviewer.

Would you say you are overqualified for this job? Saying yes would mean that you may eventually get bored of the position and that you are not challenged enough for that job. Saying that you are not qualified would be a disqualification of that position for yourself. So modestly saying that you are perfectly qualified for this position would be a simple and straightforward answer that will be neutral and once again reinforce the fact that you are the right candidate for this job.

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