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Sporting goods stores are a great place to find anything you need related to athletics. You can find apparel for working out, items for organized sports and even fan gear for your favorite sports team. You can also purchase items for working out, fitness equipment and sporting footwear. These places are especially popular as a result of a fitness boom. People realize they need to work out and these stores have the right gear for them.

As with other retail stores, sporting goods stores offer flexible and seasonal hours. This can help someone who needs to pick up hours during the holidays or people who need a part-time job. These places offer great opportunities for students who are looking for their first jobs. They are able to gain valuable work experience while earning money for school.

The items available in these stores are constantly expanding, which provides for more jobs growing in this industry. More stores are opening up, some more specialized than others. There is a need for people with all types of skills related to customers and retail in this industry. That means there is something for everyone here.

Job Opportunities

These are just some of the employment opportunities that you can find:

Retail Sales Associate: A sales associate is on the main floor of their store, assisting customers. They must possess the knowledge of various products around the facility to properly assist customers. The sales person should have the ability to help the guest decide on which product is the right one for their needs. They must also be aware of how to use the product to gain the best results in order to convey that to the customers. A sales associate is responsible for the products on the floor and keeping their area neat and organized so the patrons of their store can easily find what they are looking for. If the associate works in apparel or footwear, they should be able to assist the customer in how to find the proper size to fit them as well, including measuring their feet for the correct shoe size. It is important for people who purchase sporting good items to be safe and a good sales person will be able to help with that. To be a sales person, no level of education is necessary but you will need excellent customer service skills. A sales associate can make around $9-$10 per hour.

Stock Room: An employee that works in the stock room is responsible for keeping track of the inventory for the store. They will stock the floor at night, organizing the floor to the company’s standards. They will also accept deliveries and help ensure any orders are properly sent out. They should ensure that the stock room is properly organized so that the products can be easily accessed as needed. When big products are needed from the back, this employee will be the one to bring it out and assist the customer with bringing it to their car. There is no education level that is required for this position. However, to be successful in this job, a person must be able to carry at least items that are at least 50lbs. On average, a person can make $10-$12 an hour a position like this.

Cashier:  A cashier is a key point of customer service within the facility. They must ring up the customers and receive payment for the products. They should also be well-informed of their company’s returns and exchanges policies, as well as the payment policies for their store. A cashier will listen to customer complaints and help deal with them, understanding when to bring in the manager for help. A cashier should be aware of products and items on the floor, since often they might also be responsible for working out on the floor. There is no necessary education for a position like this, but they will need some on the job training. They will make around $9-$10 hourly as a cashier.

Store Manager: A store manager runs the daily operations within the store. They also handle most of the human resources responsibilities, such as hiring and firing employees. They also train employees and often will be in charge of payroll. A manager will discipline employees as needed and making sure that the employees are doing their jobs according to the company’s high standards. They will deal with customer service issues that arise within the store. To be a manager, you will at least need a high school diploma though a college degree is often preferred. They must possess excellent customer service skills and be a true leader for their employees. The average hourly wage of a manager is $15-$20 per hour, depending on experience and education level.

Job Outlook

The average rate of job growth in this industry is around 11%. This is even with the growth seen in other industries. The reason for job growth for this industry is because employees are constantly moving onto other careers after gaining experience here. There are also seasonal positions that open up and close after the holiday season that increases hiring for a time frame every year.

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