West Elm Application & Careers

West Elm in Brooklyn, came about in 2002, offers customers modern furniture designs and other housewares. The company has stores in the North America as well as Australia, England, and parts of the Middle East.

The company came out the need to have affordable, modern furnishings sourced from local communities. From simple décor like pillows or vases, to dining tables, rugs and sofas, the company offers customers a way to display their own taste at home, and all across the globe.

Williams-Sonoma owns the company as a subsidiary. At first it let the subsidiary exist as a catalogue only, but after a first successful year, Williams-Sonoma allowed the subsidiary to launch its own store. Since then, the subsidiary opened 85 stores in the United States alone and expanded its operations to include e-commerce.

West Elm offers its full-time employees flexible hours, a package of health, vision, and life insurance, vacation and paid time off, as well as maternity and paternity leave. The company also offers its employees help with financial planning, offering a 401K and Retirement Plan.

Employees enjoy the fact that being a part of the team also includes an employee discount across all Williams-Sonoma owned stores as well.

How old do you have to be to work at West Elm?

Age requirements to work at the company depends on the applicant’s home state. Most jobs require some high school and at least 17 years of age. More select positions require 1-2 years in a similar role and/or a college degree.

West Elm Careers

West Elm wants its employees to come from various backgrounds and experiences, and place them in roles that are both personally and professionally rewarding. Since the company operates 85 stores in the US, there are a wide variety of roles and positions available to jumpstart one’s career.

Assistant Store Manager: An Assistant Store Manager will look over various aspects of the business like the displays and merchandising (among other things). He or she will also need to offer an exceptional customer service experience by answering concerns or problems a customer may have at a store.

Assistant Store Planner: An Assistant Store Planner helps the corporate team and stores to ensure no issues exist with their systems and processes. He or she does this by offering weekly reports based on data from inventory; the planner must the work with Distribution Planners to project proper in-stock and service levels.

Customer Relationship Marketing Analyst:  A Customer Relationship Marketing Analyst directly works on the execution, planning, and analysis of the company’s marketing efforts. He or she will work with a Senior Associate to come up with plans that drive more business from existing customers and obtaining new customers. The Analysts will also develop ways to best reach and contact clientele as well.

Home Stylist:  A Home Stylist helps clients in one-on-one consolations, whether in-home or at store to furnish their home based on the client’s living situation and other personal factors such as budget and style. He or she must ensure a client’s experience with the company is satisfactory and follow-up with any concerns or questions a client may have in the process.

Junior Proofreader: A Junior Proofreader takes charge of proof reading and editing all content that goes out to customers and to the public. He or she will need to ensure that all content reflects a consistent brand message be it online or in-store. The Junior Proofreader must be comfortable with multitasking and sudden changes with content.

Product Information Coordinator: A Product Information Coordinator ensures that all product info is relevant and consistent across the company’s catalog, brick-and-motor stores, and online archive. He or she will report to a Product Information Manager who assigns daily tasks and assist the Product Information Analyst with his or her work.

Sales Associate: A Sales Associate provides clients with service and a full shopping experience to maximize sales. He or she will need to be knowledgeable of the company’s offerings as well as the typical customer’s needs and pain points. The Sales Associate will need to feel comfortable offering product recommendations and handling customer objections.

Service Representative: The Service Representative handles responses to Williams-Sonoma partners in a courteous and polite manner. He or she must be able to work in a fast paced environment, and have experience in using Microsoft Office Suite, TPM, and AS 400. Experience with Salesforce not required, but special preference to those familiar with the system.

Stock Associate: A Stock Associate stocks and organizes products within the stockroom and on the sales floor. He or she also will be in charge for pricing, stamping, and placing stock in the stockroom after its arrival to the store. An Associate will also work closely with the Visual Associate to ensure the overall layout of the sales floor attracts customers and keep it ordered.

Visual Associate: A Visual Associate creates eye-catching visuals and displays for customers throughout the store. An Associate will also be in charge of changing the furniture out depending on the needs of the store, be it for a new décor line, seasonal promotion, or general sale according to the visual standard set by the company.

West Elm Application

To apply for a job at with the company, visit the West Elm careers page to find the online career database. Search roles of interest and apply using one of three options: LinkedIn, Facebook, or online application. Use the filter option to narrow a search to a specific state or position, if necessary.

The company does not have a preference in which option the applicant chooses, just as long as the application offers provides all the necessary education, work experience, and interests relevant to the role in question; this info ensures that the candidate receives fair and proper consideration.

The applicant must ensure that he or she proofreads and reviews that all info on their application is correct. Failure to do this step may result in immediate rejection of an application.

Bring extra copies of resume to the interview. Interviewers will appreciate that a candidate comes prepared and they do not have to spend more time looking for and printing a resume.

Take time to understand the responsibilities of the role and the overall health of the company. Expect questions from the interviewer about the company and about overall behavioral patterns.

Things to Know about West Elm

West Elm prides itself in being Brooklyn born and raised. The company believes that the city is the forefront for creative, innovative, and smart people; those traits and connection to a neighborhood are essential to help customers express themselves in their own home.

The company made plans to enter with DDK to launch hotels in select US cities in late 2018. The reason for launching into the boutique hotel industry stems for customers wanting a more personalized hotel experience. To that end, these new hotels will offer regional cuisine and the company will furnish rooms with artwork from local artists.

The company is known for taking measures to design most of its products in-house and investing in more resources for more environmentally friendly products. They do this by committing more to hand-made products from local craftspeople.

The company entered into partnerships with organizations like St. Jude Children’s Hospital, Fair Trade USA, and ASPCA. Each purchase helps people to live sustainably and provides fair and just working conditions, as well as provide more resources that enable these organizations to continue their work.