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Wawa is a gas station and convenience store chain company that operates in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Washington DC, Florida, and Maryland. The company ranked 34th in the nation’s largest companies in 2015, according to Forbes.

In 1803, the business was first an iron foundry; then, businessman George Wood arrived in Pennsylvania in 1980 to begin the Wawa Dairy Farm. As time progressed, people started buying milk in stores rather than relying on delivery, so they opened their first food market in 1964.

Convenience Store News Foodservice Innovators Awards gave the company the Foodservice Innovator of the Year award 2 times in 5 years, in 2013 and 2017. According to an expert CSNews Foodservice advisory council member, the company won the award because of its made-to-order program and mobile ordering.

Their employees enjoy many benefits, including the Employee Stock Ownership Program. ESOP associates currently have a 40% ownership stake in the company. Other benefits are the educational assistance program, and disability coverage, among many others.

People love working there because the salary is more competitive than other workplaces. Another thing they like about working for the company is the wide array of benefits that they can enjoy.

How old do you have to be to work at Wawa?

The minimum age requirement for applicants who wish to work for the company is 18 years old. They also accept minors who are at least 16 years old.

Wawa Careers

The company offers applicants rewarding careers for people who aspire to land customer service, store management, and corporate positions.

Customer Service Associate: Customer service associates are required to keep the customers happy with the establishment’s services. They have many responsibilities. They can operate the cash register, do some general housekeeping duties, and address the needs of the customers. It is also necessary for them to have a good attitude towards customers.

Night Supervisor: Night supervisors are tasked with keeping the establishment functional during night shifts and when higher tier managers are not around. They need to have leadership skills to make sure that every employee is doing their job. They must also see to it that everyone is following the set policies and standards.

Food & Beverage Manager: Food & beverage managers are responsible for managing the food and beverage aspect of the business. They ensure that food is properly prepared for customers’ enjoyment. It is also their job to make sure that the establishment is following policies and guidelines regarding food preparation.

Cashier: Cashiers are tasked to operate the establishments’ cash registers. They accept payment from customers and return change. At the end of the day, they tally all the sales and the actual cash to make sure that there are no errors. They also bag what the customers bought.

Attendant: Attendants are responsible for attending to whatever the customers or the establishment might need. They make sure everything is in order. They make sure every customer has drinks, clean dirty spots, they do whatever is needed of them.

Gas Attendant: A gas attendant does a variety of jobs. That includes pumping fuel into car tanks, taking payment for services, wiping car windshields, and checking engine oil levels, and tire pressure. They also answer questions from patrons and provide directions when asked.

Retail Sales Associate: The job of retail sales associates is to assist customers while they shop. They answer questions from customers, help them find items, and help them pick the product that is most suitable to their needs. People with this job need patience to deal with difficult customers.

Food Service Worker: Food service workers ensure that customers enjoy the food they bought. They take orders from customers, prepare them, and then serve them to the tables. They greet customers, treat them politely, and answer their questions. They also restock supplies, clean some areas, and ready the table for customers.

Food Preparation Worker: Food preparation workers work under the guidance of the food & beverage manager. They do routine and repetitive tasks, such as making coffee, slice meat, prepare cold food from the fridge, and peel vegetables among many others. Also, they can be asked to prepare kitchen equipment.

Shift Leader: The task of shift leaders is to lead their fellow employees during a certain shift. Shift leaders must have leadership skills to make sure the others follow them. They need to make sure that everything is working perfectly during the shift and that everyone does what they have to do.

Wawa Application

Aspiring employees who wish to be employed at one of the company’s convenience stores and gas stations just need to go to the nearest store and submit their application.

For those who do not have the capacity to apply in-store, they can always go to the careers section of the company’s website, and submit an application. There, they can choose which job best suits their skills.

In filling up the application form, they have to make sure that whatever information they write is true. It would also help if the data they would put in the form is relevant to the job they are applying for.

On the resume, applicants are advised to make it short and straight to the point. They can also write it in a simple format to make things easier to read.

For those who will get a job interview, they have to arrive in proper attire. Managers will also take it as a plus if they see that the applicant is prepared for the questions.

Facts about Wawa

The gas station and convenience store chain’s culture is to make life convenient, not just for its customers but also for their employees. They make sure that they get only the best benefits and get fair wages for the work they do.

In 2017, the company brought its services to Southeastern Florida, and opened up more than 400 new jobs for residents in the area. To get applicants for these jobs, they hosted a hiring fair where they educated applicants about the benefits of working for the company.

The company is known for its customer service. Their main goal is customer satisfaction. That is why they strive to offer what customers want and what they need at each of their stores to make their life convenient.

Wawa is also renowned for its community efforts. They have a non-profit corporation, The Wawa Foundation, which supports all the expenses of the company’s social efforts. They also hold fundraising programs for many causes.

Application Links

Company: www.wawa.com

Careers: www.wawa.com/careers

Application: https://wfa.kronostm.com/index.jsp?seq=home&applicationName=Hourlywawa&locale=en_US

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