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Waffle House is a restaurant chain in America that offers a selection of delicious meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They offer not just good food, but excellent service as well since 1955.

Waffle House has been serving its valued customers with dedication from its inception more than 20 years ago until today. This company was founded by Joe Rogers Sr. and Tom Forkner on September 5, 1995. Their corporate office is in Norcross, Georgia.

This big restaurant chain has over 1,500 restaurants owned by the company and their franchisees. Also, they have more than 10,000 dedicated, efficient, and hardworking employees.

Waffle House offers good job benefits packages that include yearly bonuses, medical, dental, life and vision insurance. Employees also receive 3 weeks of vacations with pay every year, staff discounts, and free meals.

People love working at this company not only because of the salary and benefits they receive. Aside from those perks, employees get unlimited opportunities to grow as professionals.

How old do you have to be to work at Waffle House?

Aspiring job seekers should be 16 years old and above to qualify for the entry-level positions. Also, applicants must be college or high school graduates, or at least have a GED.

Waffle House Careers

Candidates with little to no experience may be hired for some entry-level positions like dishwashers and servers. Job seekers who have more extensive work experience may apply as assistant managers or managers. Positions offered to job seekers are mostly the following:

Chef: The chef prepares their customers’ orders by following the recipes provided to them. Also, his role involves maintaining the cleanliness and orderliness of the kitchen. Utensils and cooking equipment are cleaned after every use. A chef must be confident, fast-working, and capable when he’s in the kitchen.

Kitchen Porter: The kitchen porter works closely with the chef. All small tasks related to dish preparation will be assigned to him. His job involves simple tasks like washing the dishes and doing some general cleaning chores. He even offers help to other kitchen staff when needed.

Busser: The busser is also known as a bartender helper or dining room attendant. He’s the one who cleans and resets the tables from time to time. He takes all used plates, glasses, and utensils to the kitchen. Sometimes, he helps the waiters and waitresses in serving the orders. Also, he restocks the napkins, spoons, and forks.

Dishwasher: The dishwasher washes the used plates, glassware, and utensils. His job begins with unloading the plates, glasses, and utensils and putting them on the platters. All used dining utensils are cleaned by using commercial dishwashing machines blasted with warm water. Bigger pots and pans are often washed by hand.

Prep Cook: The prep cook helps the head chef by preparing the ingredients beforehand. Her daily role doesn’t include cooking, but the job lets her develop some other skills required to become a professional chef. She does things like slicing or chopping the vegetables for salads. Other simple tasks assigned to her are storing the leftovers, waste disposal, and dishwashing.

Hosts and Hostesses: They are frontline workers and their job involves greeting the customers. Also, they let people know how long they’ll have to wait for their orders. Hosts and hostesses always maintain the restaurant’s good ambiance. Also, they help in cleaning the facility and in other tasks which are generally handled by other team members.

Waiters and Waitresses: Their job also starts by greeting the customers just like the hosts and hostesses. Waiters or waitresses write down the orders and they relay everything to the kitchen staff. They always give excellent customer service as their number one task is to ensure customer satisfaction. Also, they listen attentively to customers with questions regarding the menu.

Grill Operator: The grill operator should be familiar with the entire grill zone layout. His job is mainly to cook food using the prescribed portions while following the provided grilling procedures. Aside from that, a grill operator may prepare breakfast meals for customers. He also performs short-order cooking, grill meat pieces, fry foods, and roast the vegetables.

Assistant Managers: Assistant managers hire and train the new waiters, waitresses, hosts, dishwashers, and other entry-level employees. They manage the whole restaurant when their managers are not around. They have good communication skills since their job involves frequent interactions with customers and other employees.

Restaurant Managers: Restaurant managers handle various administrative tasks each day. Their roles demand extensive training and work experience. Their administrative roles include payroll processing, assessments, licensing, and supply ordering. Likewise, they help their assistant managers in recruiting and training their new team members. Everything they do every day at work is to maintain the efficiency of their teams.

Waffle House Application

People who wish to apply for entry level positions in Waffle House should apply in person at the restaurants with vacancies. However, the recruitment of managers and assistant managers remains exclusively online.

Applicants for entry-level positions must visit their preferred locations and get a copy of the paper-based job application form. But, the candidates for managerial positions should visit the company’s website and view the Careers section to apply.

As for the application form, candidates should keep it clean, and ensure that all entries are  true and accurate. Its content should be the same as what’s on their resume. These two documents must be submitted together.

Applicants should double-check the contents of their resume. It must be updated, especially for those candidates who left their previous job recently. Likewise, it should be with a recent ID photo on the upper right corner.

Applicants should come on time when they are called for the interview. Also, they must look decent and confident. Wearing casual business attire is always a must when looking for a job.

Facts About Waffle House

This company is proud of its inimitable managerial culture. They truly value their managers as they give them unlimited opportunities to grow as professionals. Likewise, they show appreciation for their entry-level employees through providing them with great salaries and benefits.

Also, the company wants the best for their customers so they started offering gift cards. Customers just visit their website to buy gift cards. They can also check their gift card balance and reload them online anytime. Holiday gift cards are also available.

Waffle House is known for its fantastic menu. It features mouth-watering meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Also, the menu includes a selection of drinks for everyone. Value meals are also available.

Giving back to the community is also one of the priorities of Waffle House. So, they founded the Waffle House Foundation that aims to enhance the quality of life in all communities they serve. This foundation provides financial support to various local organizations.

What Do Employees say About Waffle House?

Most current and past employees say positive things about their work experience from working at Waffle House. They enjoyed the flexibility of the job in terms of hours and scheduling. They were happy with the amount of responsibilities they were given and there was a sense of ownership and accountability.

Employees reported that they made friends with people who they worked with which makes for a fun workplace environment. Past employees have reported staying in touch even after moving on to other jobs. It is common to celebrate team members birthday and support them during times of hardships.

The job application process was relatively easy and it is the first job for many people. There is a lot of emphasis on learning and building skills, esp interaction with customers.  The interview questions they were asked were basic in nature, something similar to what everyone would expect at a entry level job at most similar places.

Application Links

Company: www.wafflehouse.com

Careers: http://whcareers.com/

Application: N/A, Printable Applications: N/A, You must go to the career site and apply online.


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