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Victoria’s Secret is an American lingerie company. The company manufactures and sells lingerie, clothing, and beauty products. It is the biggest lingerie store in the United States.  Founded in 1977, Victoria’s Secret pioneered the lingerie mass market in the US.

Roy Raymond founded the first store after an embarrassing experience purchasing lingerie for his wife in a department store. He complained that department stores only offered dowdy options like robes, inappropriate for a romantic gift, and that the lingerie departments were not welcoming to men purchasing gifts for their partners. He found his store with a friendlier atmosphere towards male customers, and a racier selection of products.

In 1982 Raymond sold the store line to fashion company “The Limited”. The new management abandoned the store’s tactic of marketing to men shopping for their wives and girlfriends, as the chain was failing to make profits. The stores began offering less risqué options in more colors.

This change in focus ultimately saved the company, which had been heading towards bankruptcy before The Limited took over. Today Victoria’s Secret has over 1,000 stores operating worldwide and a thriving online business. They are also known for their yearly fashion show, featuring the top models of the year, known as “Angels” for the characteristic wings they don for the show, and performances by big-name artists, such as Taylor Swift and Fall Out Boy.

Victoria’s Secret Interview Questions

Has anything disappointed you about your job before? Important as always to remain resolute and positive here. Consider always how you want to be perceived. You may have desired a more challenging work experience pushing you to excel and grow. Circumstances may have had you laid off in a reduction. Your company may have failed to land clientele that would have allowed for you to take on more work.

Do you have a team oriented attitude? In most scenarios, this is a necessary attribute. Have some examples showing that your focus and concern in the work environment is always the available benefit for your team. The alternative being, a focus on self-gain. Be plain and frank about how you work in this group-centric way without embellishing or glamorizing yourself. This a matter of fundamental work ethic, not an accolade.

Are we the only place you’re applying to? What’s important here is that you’re honest. This is reasonable information for your employer to desire though it may come off self-defaming. Answer briefly and don’t delve unnecessarily into detail. You’re interviewing most immediately for this job, and you want your time spent answering to illustrate what you can do for this organization. Proactive career research involves an awareness of your options, but this should not at any point undermine your sincerity when placing yourself forward for a position. Know what you have to offer and desire from the person you’re speaking with and don’t be distracted by the opportunities that aren’t directly on the table.

Have you ever been asked to leave a position? Be honest with this answer. Spare enough details to be brief and keep it plainly matter-of-fact. Remember that speaking ill of other people and organizations doesn’t benefit your impression. If you’ve been asked to leave a position before, you want to appear accepting and calm about the scenario you’re discussing.

How To Apply At Victoria’s Secret

The process of applying for a job at Victoria’s Secret has never been simpler. But before you apply are you the right fit for the company? For starters if you are going to work in retail you need great communication skills. Additionally to work at VS you need a high level of comfort when talking about undergarments and lingerie.

Since its inception in 1977, Victoria’s Secret has sought out for perfect employees to promote their brand.

Minimum Age Requirement: All Victoria’s Secret candidates must be at least 18 years of age. This requirement should eliminate candidates who have no prior professional experience.

Operating Hours: The hours of operation vary as per the location, Each store have varied schedules. Employees should expect to work between the hours of 9 am and 10 pm.

Methods of Application: If you are an entry-level candidate, you must download the pdf application, print it, complete it and submit in person. The link to the pdf application can be found below. Applications for higher level positions can complete and submitted online

The application for entry-level positions and the application for management careers are very simple.

How To Tackle The Key Sections

Applicants will be asked for personal information such as name, birthday and address. This information can be used to run a background check before employment.

Candidates must provide a detailed education and employment history. Typically you will need to mention the start and end date at each educational institution and the degree / diploma you graduated with. For jobs you have held previously you will have to list name of your supervisor, the dates of employment and reason for leaving or termination.

You will have the opportunity to attach a resume before you submit your application.

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