VF Corporation Application & Careers

VF Corporation

VF is a a global leader in branded lifestyle clothing. It deals in clothing, accessories and footwear. The company has more than 30 brands and 64,000 associates around the globe and has surpassed $12.4 billion in revenue till date.

VF was founded in 1899 by John Barby. Eric C. Wiseman was the first CEO of he fashion and retail brand. Today, its business brands are divided into five categories. These categories are jeanswear, contemporary brands, imagewear, sportswear, and outdoor sports. Despite this diversification across brands, VF’s culture and approach to doing business offers a distinct advantage.

VF ranks high on the corporate equality index for its inclusivity. In addition in partnership with IFC and Target corporation, it is promotes sustainable manufacturing practices at supply factories in Vietnam. It is also involved in a 320 million manufacturing innovation institute alongside other companies and non-profit organizations.

How old do you have to be to work at VF?

The company does no specify an age limit for anyone that wishes to work for it. VF fosters its 64,000 plus strong workforce. According to a Gallup research, 82% of its associates are proud to work for it. It offers medical coverage to its full time employees and in some cases to their family members as well. It also offers life and accidental coverage, disability coverage and optional dental coverage and vision coverage to its employees.

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